Greta or Alwan?

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AuthorTopic: Greta or Alwan?
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Greta is more powerful and I always pick her because I am almost always a rebel, so Alwan - leave my party!!

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Personality-wise, they're both dogmatic ideologues. I'd rather they just shut up and do their jobs. Every time they seem to be developing as characters, they go right back onto their original tracks. The world changes around them, but they refuse to see the big picture.

For practical combat, I like them both. Greta gives good fire support, Alwan makes a better tank. I prefered Greta as an Agent; both chars can weave in an out for an effective tag-team-hit-and-run style. I preferred Alwan with a Shaper; he's hardy enough to draw fire while I deploy my critters, and you pretty much need a Shaper's healcraft to maintain him.
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i like greta, as she has a good mix of melee and fire support. plus I don't like how snobbish alwan is

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I love when you have them both in your party. They always argue. At first I thought they were flirting :) :)
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No but seriously GRETA IS BETTER. She finishes the game with more than enough health- almost 150, if you evenly distribute skill points. If you want a meat shield, get Alawn. If you want a capable fighter, get Greta.

Also, if your a good shaper, i suggest you get niether. Fill your party with Battle Alfas or Dryaks instead of Alawn or Greta. They will be a big help on the first two islands though. Carry one to Dhonals Isle, and then use him/her if he/she is needed.

Then again, if you are interested less in combat and more in encounters, they add to the experience a bit.

Greta even helps you convince the rogues not to kill you. I doubt Alawn does that.

Finally, don't you notice that the Rogues and the Shapers are like opposites? Alawns a man, Greta is a Woman. Each game also ends almost exactly the same, just one against the shapers and one with.
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