avernum party makeup and size

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AuthorTopic: avernum party makeup and size
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I used to play Exile a lot back in the day. When trying out Avernum, one change that I found kind of inexplicable is that max party sizes have been reduced from 6 to 4.

In Exile I usually had a party something along the lines of:
1. human swordsman
2. slith with some kind of pole
3. nephil archer
4. thief + miscelanious skills
5. white mage (cleric) usually with low level black magic
6. black mage (sorceror) usually with low level white magic

With 6 party members you have less of a party and more of an army, but that's something I got used to and tended to like, as I'd always have a char very specialized to handle a given situation.

In Avernum, I'm having a hard time compacting my traditional party into 4 members. First, I'm curious what Jeff's reasons where for decreasing party size (I for one at least like the *option* of a big party), and second, I'm curious how others have composed their parties in the new system.

I notice that there are a lot of classes like "hedge mage" that are somewhat good at a couple of different things, but not spectacular at anything.

Oh! also, any idea when we'll finally be able to play as Vanathai?
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1. Vanathai unlikely to ever happen unless on joins you at some point.
2. The Best Party to go with is a (all custom characters along these lines) Slith Soldier, Nephil Rogoue, Slith Shaman, and Human Sorceror.
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You are just stirring up a debate.

I use a party of 4 with a swordsman/archer/thief (nephil), pole arm (slith), two human mage/priests where one emphasizes mage and the other priest at the start.

You can also play a single character once you know your way around the game. Mine tend to be fighter/mage/priest/thief with a strong priest at the end since the mage spells aren't worth it.
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I used to go with two warriors, a warrior/thief and a mage/priest. It was kind of warrior heavy, but warriors can dish out a lot of damage in Avernum, so I never had any problems with it. Archery is another big difference between exile and avernum, it's actually useful in Avernum. I love using archery in BoA, and since it uses the same damage formula in the trilogy it would theoretically be just as useful (although I don't recall if Jeff gives out any good bows in the trilogy)

Oh and singletons are always fun.

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I agree with DV on the last two. You'll want two priests frequently and two mages reasonably often. It's a good idea to have two characters who can do both.

The first two characters have to be able to pummel foes and that's about it. Having one thief type is helpful. Archery is okay, but you probably won't do too much damage with it. Giving the fighters a bit of priest skill actually works out nicely, especially against certain enemies who like to pick on casters.

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Why Jeff reduced the party size from six to four has never been spelled out, as far as I know. Looking at the Avernum screen suggests that it may be due to the problems of fitting another two PC spots on the screen without cutting into the automap any more.
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I usually have a party along the lines of this:

- human warrior: a lot of melee and strength.
- Nephil archer/warrior/thief: a lot of archery, tool use and pole weapon skill. I have rthe feeling that pole weapons are a lot stronger than melee weapons are, and frankly, I'd rather have more bashing power and no shield.
- Human priest: a lot of priest skill, some basic mage skill.
- Human mage: a lot of mage, reasonable abount of priest skill: i wantr him to cast heal and cure effectively, and bless and such is also quite handy.

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Well, I know what you mean - it took me ages to find a nice party for the trilogy, but a couple of weeks ago there started reports of sightings of a mysterious quartet consisting of a slith couple; a warrior (pole weapons obviously) and a mage; that teamed up with a nephil sharpshooter, who also uses melee weapons decently, and is led (the party) by a renowned slith cleric Assotho, who specializes in priest spells, but has recently started to use pole weapons and mage magic, all over the known and less-known lands of Avernum. Merely months later, the Empire-Avernum war ended.

Edit: Oh and sorry i should stick to the topic - all the sliths are around 2 meters tall, a nephil is a couple centimeters higher.

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i use a human warrior with swords, nephil archer/thief, slith priest with poles, and a human mage.
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Ah yes, yet another party makeup survey.

In Avernum, I prefer a 4-PC party: a slith, a nephil, and 2 humans (except in A1, they're all human) All of them are combination priests/mages. To make things interesting, sometimes I'll give everybody the traits "Cursed at Birth" and "Completely Inept."

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Nalyd rarely plays Exile, and he usually has a party of three mages and three clerics. All Slith.

In Avernum, Nalyd has a party of four Slithzerikai, Two warriors with Pole Weapons, and one mage and a cleric.

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-Human Warrior: High strength, relies on melee wepons, good endurance and dexterity, good cave/nature lore.

-Slith Warrior: High strength, relies on pole wepons, good endurance and dexterity.

-Nephil Archer: High dexterity, relies on archery, good endurance, not much strength, high tool use

-Human mage/priest: High intelligence, relies on magic/buffing up others.

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In A1, I started out with:
1. Pole-armed warrior with lots of armor
2. Sword person with shield, bow, tool skills
3. Priest
4. Mage

But now that I think about it I could've combined mage with the lockpicking skillz, and then have had two main warriors. I rely on the melee, with spells to boost them :)

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