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AuthorTopic: Got any suggestions
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I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for some really epic music.

Anyone with a good suggestion, please post it.
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Define epic for me. I listen to more music and music types than I really care to think about, so I might be able to help.

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... was the peace...
... was the peace...
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And the Glory of the Light did shine upon him.

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Basically, stuff you'd hear in a movie when something really dramatic is happening.
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Something along the lines of the soundtrack in Lord of the Rings, the first movie. The music you hear while the Orcs are hammering swords in Orthanc is just amazing. The theme played with the black riders is cool too. And the song Argonath, played when the company rows past the giant statues is very impressive and mysterious. Classic epic music though, has to be the Jurassic Park theme. Is this the kind of reply you wanted?

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Man... somneone got to it before me... anyway, both LOTR soundtracks have tons of epic music in them. Basically every song of every CD does. I personally think that the second one has better epic stuff, but both do near the end anyway.

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I suppose a classic example of what you seem to be looking for would be "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana.

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Anything by Rhapsody (four cds up to date) or Luca Turilli (who is
part of Rhapsody but also has two solo cds).
Especially, Emerald Sword.

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Carmen by Bizet (is this the same as the aformentioned Carmina Burana?)
Wagner's quite good for epic as well.

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'Carmina Burana' is by Carl Orff. It's great. Try to get a sample.

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I am embarassed by my enthusiasm for the Ring cycle. :o Wagner was a very nasty man. They don't even allow it to be played in Israel.
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If you want kind of soft rock as a "dark" soudtrack I suggest Linkin Park's first album Hybrid Theory. On a different note classical music is probably better for soundtracks.

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The introduction to 2001 - Space Odissey. (Richard Strauss: 'Also sprach Zarathustra')

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Hmm, I am a big fan of the Perfect Strangers theme song. I hope someone knows what Perfect Strangers was besides me.

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Wasn't that the sitcom about the two gay roommates?

Anyway, there's only one true epic song.




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The first song to the movie Dune. It's epic if I've ever heard epic. :)

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Wagner "Ritt der Walküren/Ride of the Valkyries"
Ravel "Bolero" (slow in buildup, but mighty at the end)
Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in d minor"
Beethoven-Symphony No. 9 "Molto vivace"

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In terms of movie-type soundtracks, pretty much any classical done in the Twentieth Century (or otherwise classified as modern.) This era of classical seems to have many of the dramatic bass sections that makes music have that flare to it.

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If you're not going to turn your nose up at something without violins in it, "Echoes" by Pink Floyd, which is epic in scale, and "Free Bird" by Lynard Skynard, which is not as long but certainly a lot more dramatic in sound.

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