The Demon of IRL, Part II

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AuthorTopic: The Demon of IRL, Part II
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I apologize in advance that this poll is Americanocentric. I don't really know European or Australian geography well enough to plot them out on this. I've tried to put down loctaions where there seem to be multiple members, at least.

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I put down Germany because it's closest, but also Australia because I don't speak German.

Though in both cases, it's be quite a long airplane trip, given that Israeli planes aren't allowed to fly over Arab territory.

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You should have added none of these places since there really wasn't a good choice for me. I just picked Chicago as the least objectionable.
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I put down Chicago, which is fairly close to Michigan. Just a ferry ride across.

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Needless to say, I failed.
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I picked Germany, but it's still a plane ride, and thus fairly difficult for me.

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I couldn't resist putting the eating a dead baby or ten response.

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I picked Philly and New York. Anywhere else is too far away unless someone else is paying. :P

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Erm... Chicago works, more or less. (Amtrak FTW!)

Honestly, though... it probably wouldn't be worth it.

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I don't want to meet other Spiderwebbers. However, if it were a genuine Spiderweb convention and Jeff were there, I'd check it out. I live near Philadelphia, the farthest I would go is New York.

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I voted for SF Bay Area, because that's where I live. I wouldn't go anywhere else just for a Spidweb convention, but if I have another reason to go to an area, I might stop by, depending on who is there.

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I think it would be fun to meet other Spiderwebbers, but travel is almost certainly out of the question for me. Lack of money is a problem.

That's why all the Spiderweb KOL'ers should come to the con this September in Arizona. [/shamelessplug] :P

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Provide gatherings of people on foot and I'll be there. Not visibly, maybe, but my presence will be duly noted.

—Alorael, who is dubious about ever being able to get to any kind of meeting regardless of how much he wanted to see everyone.
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I would not be able to reasonably attend any gatherings at those places, but I don't know how much I'd want to.

And given Dikiyoba's most frequent mode of transportation, Dikiyoba probably shouldn't attend any gatherings that Alorael might come to.
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I live just outside of Philadelphia for part of the year, and NYC isn't too far a trip.
Chicago is just a little too far for a day trip from southern Ohio.

Of course, it really does depend on who I'd be meeting up with.

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One nice thing about Australian geography is that everyone pretty much lives in one corner of the continent, so Aussies would not have too much trouble meeting each other if they felt like it.

One of these days, I'm going to run into Zeviz IRL and not know who he is, because I don't know his real name. My real name is all over these boards, though, so I'm assuming that he'll know me, and I'm hoping that he'll at least say, "Hey, by the way, I'm Zeviz."

All of you know where I live (or can pretty easily figure it out), so my answers are probably pretty obvious. One of these days, though, because of work, I'm going to end up in New York, and I'll finally get to meet one particular lovely Dominican in person.

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It'd have to be very convenient.

Also, I was going to plug our frappr map, but I was unaware that Frappr has in the meantime begun to suck like crazy, so apologies.

Having done this before, I know it's no big deal for me to go somewhere here in Germany, but it would still have to be for at least two days to be worth the 8 hour train ride (or the cash for a plane ticket).

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I'd meet people as long as it wasn't say Ed. I would go out of my way to meet them, but it would have to be fairly convenient.
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I think it'd be pretty cool to meet some of the other people here. Some I'd rather not meet, but for most I think it'd be pretty cool. As mentioned, my fear is that I'd end up driving them crazy after a little while. :P

The only place that would really work would be the California bay area, and even then it'd be decidedly inconvenient. Fresno's not very close to either SF or Berkeley.

If I was ever in the general area of any of said places, I'd see if I could find anyone. But I seldom go to the bay area, and I've never been anywhere else.

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