Losing Your Sanity...

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AuthorTopic: Losing Your Sanity...
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Why did you join the Spiderweb Software Forums?

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I tried to think of something witty to put here.

Needless to say, I failed.
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Like most things I do, I joined just because. I guess I was bored.

This is my 666th post. Yay.

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This is another kind of topic that never really goes away. I joined to get help with Nethergate.

Is it a bad omen that I go an Internal Service error when I tried to view the poll? :P

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To get this member number. Also, because I like the games and many of the people.
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To talk with fellow Spiderwebbers.

Oh, and to generate more hatred that -X- can feed off of. That, too.

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Dikiyoba joined because of the unsellable trowels.
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School was giving me excess sanity. I had to deposit it somewhere. Also, back in January I was optimistic about releasing a scenario. Now, I'm planning to release it a week after Drakey finishes RiB.

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Because I was an active member of the Lyceum.

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Originally written by Nioca:

Why did you join the Spiderweb Software Forums?
Why not?
Or, "because I was bored at work", if you want a more precise answer.

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I had a problem with Avernum 3, so I signed up and asked about it in Tech Support.

After that, summer was coming and I had lots of time. I had a few questions about BoE, and eventually I took part in a roleplay. By then, I'd been here several months, so I just stuck around.

Edit: A *really* rudimentary word count I just did on the PPP database suggests that I may have written more than one million words on this forum. It counts signatures and stuff, though, so it's a bad estimate.

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I first joined because these boards (or their Ikonboard predecessor, rather) were new and shiny and exciting. I can't even remember why I rejoined other than curiosity.

I'm not really sure how I managed not to leave my sanity at the door the first time, but it's solidly planted there now!

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I came to assimilate the knowledge of the great scenario designers.

Points to the first one who can find the post where *i called us the Borg.

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I tried searching for it, Lenar, but I got slapped by so many internal server errors that I gave up.

Dikiyoba got so many errors, in fact, that Dikiyoba is getting a little suspicious...
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I believe it was some difficulty I had with Avernum 3... and I just showed up. I never really left, and after a period of lurking, I jumped into the main community by setting foot in General.

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Being an experienced cheater, I used to come here for FAQs and Geneforge character editors. One day I got the foolish idea to read a few threads and was highly disturbed when I found a thread asking if you would use the Geneforge. No one said yes! I joined to participate in the debate, but the result has really been annoying other members, it seems. Oh, well... good times nevertheless.

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I voted for'some other reason, because quite frankly, I have no idea anymore.

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I came to meet other gamers and get information on Avernum 4. The analysis really help.
Posts: 4643 | Registered: Friday, February 10 2006 08:00
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To get help with a game. Something about the Avernum trilogy; either the A2 demo or Avernum full version.
I also seem to have briefly popped up in January and talked about the Macbook Pros and Rosetta; probably because I'd just finished A4.

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I'm pretty sure I came by to get help with A2 and then I ended up finding my account a year later and decided to stick around.
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I am sane.

The Knight Between Posts.
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I joined up to escape the idiots that im usally forced to incounter in everyday life.

P.S: if i spelt anything wrong please feel free to eat a block of cheese. :D

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I hate you all
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I think I joined to ask a question. I'd been content to lurk and search for previously asked, but I guess at some point I didn't find anything and couldn't live with just me trying to cope with the game, without knowing the best solution to some problem.

Or something like that. Got what I asked, and so much more. :(

(EDIT: Did I already post with this moniker? At least now I can change it...)

[ Wednesday, November 22, 2006 00:56: Message edited by: A Very Respectable Oldbie ]

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Got what I asked, and so much more.
About sums it up for me. I don't know whether to append :) or :( .

New name, yay.

[ Wednesday, November 22, 2006 00:59: Message edited by: Arancan'tremembertherest ]

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Hey, Aran, put some spaces in your name. I'm getting a case of the stretchies.

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I came across the "improvements for geneforge 3" topic on a google search for Geneforge 3 before it was released. My friend and I joined and triple-posted lists of requests, a handful of which were implemented in the game.

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