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As was discussed in the OoC thread: Each member of the Avernum RP should post summaries of their posts here and keep editing new summaries in.

Faction: Knights of Old Avernum

Lartaynior: King of Avernum and leader of the Army known as the Knights of Old Avernum, now deceased.
Selwyn: Lartaynior's chief diplomat, currently at the Knights' outpost in the Tower of Magi Ruins, a joint venture with the Avernite Protection League.
Cressen: General in Lartaynior's army, now deceased.
Petyr: General commanding the KoA and co-ruler of Avernum.
Thomys: Formerly Lartaynior's personal mage, now co-ruler of Avernum.
Roband: Rebellious mayor of Dharmon.

Contact with:
Abyss Knights: The KoA and the AK are certainly not on friendly terms. However, neither faction considers it worth the effort to fight the other.
Avernite Protection League: An alliance between the APL and the KoA is currently in place. The two factions, sharing many common goals, are quite friendly towards each other.
Khoth's Disciples: The KoA and KD are currently allies as well. The KoA are providing food, for which KD will be giving information about the Eastern Gallery.
Dominion of the Learned: The KoA and the DL currently have a trade agreement.

1st Post: Lartaynior at Fort Remote musing about taking the Great Cave.

2nd Post: Lartaynior at Almaria thinking about the threat of the Abyss Knights and receiving Mayor Stannwick of Almaria's pledge of fealty.

3rd Post: Lartaynior at Blosk coercing a pledge from Mayor Renlo.

4th Post: Lartaynior at Torfen (city between Almaria and ToM) talking to Mayor Tyrioz and learning of patrol arriving from the east.

5th Post: Lartaynior at Torfen receiving report of portal from Tower of Magi and dispatching Selwyn to meet expedition from Upper Avernum.

6th Post: Selwyn between Torfen and ToM meeting up with envoys from Upper Avernum and escorting them to Torfen.

7th Post: Lartaynior in Torfen receiving and accepting an offer of alliance from Khoth's Disciples.

8th Post: Selwyn at ToM meeting envoys from the Dominion of the Learned / Lartaynior at Torfen entering into an alliance with the Dominion. / Cressen at Mertis discovering horrific devastation.

9th Post: Cressen at Mertis under attack by undead.

10th Post: Lartaynior at Torfen escaping just before Ohvol destroys the city.

11th Post: Lartaynior's assassination in Almaria.

12th Post: Roband at Dharmon reveling in the news that the assassination was successful.

13th Post: Petyr at Blosk quelling rebellion and considering the next move.

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Faction: Abyss Knights (not Knights of the Abyss)

Characters To Keep Straight & Avoid Murdering
Master Thissa: A figure in black armor bearing a black halberd (which may or may not be THE Black Halberd, although it's inconsequential). When out and about, usually on lizardback. Male Slith, although he never reveals himself and there are fairly few opportunities for him to be unmasked in the field. Is an expert warrior and tactician of modest ability; spends the most time of any of the Masters around Bargha.
Whether Thissa is a surname, given name, or even a name at all is not yet clear.
Master Opus Xao: Red-haired man, pale. His accent has the faintest twinge of Aizoan (not Aizoim). Tends to wear light armor, if any; he is a field leader and an expert on stealth and diplomacy. The most outwardly dynamic of the Masters, although he does not have any pretentions or designs toward leadership.
Master Rhys: A slight figure; an archer by combat practice, but better-known for his avarice, astounding even to his fellow Knights. A capable and driven quartermaster. Tends to avoid combat; his command composes principally supply trains, vault guards, and the like.
Master Raocosic Xadus: The military mastermind of the Masters' circuit. Does not shy from personal combat, but generally of better use to his faction as a tactician. The exception to the pervasive darkness of the Abyss Knights, his resplendent chain mail and glowing blade tend to make him look like a leader in any situation. Of the same background as Xao, but a far more recent arrival; not anywhere near as pale as his fellows, but a ruddy, healthy-looking man with well-groomed red hair.
The other Masters: As yet unintroduced, but as you have probably divined by now, the power behind the shifting Grandmaster's throne. At least one has not shown up yet.
The Grandmaster: A deft or sharp-witted man aspiring to the position is extremely uncommon, and its occupants tend to reflect that. The present one, Jan Boleslaw, is a physically powerful but not exceptionally intelligent, and ambitious but not anywhere near as much as the shadowy Masters. His rule is unlikely to last more than about a year and a half; even if he should avoid periodic attempts on his life, the Masters tend to throw out their leader every couple of years or so to prevent any one from growing too entrenched.

Who We Know And Why
Knights of Old Avernum: Dragooned into moving east by the Abyss Knights' threats; neither faction considered fighting the other a worthy investment of scarce resources.
Disciples of Death: No direct contact, but the Abyss Knights are well aware of the undead presence to their west, along with nearby specialists in dark powers. A special band has been outfitted with blessed or disruptive weapons in order to protect against any encroaching threats; efforts to extend Abyss power into the west have generally been discontinued.
Cult of Grah-Hoth: No sustained contact; a single incident wherein a semi-ranking Slith mage defected with an invaluable artifact has likely made the Knights a permanent enemy in this faction, however.

Where We Are Likely & Unlikely To Show Up
Likely: the western Great Cave - as far east as Gnass; the rubble caverns, western waterways and lands drained by the same; isolated coastal areas of the surface
Unlikely: Any lands substantially west of the Abyss have been placed off-limits by the Masters due to the apparent threats in the area and lack of substantial profit to gain from controlling it. In addition, the Knights' affiliated pirates play an extremely limited role in surface affairs, preferring to prey on the weak and infirm, and are seldom found in areas not already known for their pirate problems.

Post 1: The past and present of the Abyss Knights.

Post 2: Thissa discusses the undead threat with Grandmaster Vogt.

Post 3: The assassination of Karol Vogt and his replacement with Jan Boleslaw.

Post 4: The robbery of the Onyx Scepter and the defection of Makhass; first contact between the Knights and the Cult of Grah-Hoth.

Post 5: The Council discusses recent findings.

Post 6: In which things begin to turn into some kind of burlesque.

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Faction: Adventurer's Guild (aka "The Guild")

Characters (Not to be Murdered):
Rubicante: All leaders of the Guild have historically abandoned their own name and taken up the pseudonym of "Rubicante" upon achieving the position. The current Rubicante is a portly tactician and administrator with a handlebar moustache and an impeccable sense of style. He tends to enjoy working through the shadows since the fall of civilization, but he also tends to only oppose outright evil organizations.
Cagnazzo: He is the leader of the pirate navy that is more and more rapidly becoming an authoritative arm of the Guild. Cagnazzo currently controls what is estimated to be the world's strongest unified navy, although he does not own the oceans.
Scarmiglione: A mostly shadow figure previously encased in a golden sphere due to his tendency for wanton violence and unusually high amounts of power.
Barbariccia: Not a biological character necessarily, Barbariccia is a gigantic, heavily-fortified naval fortress more than any sort of ship. It's technically mobile, although especially since the fall of civilization, it has acted as a relay point for Guild activities. Its hull is magically defended, it has a few (but not many, as such things are ridiculously difficult to create) magical artillery cannons, and an egregious number of conventional naval guns. It was an incredible drain on both the Guild's and Cagnazzo's finances, but serves as an incredible source of pride for the organization and symbolizes their alliance.

Order of Krell- The Druids and the Guild are allies and are assisting one another in making war on the Hunters.
Looters- The Guild has entered a tentative alliance with the Looters against the Hunters.
Hunters- The Guild has used its naval strength to strangle trade and has been using its connections to war on this faction in a clandestine fashion that does not immediately incriminate them (although the Hunters by their nature may suspect the Guild).
Khoth's Disciples- The Guild has sent down adventurers to assist the Disciples in a quest.
Karnold Isles League- The Guild is negotiating with the League about the menacing Dominion.
[The Guild knows of Aizoan Empire, Righteous Return, Keepers of Memory, Enlightened Anama, Dominion of the Learned and Abyss Knights, but has declined to contact such organizations for varying reasons.]

Sphere of Involvement:
Likely- The oceans between Vantanas, Pralgad and Valorim. Northern Vantanas is friendly towards the Guild and is a ground-based rallying point. Otherwise, Guild members tend to travel quite ubiquitously.
Unlikely- Avernum and Upper Avernum have seen a drastic decrease in Guild activities since the revolution. The Great Cave has become utterly devoid of any Guild presence since the fall of regional authorities and the resurgence of the Abyss Knights. Pralgad has not seen much Guild activity due to the anti-human/anti-adventurer sentiment of its factions. Aizo has seen no real activity either.

Post 1: A mysterious being named "Satsujin" pressures the Guild into relinquishing an item capable of summoning Scarmiglione.

Post 2: Guild's invisible spies find the Hunters' magical tome but trigger an alarm, escape without being captured.

Post 3: Pirate ships wall off the southern coast of Valorim, preventing mercantile fleets from entering or leaving Hunters territory.

Post 4: Rubicante ponders ways to take down regimes in S. Valorim. Guild sends aid to Khoth's Disciples.

Post 5: Guild accepts the Looters' offer since it was their plan in the first place. Scarmiglione's summoning begins.

Post 6: Cagnazzo's navy intercepts Drale's faux-mercantile fleet and helps them reach Krizsan.

Post 7: Cagnazzo's navy brings the Looters into Krizsan's harbor, Guild sends in reinforcements, heavy Hunters forces begin amassing outside of Krizsan.

Post 8: Satsujin reveals itself as a feline humanoid. Scarmiglione enters the demon-filled crevasse.

Post 9: Pirates withdraw from the immediate area of the harbor and fire on armed peasantry, decimating them and their harbor structure. Snipers force the pirates belowdecks. Pirates begin firing on buildings acting as sniper roosts. Lyonard sends grenadiers out to meet pirates; pirates begin shooting blindly at Lyonard's men.

Spellcasting men in Hunters uniforms gathering around a well kill off a messenger after doing something to the well.

Post 10: Captain Guido receives word that the Hunters have evacuated their magical tome. Lyonard retreats under heavy cannon fire with minimal casualties. Looters and Guild agents make it into harbor. Guild offers assistance to Karnold Islands.

Post 11: Guido fires cannons into ambushed Looters and Sergeant McCallister's forces. McCallister retreats. Guido fires a flaming arrow into the Hunters' attempt to pour oil into the water, causing a loud and destructive explosion. Guido sends word to Admiral Marco to send some men east to recover the magical tome.

Post 12: Tygra begins becoming unhinged since the mind-liberation of his army and officers corps. Lyonard and McCallister begin taking control of the situation.

Post 13: Lyonard assassinates Tygra and nominates McCallister to be the new leader of southwestern Valorim in order to avoid attempts on his own life.

Post 14: Lyonard calls in Malphis, a former Imperial Interrogator, and asks that he begin weeding out Guild agents in the "Alliance of Science and Education." Lyonard outlines his plans to court the support of the Order of Krell in order to restrain the Guild's activities.

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Faction: Order of Krell

Important characters:
-Brother Clearwater - Leader, senior druid. Capable priest.
-Sister Elmleaf - Most talented healer in the islands. Resides in the Order temple in Ivrel, on Krell. Found cure for Hunters' mind control.
-Brother Redscale - Slith druid in charge of any military force Krell can be said to have. Heads the training halls of Feldspar. Currently set to lead a relief party to the "volcano".
-Brother Yewbark - Druid leading the negotiating party docked in Woodsmuir. Currently a "guest" of King Accis.
-Sister Quartz - Druid leading the party to be sent to Valorim.
-Named emissaries to the islands: Rincon (Eos), Encras (Numindia), Ethoss (Skarrifisk), Joaquin (Ouracasos), Hmirra (Tanan), Yarosk (Trobi)

Islands in the chain:
-Tanan (emissary is a nephil)
-Skarrifisk (emissary is a slith)
-Krell (headquarters: Ivrel - other cities: Oakton, Aspen Mines, Feldspar)

Involvement: Mostly Vantanas for the moment, as the Order seeks to negotiate with self-proclaimed King Accis of Woodsmuir, and one day re-unite Vantanas. While the Order has supplied the herbs to resist the Hunters' mind control, the Council is currently reluctant to send proper troops to Valorim and fight. Other than that, a state of war is assumed between the Hunters and Order, in part due to the devastation of the Order's Kriszan temple.

The odds of the Order getting involved in other continents is fairly slim. Avernum is pretty much out of the question.

#1: Faction intro, Brother Clearwater awaiting two final emissaries.
#2: Clearwater forms the full Council of Krell.
#3: Established locations, welcomed mainland refugees, and began Council meeting.
#4: Meeting interrupted by discovery of the Hunters' slaughter of Valorim temple. Next Day: Clearwater gets boatload of prisoners from the Guild, and the Council kind of supports war with Hunters.
#5: Next Day: Cure for Hunters' mind-influencing/control-magic-thing found, Council doesn't want war, and Council sends party to parley with Woodsmuir's communist king.
#6: A week has passed. Brother Yewbark leads negotiators into Woodsmuir, and gets attacked,and the Council still can't agree.
#7: No undead for you, Goldenking.
#8: Clearwater meditates, Yewbark retreats, and a group is commissioned to infiltrate the Hunters' territory.
#9: Yewbark is trapped in Accis's territory, Clearwater ponders his next move, and Sister Quartz leads the Order's infiltrators over the ocean.
#10: Yewbark and Quartz see the star and freak out, while Clearwater mistakes it for a volcano, sends out a relief party.
#11: Clearwater and Quartz do nothing, Yewbark meets Accis, and Redscale's party sees first rakshasi, and a demon-filled portal opens up nearby.

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Faction: The Keepers of Memory
Notable Characters:

Master Alfgar:

Leader of the keepers and bearer of the grandiose title "Grand Librarian and Archivist". Alfgar has just passed 60 years, quite old for a human without magical abilities.
With a portly, even beefy stature and red hair that is only beginning to be tinged with grey at the edges, he might look like a merchant more than a librarian - but don't let that fool you. If there is someone more knowledgable about history, then it can only be a dragon.
Alfgar is driven by an idealism that can only be afforded by people at the top of reclusive, non-competing organizations. He believes that the purpose of the Keepers is to better the world through their wisdom, and to keep it in balance. Many of the more controversial decisions - such as dealing with the Nephilim warriors - are made without his input, or in spite of his concerns.

Magister Tarsin:

One of Alfgar's advisors, Tarsin has a much less idealist view of the world. His loyalty is to the library and its books alone. It would be too much to say he would sell his grandmother for a complete history of Dragonkind, but he would probably try to haggle for a better offer.

Tarsin is one of the more traveled of the library's ranking members. Frequently tasked with the acquisition of new records, it was also he who initiated contact with the Fahif.

Somewhat younger than Alfgar, Tarsin stands a good chance of succeeding him when he resigns - leadership of the faction is neither life-long nor hereditary - but he has little ambitions for the position, knowing the taxing responsibilities that are hardly outweighed by the power.

Lieutenant Skorgere:

A common soldier in the pay of the Keepers. In spite of his mercenary status, he has been in the library's service for many years.

Magus Orson:

The commander of the northern defenses, Orson is possibly the most powerful wizard the Keepers have. In spite of their extensive archive of magical knowledge, this does not say a lot. His specialties are magical communication and scrying, which has allowed the library to gain better intelligence than ever.

Like most mages at the library, he is primarily a researcher, not a battlemage. His knowledge is extensive, but his combat abilities are just passable.


A mercenary archer.


Fahif Nephilmerhas Fianas:

Magister Tarsin met with the group in an attempt to find information on nephilim culture. What he found instead was far better: One of the elder shamans turned out to be proficient in a nephilim dialect long thought to be extinct.
In exchange for certain information and assistance, Tarsin was able to gain the shaman's aid in translating a history of the Ratbane clan.
Tarsin has gained a better standing with the nephilim than he is aware, and far better than he hope to when he introduced himself to them as "a seeker of knowledge".

The Goblin Goblins:

Less a "contact" than the Keepers' awareness of the growing activity of the nearby goblin tribe, this relation is almost implicitly hostile even though the most harmful contact yet has been Falko punching a drunk goblin to knock him out.

The Order of Kaz:

Not much of a contact. The keepers have grown aware of a ship passing through the delta, traversing the Jsoulza Gulf and landing at the rocky coast some distance to the north of the citadel; that is all.


The Library Citadel: An imposing building set into the rock face of a canyon near the Wyvern Pass, near the southern end of the Ndovlu Mountains. The building is protected by its location more than anything. Hard to find if you are merely passing through the pass, accessible only by a narrow path leading over many bridges, and overlooking the whole canyon. In terms of defense, the citadel is manned by slightly over a hundred soldiers (mostly mercenaries) and a total of around 300 people in total, including loremasters and other staff.

Wyvernton: A small village at the entrance to the Wyvern Pass, the village is not actually controlled by the keepers, but is its chief trading partner and food supplier. The library has a permanent liaison who also acts as the town sage.

The Northern Passes: Not a settlement at all, but a strategical passage through the mountains lying north of the citadel, which is regularly patrolled.


#1: Introduction. Northern defenses strengthened. Deal with Nephilim.
#2: Alfgar receives a book from Moon. Orson and Falko patrol the northern passes, capture a goblin.
#3: Interrogation of the goblin. Alfgar receives a report notifying him of the Kaz ship that is approaching.
#4: Orson and Falko arrive at the citadel.
#5: night. the goblins arrive.

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Faction: Disciples of Death

Main characters, not to be killed (or equivelant):
Krahn: An arch-lich and an extremely powerful magus. He spent most of his life researching new spells and improving upon old ones. When his life was coming to an end, he did not want to give up his research and transformed himself into a lich.
Hka'adh: Lich, an extremely militant mage when alive, he is now the Field Marshal for Krahn's armies of undead.
Mrundh: Lich, a student of Krahn's in life, he followed his master into unlife.
Mhiriun: Lich, teleportation master in life, overseeing work done on the portal.
Hrelkh: Lich, illusionist in life, oversees defenses.

Who I Know:
Cult of Grah-Hoth: They occupy part of the fortress of Grah-Hoth, we have an alliance where I give him proper research facilities as well as aides, he gives me diplomats.
Abyss Knights: Occupying land I want.

Likely to show up:
Likely: Past Fort remote in a few weeks-months.
Unlikely: Central to eastern Avernum.

Post 1: Intro, telepathy.
Post 2: Shades (I had forgotten about them), illusion.
Post 3: Portal is built.
Post 4: Working to detect scrying attempts.
Post 5: Sending troops to Khoth's lair.
Post 6: Alliance with the Cult of Grah-Hoth.
Post 7: Arrival at Khoth's lair which was sacked by bandits.
Post 8: Stalling until Sarachim and/or Alec post something.
Post 9: Awareness of Ohvol.
Post 10: Beginning construction on dam.
Post 11: Ohvol entering Torfen.
Post 12: Ohvol searching for a way across the river into the Great Cave.

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Faction:Karnold Isles League

Tenet:Protecting What is Ours.

Character Roster (Or everyone that has Dialogue)

Mistress Irnai: Leader of the League. A sharp mind and skilled sailor, Irnai lead the operation for taking back the isles. After this she created the faction to protect her home. However she possesses a sinster streak with her admiration of the human sacrifice of criminals and such to the Sea Gods.
She is in her early forties and keeps her graying hair up in a bun. Years of sailing have given her wiry strength. (Don't Kill)

Mrrsa: The resident mage/shaman of the League. Also second in command. Although having large amount of power, her body's growth seems to have been stunted by this- her height under five feet. In appearance this dark furred nephil (despite her actual age) looks more like a child than anything else.
Mrrsa was stuck in Gorst when she met Irnai and together they plotted to take back the isles. Mrrsa is also a member of the Adventurer's Guild and a retired adventurer. (Don't Kill)

Sargent Harris: He is called this despite being of being of higher rank. He is in charge of the military on the islands. The man favours a Halbard although he is no slouch a down a dirty fighting either. (Don't Kill)

Irnai's Assistant: As of yet unnamed, it is this man's job to help her sort out all the reports and paperwork that has materialised since starting the league. He seems well used to dealing with Irnai's rants and occasional morbibity.

Wavespeaker Kelas: One of two of the Island Priests.

Brother Jamid: An acolyte.

Sister Alket: Another acolyte of Kelas.

Forces (Or what kind of island hicks we have)
Mostly consists of humans but there are a minority of nephil (mostly refugees).

Holy Priests:
Two priests of the island religons and between them five acolytes.

Town Guards
Island Milita (Count as scouts)
(Numbers will be filled in later)

Farmers (In Gebra)
A smattering of merchants (Most left after the Dominion took over)

One Mage

Our Presence (Or everything that is ours)
We control the following towns:
-Lost Isle Town (Name Pending)
-Various small settlements on the island
Or lands are the islands in SE Karnold.
-Some alchemical substances can be found on the
islands as well as many venoms.
-Fishing is good.
-An ancient temple has been discovered and is currently being explored.

Who we Know (Or Everyone whose out to get us one way or another)

The Dominion:The group of mages that controlled the islands before the league claimed it back. Currently the Dominion is tolerating this for they have bigger fish to fry. A trade agreement is being discussed.
The Hunters:Known through reports and stories from both human and nephil refugees. Disliked.
The Guild:Known via the mage Mrrsa who is a member (currently retired).
The Looters: Have been contacted by this group with offer of alliance.
Mystery Group: Forshadowing!

Where we will and wont be (Alt. Our tour list)
Likely: Around the southeast Valorium coast and islands and maybe boats in the eastern and southern seas.
No chance in Hell:Avernum :)

The Summary (Or What's been Happening)

: Introduction; discovery of old temple.

Post 2: Forces sent to explore temple, Irnai outlines her plan to keep the mages off her islands. Also ponders human sacrifice. Mrrsa the mage begins a letter to the Guild.

Post 3: The temple is explored. Prayer books are uncovered and the Altar is bound to the Island Gods (The Wavewalkers).

Post 4: Gorst is being re-fortified and the books are studied. Mrrsa sends letter to Guild about untranslatable passage in one book.

Post 5: Two boats, the Nipper and Holly are sailing in the Eastern seas to make contact with the towns Torria, Vila, Execa.

http://www.ironycentral.com/cgi-bin/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=003370;p=11#000254 Recieved offer of Alliance from Looters. The Nipper had to turn back from mission after being damaged. Fralsrik the Nephil Spy sneaks aboard.

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Faction: Fãhif Nephilmerhas Fiãnas

Who we know: (those that we heard off, not necessarily deal with)

- Keepers of memory
- Enlightened Anama
- The Looters (although only from rumors)
- The Dominion (although only from rumors)
- The Hunters
- The Goblin Goblins
- karnold Isle League

Who we have alliances and deal with: (stated in posts)

- Keepers of memory
- Englightened Anama

Important characters: (and not to be killed)
- Mernal: chief and leader of this faction. he is the son of a long line of Nephilim, originating from the mountains on Pralgrad. however, after the Empire came into existance, were murdered, and those that weren't were thrown into Avernum.

- Fralsrik, Moternij, Gernas, Hralik and Sergris: Five important spies, sent around by Mernal to spie on other factions and recorde what's happening in Valotim and Pralgrad.

Presence: (Where the faction is)

- Slightly northeast of Dorngas: the army has gathered here until the messenger Mernal has sent to the aname returns.

- Across Valorim and Pralgrad: The spies sent by Mernal move around all the time.

1: introduction
2: leaving of the cave; gathering outside cave
3: counting of the troops
4: attack on Moon
5: Mernal sents messenger to Aname
6: orders spies to spie on certain factions
7: what hralek, Gernas and Sergris are doing
8: what Moternij and Fralsrik are doing; raid in inn of Malloc
9: Nephil messenger arrives and leaves at Shaydar
10: Gernas' movements after capture of Hralek
11: messenger returned from anama; Sergris arrives at Seeker of knowledge's castle; Moternij and Fralsrik split up.
12: Fralsrik finds out about KIL
13: Fralsrik continues south; Moternij discovers soldiers at fort Emergence; Mernal angry, might need to revise plans.
14: Fralsrik continues to the south, waits for ship.
15: Gernas passes goblins.
16: gernas continues to the northern Pralgrad mountains.

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Faction: Khoth's Disciples

Acrio Sulfi: Relatively young compared to the two other wizards, Acrio has yet to master the subtleties of magic as Denrich and Master Krynt have. Despite this, his leadership has lead others to trust in him and follow him on the trek to Fort Dolthar from the tower.
Denrich: Acrio's teacher before the disaster. Denrich serves as the primary advisor to the leader of the faction.
Master Krynt: Primarily in charge of research, Master Krynt spends most of his time hiding in his quarters developing new spells. Despite his reclusive nature, he cares very deeply for his students and will defend with his life if necessary.

The Guild: There are few who haven't heard of the Guild. Currently they are in a mission to retrieve a rod of passage.
Knights of Old Avernum: The Disciples contacted the Knights in order to negotiate a trade for necessary supplies.
Vahnatai: Sulfi was taken in by the Vahnatai after suffering a devastating blow in Fort Dranlon. They are lead by Iktin-Bok.

Post 1: Introduction. Scouting boats sent out.

Post 2: All but one scouting boat returns. Loss of Rod of Passage in Western Abyss.

Post 3: Scrying reveals the presence of a powerful being in the far northwestern caverns.

Post 4: Messengers sent to Almaria. Completion of magical gardens. Permanent Light spell translated.

Post 5: Outposts established to the West, South, and NorthWest of Dolthar. Further planning for an outpost on the Northern shores. Negotiations with the Guild begin.

Post 6: During an experiment to measure the depth of the surrounding lake, two students are killed. The true cause is yet to be determined Negotiations with the Guild continue.

Post 7: Negotiations with the Guild conclude. Denrich is sent to negotiate a trade with the Knights of Old Avernum. Sulfi is venturing to Fort Dolthar in hopes of gaining something to offer the Knights of Old Avernum.

Post 8: The Knights of Old Avernum accepted the offer of trade. Sulfi finds Fort Dolthar in ruins, with a strange obelisk in the center.

Post 9: Master Krynt has magically altered a few fish to use them as messengers. An apprentice activates the obelisk, destroying what is left of Fort Dolthar and killing every one but Sulfi.

Post 10: Master Krynt authorizes Denrich to begin scrying for Acrio. Acrio is healed by the Vahnatai North of Fort Avernum. He learns that all the towns of the Eastern Gallery have been destroyed by a creature known as Ohvol, from the deeper caves.

Post 11: Acrio leaves the Vahnatai and prepares to return home when he notices Fort Duvno has not be destroyed. Master Krynt sends Denrich to report the destruction of Cotra and Fort Dranlon to the Knights of Old Avernum.

Post 12: Acrio learns Fort Duvno is closed and returns to Fort Dolthar. Trade with Knights of Old Avernum has begun. Master Krynt has been sent to rebuild Fort Dranlon.

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Faction: Avernite Protection League (APL)


Commander Stephen Samuels: Samuels is in charge of the APL. He is not a leader by heritage, and something of an opportunist to boot. His hatred of the Empire is absolute.

Morgain: Although holding no official position of power, Morgain is Samuels chief advisor and close friend. She is also a skilled mage and has portal experience.

Captain William Manech: A scout. Makes first contact with several factions in Fort Emergence.

And various other minor people of no consequence.

Who We Are in Contact With:
Hunters, the Dominion, and Knights of Old Avernum.

We have an alliance with the KOA, and a non-agression pact witht the others.

Where We Are Likely and Unlikely to Show Up:
Likely: Avernum, Valorim.
Unlikely: Everywhere else, at first.

Post 1 - Introduction to Samuels and APL.

Post 2 - OOC discussion about influences.

Post 4 - Morgain leaves for Portal Fort. Samuels plans the occupation of Fort Emergence.

Post 5 - Morgain and her troops establish a portal to Avernum.

Post 6 -
Samuels learns of the Hunters/Dominion in F.E. He sends a message to Morgain telling her to get troops from Avernum.

The APL move out to the bridge crossing the river N of F.E.

The APL make contact with the Hunters/Dominion in F.E. through Manech.

Post 7 - Manech and the Hunters/Dominion exchange words.

Morgain arrives in Avernum, at the ToM ruins, and sets out for the Great Cave.

Post 8 = Hunters and Dominion allowed to see Samuels.

Morgain meets KOA troops, and makes an alliance, securing 2,000 men.

Post 9 - KOA men arrive in Upper Av. Spread out. A group of soldiers advance on Ghikra.

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Faction: The Goblin Goblins

-- The Gobby Gods
-- Glogroth von Oobula (Great Goblin, author of the Guide)
-- Gobriquet (Glogroth's consort)
-- Gloofia (Goblin Family Corps organizer)

-- Gilgamegob (E leader, mud-loving)
-- Enkigoo (Gilgamegob's servant)
-- Gobaruku (E wave 2 leader)

-- Gloodelita (NE leader)
-- Augobus (NE wave 2 leader)

-- Glooramza (NW leader)
-- Goker (NW wave 2 leader)

-- Dorga (W leader, wizard)
-- Grout (W wave 2 leader)

-- Kappa (S leader, manly)
-- Gobfried (Kappa's lt.)
-- Grooltros (Kappa's lt.)
-- Gobrak (goblin captured by Keepers)
XX Gobubary (S wave 2 leader, cripple, dead)
-- Pako (Gobubary's lt.)

-- Kazite humans (premonition, at war)
-- Jsoulza nephilim (NPC, lukewarm ally)
-- Righteous Return humans (Drakey, at war)
-- Keepers of Knowledge (Aran, in negotiations)
-- FNF nephilim (Thralni, unclear, possible ally)

Sphere of Involvement:
Based in northern Ndovlu mountains. Expanding in all directions. Exclusively land-based, at home in caves. Goal: kill humans.

Post 1: Glogroth announces it is time to kill humans.
Post 2: Glogroth announces division of forces; rumble ensues.
Post 3: Goagh-Nar, scrying, nephils, force leaders.
Post 4: Glooramza allied with Jsoulza nephil; Gilgamegob's mages at work.
Post 5: Kappa's army camps, glugs; Dorga seeks secret; Gilgamegob lugs swampweed; Gods comfort Glogroth.
Post 6: Dorga goes north, Glooramza negotiates w/nephils; Gloodelita razes Caledon; Caledon messenger to Greenfield.
Post 7: Kappa captures Hralek, small force heads to KoN.
Post 8: Life and Death of Gobubary; his army encircles Kazites from ship.
Post 9: Gilgamegob creates big stink at edge of RR lands.

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Faction: The Dominion of the Learned; based in Redmark College (Southeast Valorim)

The main goal of the Dominion is to preserve the well-being of the learned class in the lastest incarnation of the Empire. In the past the magi and scholars were held accountable to the government, at most being a power behind the throne (as in the days of Garzhad). The Dominion will preserve the rights of the learned class, their rights to have an equal or greater say in the government of the Empire, at all costs. Right now the Dominion's plans for securing the executive power of magi for the new Empire to be have been delayed in defending itself against the Anama and the Looters, and lately, the Rakshasi.

Everyone who has a name:
Magister Demetrius: Leader of the Dominion, head of Redmark College.
Archmage Diego: Previous leader of the Battlemage force in North Karnold. He and a small group of Dominion Guards and Battlemagi escaped the massacre at Angel's Rest.
Agent Celeste: Previous commander of the defenses of the mountains north of Golddale, to protect the magi maintaining the weather spell. Is now returning to the College.
Battlemage Alexandria: Former representative of the Dominion on the Fort Emergence Expedition. Now captured by the Avernite Protection League.
Archmage Tychius: Used to maintain the weather spell in the mountains north of Golddale. Is now returning to the College.
Agent Jakob: In the past, he has hired small mercenary groups to do atrocities in the name of the Anama. Presumed dead after the massacre at Angel's Rest.
Agent Denise: Along with other Agents, infiltrating Looter and Anama ranks.
Archmage Cara: A member of the College Council.
Archmage Boris: A member of the College Council.
Archmage Eliza: A member of the College Council.
Captain Erhart: One of the few survivors of the massacre at Angel's Rest. He has returned to North Karnold with a force of Dominion Guards to find what remains of the Battlemage force.
Abram: A researcher at Redmark College, who has just stumbled on a way to create a Clockwork Resonator, a mechanism that creates an anti-magic field.
Lieutenant Neilson: Erhart's second-in-command.

Relations with other factions:
Hunters: A peace treaty existed. However, the Dominion reaction to the slaying of Tygra Nyrulia was apathetic, at best.
Karnold Isles League: An unspoken truce exists. Trading occurs, but that is the extent of it. The Dominion, as of yet, has no knowledge of their alliance with the Looters.
Looters: Although not offically at war, the Looters and the Dominion are in opposition. After the attack on Angel's Rest, a parley was sent. The Dominion has no knowledge of their activities on the east coast.
Enlightened Anama: A state of war exists. Until very recently, a weather spell was in effect, which stopped the Anama from sending forces directly to Karnold. After the attack on Angel's Rest, a parley was sent to Sharimik.
Avernite Protection League: Although they have professed a sort of peace, the League has attacked a small Dominion force. Suspicious, the Dominion sent a small group of magi to the mountains surrounding Fort Emergence, to scry the area. Developments pending.
Knights of Old Avernum: A trading agreement for crystals was made, but news of it never reached the Dominion, due to an attack by the Avernite Protection League. The Dominion also has no knowledge of King Lartaynior's death.
The Army of the Bright Star: No contact as of yet, although the Army has been active in the Golddale area.
The Rakshasi: The one and only contact with the tigers was the complete destruction of Angel's Rest.
The Alliance of Science and Education: No confrontation has developed with this new faction, but the only contacts have been strained. The Alliance has annexed the land west of the Sludge River, and has begun setting a school of magic in opposition to Redmark College. After the destruction of Angel's Rest, a parley was sent to Kriszan.

Page 1:
Post #1: Introduction.
Post #2: Nephilim deportation.
Page 2:
Post #3: Spreading propoganda in Angel's Rest. Sending spies into Lorelei area.
Page 3:
Post #4: Proposes expedition to Fort Emergence with the Hunters.
Post #5: Sends Celeste along with expedition to investigate Ernest's hut.
Page 4:
Post #6: Agents sent into Sharimik area.
Post #7: Celeste discovers crystals in Ernest's hut. Incites riot in Sharimik.
Page 5:
Post #8: Agents sent into Lorelei area.
Page 7:
Post #9: Talks with Isles about navy. Building schools in Libras and Storm Port.
Page 8:
Post #10: Crystals arrive in Golddale. Pulls back magi from Isles.
Page 9:
Post #11: Hears about Krizsan attack. Prepares to set up weather spell. Begins sending magi to Golddale.
Post #12: Demetrius and Tychius set up the weather spell in the mountains north of Golddale. Alexandria arrives at Lower Avernum.
Post #13: Sends out Agents to Northern Karnold, to contact mercenary groups and infiltrate the enemy ranks.
Page 10:
Post #14: Agent activity begins. Alexandria is captured by Avernite Protection League.
Post #15: Mercenaries hired by Jakob begin commiting atrocities in the Anama's name.
Page 11:
Post #16: The Battlemagi move into North Karnold, lead by Diego.
Page 12:
Post #17: The Council contemplates the Red Star. No action is taken other than searching for a reference to it in the libraries. A group of wizards are sent to the Fort Emergence area to scry on Upper Avernum.
Page 13:
Post #18: The Council hears of the destruction of Angel's Rest. Research on the Rakshasi and how to combat them begins. Erhart is sent back up north, to warn those maintaing the weather spell and to find what remains of the Battlemage force. Diego manages to escape the battle with a very small force, though not unmaimed. The group of wizards arrive at Fort Emergence and begin scrying.
Post #19: I become very, very annoying.
Post #20: Demetrius speaks with Abram about the Clockwork Resonator, a mechanism that creates an anti-magic field. Erhart tells the wizards maintaining the weather spell to cease and return to the College and makes his way north with his force.
Page 14:
Post #21: Erhart and Neilson talk. Celeste and Tychius talk. Recap, for the most part.

In glory the RP is returned.

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Enlightened Anama

Archbishop Darius Knor- Charismatic leader of the Enlightened Anama. Ambitious demagogue.
General Cyril- Commands all Anama forces in Karnold.
Commander Varion- Placed in charge of Soft Port.
Commander Lewis- Currently in command of forces in Sharimik.
Father Steele- Priest who is close to the Archbishop. His advisor and right hand man.
Father Reed- Priest who is placed in charge of discovering the nature of Sharimik's weather problem.
Xavier "The Asp" Cresden- Skilled poisoner, formerly in prison for his unnamed crimes, helped in plans to poison Sharimik.
Lord O'Leary- Lord of Sharimik. Disturbed by recent unrest, he decided to help the Anama peacefully take the city. He now remains as ruler of the city.

Post 1 - Defines faction, mage hating religion.
Post 2 - Archbishop Knor confides plan to attack Soft Port with aid of the Looters. Goal: gain iron from mines near Aminro.
Post 3 - Soft Port has fallen. However; lands to the south have risen up against the Anama, this is work of the Dominion, though Anama can’t know it.
Post 4 - Knor receives letter detailing situation in Karnold. He writes letters to Soft Port and to Lord O’Leary of Sharimik. Also sends for Xavier Cresden.
Post 5 - Cresden, a master alchemist and renowned criminal, is taken out of jail to meet with Knor. Cresden ‘The Asp’ agrees to participate in Knor’s plan, which seems to involve poison.
Post 6- O’Leary frets about the problems of Sharimik’s serfs. He then receives a letter from Knor asking for his help. When he reads the letter he is horrified, but agrees.
Post 7 - A disguised Anama ship sails into the ports of Sharimik carrying casks of poison. O’Learys soldiers empty the poison into water sources in city and nearby lands. Asp expresses belief that the people will be begging for Anama aid soon.
Post 8 - Anama march on Sharimik to deal with the poison situation. Anama are welcomed by Lord of Sharimik and crowds of people. Whole thing was a big public relations scheme.
Post 9 - General Cyril listens to a drunk brag about his exploits against the now hated mages.
Post 10 - General Cyril assigns father Reed the duty of finding out what is causing the disturbance in weather around Sharimik. Then Cyril departs for Aminro with a portion of the Anama's strength.

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Faction: Order of Kaz

-- the Avatar (leader)
-- Enhard (high cleric - general of the third army)
-- Gerulf (second in command of third army)
-- Thiedold (baron)
-- Mareike (cleric searching for Keepers)
-- Wilbrand (knight captain searching for Keepers)
-- Raeddeg (cleric-knight emissary to Solaria)
-- Jeltja (cleric-knight emissary to Righteous Return)

-- Solarian Group (Spring, ally)
-- Jsoulza nephilim (NPC, at war)
-- Goblin Goblins (Slarty, at war)
-- Righteous Return (Drakey, ally)

Sphere of Involvement:
Based in Imperius, stretching north and south along the river, and east to the foot of the Jsoulza mountains. Slowly expanding.

Post 1: Avatar sends Enhard north.
Post 2: Enhard - Jsoulza nephilim battle.
Post 3: Enhard gives Jsoulza nephilim ultimatum; Avatar sends Mareike to Keepers.
Post 4: Enhard occupies Thiedold's town.
Post 5: Marieke lands middle of Ndovlu isthmus; Jsoulza nephilim truce.
Post 6: Solaria treaty; Enhard discovers old temple; Folcbald attacked by goblins&nephils; Mareike encounters goblins.
Post 7: RR alliance accepted.

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Okay, here I go-

Faction Name: Bandits of Bordrao

Goal: To avenge the deaths and discrimination of Ancestors

Characters so far:
Hmethrrr - Ice Mage and Head Wanderer
Mrrrhrth - Fire Mage, Basilisk victim
Mhthrrr - Head Shaman
The Twin Guard - Fhmhrrr and Yhnhrrr (identical twins), elite armored archers
Tiger of Bordrao - Ferocious beast
Captured Priest - Does not want to be eaten

Population: Many Nephils, one Tiger, one skilled priest from Mainland Pralgrad
Many archers
Dozens of warriors
Several Priests
Several Mages
A small, elite ring of Shamans
A small, elite ring of Soldiers
The Twin Guard
Mrrrhrth (inactive)
The Bordrao and all its remaining contents
The 7 Elders of Bordrao (very aged)
The Tiger of Bordrao (still caged, completely feral)

Post 1 : Introduced the faction

Computer problems. Late at night. I'll add the rest later.

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Faction: The Righteous Return (RR)

Characters Introduced:
Dervish-Emperor Tarkun: The faction's valiant and intrepid leader.
Governor Tellstone: The governor of Blackstone. Generally pretty easily cowed.
Commander Radzac: Commander of Blackstone's military forces. A powerful hulk of a man.
Pakan: Tarkun's liaison to Blackstone. A seedy but smart man who works best behind the scenes.
Erion: A young, skilled priest who is on White Peak Island as a term of the deal with the Bandits of the Bordrao.
General Baskil: Commander of the western part of the RR's army. Currently training troops and defending towns.
Commander Helmut: Commander of the northern army, currently attacking White Peak Island. Promoted from Captain after capturing Hmethrrr.
Commander Harlan: Leader of the forces currently dedicated to eradicating the goblin presence in the Ndovlu mountains.
Imperial Dervish Attan: A messenger between Tarkun and all Nephilim on Pralgad.

Who We Are in Contact With:
Bandits of Bordrao: Formerly a tenuous alliance. Now war.
Goblins: War.
Order of Kaz: An alliance for order on Pralgad.
Hunters: Have reminisced about the good ol' days of the Empire. With the current disarray, contacts have fallen out of place.

Where We Are Likely and Unlikely to Show Up:
Likely: Anywhere on Pralgad.
Unlikely: Anywhere else (for now).

Post 1 - Introduction
Post 2 - Why I hate other factions
Post 3 - Mobilizing/training troops
Post 4 - Captain Helmuth captures Bordrao leader and there is a deal proposed
Post 5 - A deal is made
Post 6 - Erion fears for his life, troops are mobilized
Post 7 - Caledon miners find goblins
Post 8 - Towns by the Ndovlu mountains are reinforced and an alliance to Kaz is proposed
Post 9 - The town of Braddock finds a new business model
Post 10 - Tarkun attempts to unify the Nephilim against the goblins.
Post 11 - The Righteous Return takes revenge on its betrayers by besieging the Nephil fortress on White Peak Island.

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Faction: Wandering Vagabonds

Captain Brigadier-Leader, human, male
Shadow-Mage, unknown race, male, mysterious
Hmurran-Archer, nephil, male
Hmurr-Rogue, nephil, male
Skirl-Gremlin, male, mischevious
Hss-Pothss-Female, slith, owns crystal
Nettle-Thief, human, female, often in disguise
Smitt-Male, hunted by group, little else is known

Contact with:
Abyss Knights-In their territory
Cult of Grah-Hoth-Likely to run into the so-called "circus" in the near future.

Knowledge of:
Disciples of Death
Knights of Old Avernum

Post 1-Introduction to group
Post 2-Planning to enter Bargha
Post 3-Entering Bargha (currently in progress and unposted)
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Faction: Athron's Ascendancy (AA, or Athronites)

Characters Introduced:
Anthros: Dragon of Athron's brood, grew sick of the surface and inconspicuously fled to his mother's old lair. Puppetmaster of the Ascendancy. Interested in power over money, knowledge over wisdom; he is, after all, a young dragon.
Talyn: Anthros' mouthpiece and leader of the caves. Serves as figurehead, puppet, advisor and organizer of fine details.
Sitha: Talyn's Slith mouthpiece and emissary. Helps Talyn lead the caves.
Ella: Leader of the surface division of the Ascendancy. Born and raised in the Empire, travelled to Avernum out of restlessness and was in the company of Talyn at the fall of civilization. Returned more for Anthros' sake than her own.

Who We Are in Contact With: No faction is meant to know about the Ascendancy, which operates largely in the shadows, although much of the town of Mertis, before its destruction, knew of the Ascendancy.

Where We Are and Are Not Likely to Appear: Members of the Ascendancy are all over Avernum and can be found in or near all areas of the surface, but Athron's Lair is undoubtably the best place to find Athronites. Mertis, too, was a center of the Ascendancy, but that, obviously, is no longer the case.

Post 1: Introduction. Mertis merchant robbed of crystal.

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Expect this post to become obsolete soon, but simply for posterity:

"Faction": The Alliance of Science and Education (ASE)
"Citizen" McCallister: McCallister is a young, vibrant and strong-willed ex-Sergeant of the Hunters, and was a Sergeant of the Imperial Army before that. He is a competent tactician who helped deal significant damage to the invaders during the "Battle of Krizsan." He honestly believes that he has power, when in actuality he has next-to-none, but is quite popular. Currently has no title.
"Citizen" Lyonard: The true leader of the "Alliance." Assassinated Tygra. Was a Commander of the Hunters and was a Major in the Imperial Army before that. Was the most competent commander in the field during the "Battle of Krizsan," almost forcing the pirates out of the harbor. He has no title either.
"Citizen" Malphis: An ex-Imperial Interrogator. Paranoid. Has gained many enemies from his activities during the days of the Hunters. Is being used by Lyonard to expose members of the Guild still in the corps in order to guarantee political autonomy.

The only faction that knows of the ASE is the Guild, but the Guild has no idea how the leadership is arranged or what the faction's intentions are. All other factions either never knew the Hunters in the first place, think that the Hunters are still intact or know that the Hunters are in turmoil but do not know their current status.
The ASE also has "contact" with the Guild by trying to rid themselves of Guild members.

Sphere of Influence:
This faction currently exists only in Krizsan, and despite having most of Krizsan's military, it still has no real presence beyond Krizsan's city walls, indicated by some of the (very few) pro-Hunters rebels gathering immediately outside of the city itself.

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Originally written by Kelandon
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Sorry, no.

Edit (re IC thread): NO.

Ignore this guy.

Edit: This may have come across a bit more harshly than it would have if I'd read the OOC thread first. So I guess your intentions were good. But still, no way.

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