Its Almost Christmas

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AuthorTopic: Its Almost Christmas
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So is everyone looking forward to Christmas(for those who celebrate it)

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I'm on vacation. Screw christmas- I'm celebrating *now*.

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I'm mildly excited. Christmas morning is usually the time I feel festive, and then arguments over board games usually bring an end to them within a few hours.

Still, it is Christmas! And in case I'm not around tomorrow, Seasons Greetings to you all!

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Christmas means traveling to visit people you deliberately don't live near. Christmas is encouraging families to live outside their means for one week, instead of spreading out the joy over the entire year. Christmas is a financial dream for retailers and credit card companies.

So yeah, I'll enjoy Christmas. It'll mean snow.

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Ya! Christmas! Today also happens to be the day my father was born. I dislike that because, I have to get him two presents instead of one. :mad: Other than that, YA!!!

Also my alter form the Chocalate King would like to say, BAHUMBUG!!!

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I will be holding my Yule celebrations as usual. Sadly, due to Christmas's interference, they will be four days late, and we won't burn the log but will decorate it instead, but otherwise it will be much the same as it ought to be.

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Nah, I don't celebrate christmas. for me its just a recycling of "Sinterklaas," which is the same, only its closer to its origin. Well, that's actually why i don't like Santaclause, but I also dislike the way Christmas is celebrated.

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You cannot control how others celebrate Christmas, but you can control how you celebrate it. So ignore the ads, and turn your heart towards generosity, peace, and loving kindness. Celebrate the holiday, not how the world has learned to profit from the holiday. If everyone becomes a grinch because they hate what Christmas has become, it will never be any better.

On last count, 20 people will be present on Christmas day. Both my sisters and their husbands, my older sister's four kids. My Brother in law's parents, my parents, hubby's dad, his wife, and her daughter. And our new Canadian worship pastor will be stopping by to share in the chaos since he's not leaving for home till the day after Christmas.

Christmas Eve we'll be having a get together with hubby's three aunts and grandpa who would rather have only half the chaos for their holiday.

Yes, I very much look forward to the celebration.

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I don't celebrate Christmas, but I do celebrate the fact that all my friends and relations are off from school and work and can cram into one house for food, conversation, and loud arguments.

—Alorael, who would call it a Chanukkah celebration if he were feeling especially ethnic, which he isn't.
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Like the guy above, I'm celebrating winter break. Not big on Christianity or Consumerism.

I think my calling it Hannukah would probably be even worse, seeing as I'm not even a Jew to begin with.

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Merry Christmas to all that celebrate it. To those who don't: Have a good holiday.

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Sure, who doesn't?

There's presents and no school. ;)

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I'm back home for the week, and my brother is coming to visit for half a month. I'll see my partner's mother and sister again, and meet his brother for the first time. Yes, I'll enjoy Christmas.

Happy holidays to everyone! Or even just happy days if you're not on holiday. It's a time to be joyful, no mattter what beliefs you might hold.
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its christmas eve today (well for new zealanders anyway) :) :) :) :) :)

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Yea. Christmas is no longer exciting but I still love the 2 1/2 months holiday.
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I just go to some family members' house and eat.
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I love's the only time of the year my parents really gift me with much (my birthday is December 17th, so it and Christmas tend to blend in my mind...lucky me). And I get time off school and spend a fair bit of time with my extended family, many of whom are awesome.

Although it sucks that Christmas is a Sunday this year...gotta sit through two services before I go running off to see people. :(

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May you eat fondue and eggnog until it partially congeals in your arteries and oozes out your ears. Isn't it interesting that Christmastime has the highest rate of suicides than any other time of the year? I'm feeling Grinchy.

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Its christmas now for me. I recieved lots of presents. I love christmas.
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Whew... just finished wrapping the last of my presents for my parents and sister. And with a whole 8 hours to go until the actual day...

Can't wait.

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Merry Chrismas everyone! It's 12:27 AM now at my house and im getting ready for bed.

Hope you all have a happy chrismas :)

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This is the 19th Christmas in which I never received any free stuff from anyone :)

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I got my Avernum Cd and my hint book today. I'm very happy :)

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I got a lego airport set, Myst V: End of Ages, a new computer (for me and my brother), the DVD for FOTR, an LoTR 2006 calendar, an official guide to Narnia, the soundtracks for Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter 3, and some clothing for Christmas.

Pretty good christmas...

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Meh. If were posting what we got for Christmas, then I got $180 of pure profit. Oh, and a labrador in a pear tree. Or some such.

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(my birthday is December 17th, so it and Christmas tend to blend in my mind...lucky me)
Be glad you're not my brother-in-law. His birthday is December 24th.

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