Its Almost Christmas

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AuthorTopic: Its Almost Christmas
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I got a computer for Christmas... a day late. Because my family is slothful and secretly hates me. But at least they got me an expensive computer.

Originally written by Kelandon
Well, I'm at least pretty

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Originally by CPeters:
Be glad you're not my brother-in-law. His birthday is December 24th.
Ouch. That is bad. Mine is December 30th, which isn't bad at all. Anything I don't get for Christmas I can get for by birthday. And...never any school on my birthday!
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Originally written by CPeters:

Originally written by SNM:

(my birthday is December 17th, so it and Christmas tend to blend in my mind...lucky me)
Be glad you're not my brother-in-law. His birthday is December 24th.

Yeah. I knew a kid once whose b-day was actually the 25th; that was really bad. It's annoying for me not so much in that I get one present for both (I actually don't think it ever happened) as that it's right around traveling time for people but before my family's ready to sit down together. So my birthday lasted about 2 hours every year after I was 6, except for the three years LOTR movies were release. Those years it was about 5 hours. ;)

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