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AuthorTopic: I AM TEH SPAMER
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CS still hasn't died? Good God.

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No, and since they recently updated it for the Source engine, killing it is not going to be a matter of turning off the life support machine so much as beating it to death with a rake.

Incidentally, I've only heard it pronounced as 'pawned.' Not that it makes much difference, since either way it's a convincing argument for nuclear proliferation.

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We've always pronounced it "p'owned". That was back when CS was fresh... yes, that many years ago.

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Check this out. The ending is a bit inappropriate, but the rest of the movie is funny.
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*sigh* I'm freaking member number #32 and I don't seem to even have 350 yet.

Edit: Ah. Wait. I seem to.

Well, okay, I don't even have 375 yet.

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Fo shizzle, my lord.

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Also, you're number 34. Not 32. :P

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I was speaking to my all-knowing mate Jono last night, and this thread came up. He told me it's pronounced pea-ound. And I trust him with my life.

That said, I'll crawl back under my rock.

Edit: Groan. Speelings. Spelllings. Damn it! Spellings!

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Thus endeth this post.
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Cool beans Kel!!! And a good number of those posts were not even remotely spam either.

Besides where would new guys with questions be without people like you and Thudyl to help them?

(aside note: if I have a sex change operation done, and write your name in smoke as I glide from ten thousand feet will you date me? Or is that just another pipe dream I need to pawn asap?)


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Sadly, BSC, I am now taken. In your absence, I found myself a beautiful, wonderful girlfriend. (She is Wizcozski, member 5005 here and not seen frequently, but known on Desperance.)

Thus I suppose you must pawn off this dream of yours, for it will lead to nowhere.

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Originally written by Kelandon:



Congratulations on 2000 posts, each more worthless more the last. Also, congratulations on managing to moderate a forum for games you claim never to have played.
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Yeah, that struck me as weird, too. I believe it is magic.

ahhahaha i rule u droool
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Djur is scary.

And pessimistic.

He makes me want to hide the women and children.
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I remember your first posts, Kel. "He comes to the right place with his circumstantiality" I thought and: "Fortunately he's not from BoE-faction" ...
:cool: Congrats to your fast carrier on SW
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BCS, welcome back! We missed you.

edit: You soon will get accustomed to Djur's irreverent poems ;)

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Congrats on your post count. In honour of this momentous(?) event I will not only emerge from the depths of lurking but I will also break with my normal practice of not using smilies

:cool: :D

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It's not just his poems >_<
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9 months for a 2K post count, that's fast. :D

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Originally written by Saunders:

Congratulations Kel!
*coughs* I sort of pronounce it "pooned" only with more of a w in the oo. And only ever in my head!

It's somewhere between the pronunciation of the word 'pawn' and the 'poon' of the word 'spoon'. Oh well, i just call it "Teabagged"
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I pronounce it exactly as written, using the semivowel w.

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