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AuthorTopic: Who lives where
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I live here and work at the Post Office in the next town over :)

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Victoria, British Columbia. And because it's not like Ontario and many other parts of Canada, the summers are warm to hot, but not muggy, and the winters are relatively mild (rarely below 0 degrees Celsius, kind of rainy, occasionally sunny).

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Saratoga Springs, New York. Nice place - come and visit if you're in the area.

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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
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Las Cruces, New Mexico the most boring place ever. Its a place that forces you to entertain yourself, and that helps develop, imagination, individuality and an extreme sense of psychosis.

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I live here: (second window down here-------------- V)


And this is where I work:

That's in Aachen, if you want to know. :)

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I live in Ennepetal, Germany. I think nobody of you will know this 35,000 inhabitants city.
It is in Nordrheinwestfalen (Northrhinewestfalia?) near the Ruhrgebiet (Ruhrarea?) in the west of Germany.

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I live in Turku, Finland. Based on the description, the weather here seems to be more or less the same as where Rosycat lives.

The temperature was about -7 °C today and there's some snow on the street. And some ice bears. :)

EDIT: POLAR bears! English is sure difficult.

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I live by the Rocky Mountains. :) It's ok, gets cold every now and then by wintertime and spring, but better than new york and las angeles. :)

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The idyllic city of Lovisa. The word 'idyllic' should never be left unmentioned in this context. We're in the middle of a brainwashing campaign. Lovisa is a dying town and we should always keep luring new people here. Don't think you're going to stop me this time, either.

The city arms. There should be a 'count-crown' on the top, too. The cannons symbolize Lovisa's importance as a (former) bordertown. The anchor symbolizes our (former) importance as a notable harbour.

And, Lovisa is the home of Finland's first nuclear power plant! Where I, coincidentially, work! Half of Lovisa does.

Look! You can almost see my office!

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That looks more idyllic than Duisburg, certainly. The dying town where I semi-live (I return on week-ends) forced not into the role of an 'idyllic village', but instead (unsuccessfully) tried by the city council to transform into a 'cosmopolitan metropolis'.

Which in common terms means they borrow money and plan huge buildings with it to attract multinational companies and tourists. They built a musical (Les Miserables, which in fact is uncannily apt here), right next to the red-light district, but it didn't attract any tourists (if you can visit Cologne, Duesseldorf and Aachen, whoever would go to stinky Duisburg?)

That's what happens when a city's industry is based on steel-making. When the coal runs out, you're screwed. ;)

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Tampere, Finland.

Damn you, Swedes. They made a program about Finland and sold it to BBC. In it they claimed that Finns live in iglus and have polar bears roaming the streets.

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wow. amazing how many is from Finland
yeah and btw,
So am i... to be more precise I go to college in Oulu

kewl thing dudes :)

Yes, I'm from the faraway-Finland.
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Originally written by Pachat:

Tampere, Finland.
Oh, I know a German who lives in Tampere.

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I work in Washington, DC. I live just across the Potomac River in the Rosslyn neighborhood of Arlington, VA, literally across the street from this:

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I just need to.. yeah, I'm from Vantaa to be more precise, but that's not my point. Look, people, only one Finnish girl here. Hello, yes. Me. Me.
I like being special :P

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Polar bears are good for the business. They attract stupid Englishmen. And more importantly, stupid Germans.

No offence, Englishers and Germans. We really like you. In fact, why don't you come to Finland and take a look at our awesome polar bears?

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Polar bears are tasty. Yum.

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I'm from Oak Park, Illinois, right next to Chicago. From my house, it's about a fifteen minute drive to downtown Chicago. The town is perhaps most famous for being the birthplace of Ernest Hemingway.

I'm in my third year of school at the University of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois. Just got back here after a weeklong Thanksgiving break in Oak Park.


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Originally written by Intentionally Selfish:

I just need to.. yeah, I'm from Vantaa to be more precise, but that's not my point. Look, people, only one Finnish girl here. Hello, yes. Me. Me.
I like being special :P

Only two Finnish girls here, that is. :)

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It's not pop. >_<

Question- Who here calls it just plain soda?

Or better yet, who here calls a "water fountain" a "bubbler"?

Yeah, that's right. Milwaukeean as always.

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if you said 'soda' where i live you would also have a lisp and a frock.

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Over here, people say sangwich instead of sandwich. And a lot of double negatives. And weird stresses on certain parts of a sentance.

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Question- Who here calls it just plain soda?
Me and most of the country.

Or better yet, who here calls a "water fountain" a "bubbler"?

Very few people. Really, how does this one even make sense? :P

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