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The Chamber, by John Grisham.

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To Live in Fear
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Just finished The Stranger, the American translation. I plan to pick it up in French eventually.

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I recently finished reading The Simple Sounds of Freedom. Quite an interesting book, it's about the only American to fight for both the Americans and Russians in WW2.

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Originally written by The Creator:

The Chamber, by John Grisham.
Ooo... good pick. I honestly enjoy all of his stuff. I've had friends (even teachers) criticize him, but i'mlikewtfok.

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I just finished "The Hidden Face of God" a book about Molecular Biology, Quantum Physics, and Metaphysics, writen by a triple PH.d [I can't recal the third, the first are, quantum physics and molecular biology], qhabbalist. Its a very interesting read.

I'm starting on "Lost Discoveries", a book revealing the non euro-centric origins of science and technology.
The last peice of fiction I read, and enjoyed was "At Winter's End" a very good book.

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The Story of Philosophy, by Will Durant.
Joan of Arc, by Mark Twain.
Lord of the Flies, by William Golding

Good food for thought.

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Hmm.. let me see.. im halfway through 'The Science of Discworld II: The Globe' quite an interesting book. Im also reading a non-fiction one called 'Battlegrounds' all about the geography of battlefields. I just finished reading the Matthew Reilly series (Ice Station, Scarecrow.. etc.. if you dont know the series, i really recommend it) and the Belgarid series by David Eddings about the third time.. good stuff..

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Walked past a second hand bookshop today with £20 in my pocket. Left half an hour later £17.50 poorer with:

An Aethiopian History of Heliodorus (apparently the first full sized romance-novel, or possibly complete romance-novel. Something similarly esoteric.)
The Story of Burnt Njal (essentially a translation of Burnt Njal's Saga. Looks fairly literal to me. Old book, with the words on the spine rather faded. Really does look lovely.)
Plutarch's Makers of Rome (a selection of nine of his Lives. The title is something of a misnomer, since six of the nine characters included died as enemies of the Roman state.)
Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain (not normally my cup of tea, but I'm given to understand that a few bits aren't lies, it was only £3 and at least he's less loony than his Welsh influences.)
England Under the Tudors by G.R. Elton (my history course requires historiography. Bookshops and libraries are shamefully short of quality history books as a pose to the naff stuff accompanying TV shows or focusing on one obscure and uninteresting character. Secondhand bookshops are rather better, unless you're looking for something published after decimalisation.)

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Jonathon Coe - What A Carve Up!
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Finished reading Elizabeth Moon's Trading In Danger, and Marque and Reprisal-- both are quick action packed science fiction, as well as the Dark Tower VII-- the illustrations by Michael Whelan for this book are truly fantastic. Reading a new book called The First Idea How Symbols, Language, and Intelligence Evolved From Our Primate Ancestors To Modern Humans by Stanley Greenspan and Stuart Shanker. This book is thick, heavy, slow, and full of ideas.

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