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AuthorTopic: Favourite Smells
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So, in a complete twist (I hope), I have decided against cliche stuff like favourite movies and songs and have gone for a refreshing idea. What are your favourite smells ever? And keep it claen please...

Mine are freshly cut grass, a hot cup of coffee, cappuchino usally, and my mums cakes! Yum!

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I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

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Coffee, grass, spring breeze (finally!), vanilla (the real kind, not the kind that dirty slu - um... yeah). Banana bread, Chinese food, I don't know... there are so many good smells... I can't really name my favorite...

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Sweet smells tend not to appeal to me nearly as much as "spicy" smells and the like. My favorite smell is probably the odor produced by asafoetida, a spice used often in Indian cooking. I also enjoy the smell of Louisiana Hot Sauce, for whatever reason. Tamarind also produces a nice smell, in my mind. Other smells that come to mind include the smell of fresh ginger tea, the exquisitely sweet-smelling flowers of the jasmine plant, and fresh fruit, in general.


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Originally written by SupaNik: And keep it claen please...
You know it is really hard to do that...
Anyhoo, I like the smell of autumn wind, the air after heavy rain and my boyfriend.

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Meat pizzas, sweet corn, green plants as I'm walking, the smell of promised rain. Fresh car leather smell, right out of the car dealership. Strawberries!

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I like the smell of a garage.

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Fresh spring breezes, nice-smelling flowers, tasty food, and cold climates with snow and ice all over.

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Gasoline has a certain...adictive smell to it...
And of course I am a fan of coffee.

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I don't know why, but for some reason I like the smell of melted tar.

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Woodsmoke, blossom, fresh bread, warm baby..

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The smell of spaghetti sauce is one of my favorite smells. I love my spaghetti IMAGE(biggrin0.gif)

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For some reason i always love the smell of books, new and old. It's strange though that children's books always have this really distinctive smell but still nice and toxic.

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Mmmm gasoline, tar, marijuana smoke, apricots, mint, popcorn, clean laundry.

I hate: copper, ammonia, cigarette smoke, bleach.

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Girls' shampoo. Preferably if the smell is emanating from a nearby girl's hair. IMAGE(wink0000.gif)

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I like the smell of books too. Most of the time I'm completely oblivious to smells of all kinds due to my perpetually stuffy nose.

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I love the smells of lemon, baked potato, a clean person right after a shower or bath, bread, hot tea, hot coffee (though I hate the taste of it), and a certain perfume worn by one of my co-workers. I keep forgetting what kind it is, but on her, it smells absolutely divine. I also love that shampoo smell, so I'll say it and look like a copycat. IMAGE(tongue00.gif)
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"Boudioir" from Vivienne Westwood, electricity, melting solder, my cat's fur, incense, sandalwood, pinewoods, herbs, spices, strawberries, everything, I cook or bake ...

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Cu- wait, you said keep it clean. Damn you.

Frying onions, roasting peppers, baking bread.

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Most of mine have been covered. But I will repeat them again anyway.

Burning wood, ginger, ponderous tomes, menthol (includes medicinal and cigarettes), sour-dough bread, gasoline, :rolleyes: flowers (wild and tame), Chinese food, roasted chicken, popcorn, canning cellars, musty old houses, the air on a clear windy day, pasta, burgers, lots of other stuff...

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I like the smell of gas too. It's really strange, but smells good in a different way. Also, brownies that are fresh from the oven. That's a really good smell too.

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Old books, old warehouses, machine shops, oregano, black powder, and Indian cooking for me.

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I once accidentally swallowed some petrol (or gasoline as you Yanks insist on calling it). I was belching up fumes all day after that. Made me very vague and woozy (can't compare it to being drunk, as I've avoided that one), and it also made me hate the smell of petrol forever after.

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Recently mowned grass, you have to love the smell of petrol mixed grass, strangely mesmerizing.
Jasmine flowers and coffee is good too.

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i like the smell of food and the smell of mosquitoes being fried(burning smell)

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