The Dragon-Slayer's Love

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AuthorTopic: The Dragon-Slayer's Love
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I met her on a quest to a fortress deep in hostile lands,
She had taken home in a fortress ruined by her hands,
The doors were charred a black to demonstrate her great authority,
The last thing that she wanted was a hero coming by like me.

Warriors don’t have an easy job by any standing,
Work is often long, goes unrewarded, always quite demanding,
When you think of warriors you often think of muscles and armour,
But I am of a different breed, tall, lightly built and much smarter.

My chosen prey is dragon-kind — foul reptiles, blight of the land,
My trusty sabre at my side, we kill as many was we can,
But lately I’ve been questioning my purpose in this world,
My tales preceed me, everywhere I go I hear my stories told.

One story, however, sticks out well from the rest of mine,
A tragic tale of true love lost, the story was a sign,
Pointing me away from the path of fear and hate,
I no longer kill the dragon-kind, now I can relate.

You see, I am a warrior, my job’s to rid the world of foul pests,
When I tell this story, people look at me believing that I jest,
Impossible, they say to me, a warrior should think without a heart,
Maybe it would make more sense if I tell it from the start...


I was out of work — a dragon terrorized a river-village,
Same as usual, the dragon makes its time in raze and pillage,
The mayor, hearing of my deeds, hires me on to rid the citizens,
Of the dragon, in a ruined fortress, over past a river’s-bend.

This job would be too easy, I’d be dumb not to accept,
And the gold he offered me was more than I had ever dreamt,
Of course there was a catch, the dragon must be dead,
I wouldn’t get a single penny if the dragon only fled.

"Shouldn’t be too difficult, you’ll catch it in its sleep,
Kill it as it slumbers and a great reward you’ll reap,"
Encouragement was offered from the mayor and locals,
And as I departed, heard a cheering symphany of vocals.

Off into the hills-a-far, to meet perhaps my doom,
Enough of this pessimism, I’d earn countless riches soon,
No doubt, bards from near and far, would tell of, once or twice,
The warrior who slaughters dragons, slaughters them like mice.

The cloudless sky above me shows the daylight wearing thin,
I make a camp in sheltered bluffs, shelters me within,
Overlooking river’s bend and not far off I see,
The ruined fortress on the river’s bend where I’ll soon be.

I make a meal of trail rations, refuse to build a fire,
Knowing if the dragon saw, my situation would be dire,
After dusk I grab my pack and grab my trusty edge,
Served me for a thousand fights, each one could be my end.

Setting down, resolved to have surprise be on my side,
Dragons are quite large and it’s difficult for them to hide,
I forrd the river past me, by cover of the trees,
Taking care not to stumble, nor to cough or sneeze.

Warriors, we never knock, we walk right in as if we own the place,
Search for evil — evil always lurks in such confined a space,
Sword in one hand and a lantern in the other guides my way,
Into darkness, beyond the doors, who knows what evil lay.

The ruined halls had not been in use for many years ago,
I watched every step I took, sure to take it slow,
I searched in a study, noting empty shelves around,
On into a dining hall, broken chairs litter the ground.

The walls all full of holes and the doors blewn off their hinges,
Table-cloths and curtains were reduced to meagre singes,
Down into the massive court-yard, sheltered from the sky,
By a dome of glass and iron lace, dizzyingly high.

I spotted what appeared to be the sleeping chamber of my prey,
Or maybe it’s the predator — complicated, who’s to say?
Most lairs were adorned with bones and wardings for their dens,
This one was much different, rather clean and lacking stench.

I even saw some works of art, this dragon has good taste,
To kill a creature civilized as this one seems like such a waste,
Then it dawned upon me, maybe this one’s much more tame,
There’s good and evil humans, maybe dragon-kind’s the same.

Evil, I sued to think, was black and white, so simple a concept,
With us or against the good — I stumble as it slept,
But there I didn’t see a demon, troll or hulking beats with glowing eyes,
Just a sleeping beauty, donned in scales and twenty feet in size.

Lying belly-up, her underside was golden in the light,
Her scales were slick and smooth, fine to touch and pleasant to the sight,
Standing on a pile of gold, enough to make me wealthier than any,
I decided then I wasn’t going to take a single penny.

It did not matter that she raided all the nearby farms,
Or that she torched and ate ten or twenty men-at-arms,
Or that this pile of gold she no-doubt stole from untold caravan,
I sheathed my sword and lantern, felt her warm scales with my hand.

Often us humans do cruel deed in desperate times,
As lonely as a dragon gets may justify these crimes,
Raiding nearby farms for food, I’m sure she needs a lot,
Maybe I could sway her to the side of law, I thought.

Dragons are lonely creatures, that you likely know,
Without friends and family, live a life of emptiness and sorrow,
So she builds her hoard, gaining more to fill the hole,
in her empty life and heal her hurting soul.

Slid my hand along her side and down her slender tail,
Her underside was smooth ans softer than her scales,
Maybe.. I dared to say that she was quite attractive a creature,
Alas, if maybe under different circumstances I could meet her.

I was surprised she was un-risen after everything,
She flicked her tail a bit, stretched her neck and flapped a wing,
Her motions graceful, though indicative that she was in unrest,
I recoiled a bit, as she lifted her head and rose her chest.

Her size was about three-fold my own and,
Magnificent her figure, as I extended my hand,
Again, I felt her slick and smooth and shining scales,
Stood back and looked her in the eyes, as she rose her legs and tail.

She spoke, "Mortal, what’s your business here, why are you in my lair?
To slaugher me and steal my gold and leave without a care?
Or maybe just to torment me and maim me if you’d try,
Pithy mortal, you have met your match and now I’ll watch you die."

Even such, the cruelest words, seemed like a privledge to my ear,
Her voice was sweeter than any dragon I could ever hear,
Of course, words are words, and their meaning was quite clear,
I’d be a charcoal briquette if I lingered around here.

My time is nigh, fight or fly, the first is not a choice,
My feet hit cold tile, as I run I hear the dragon’s voice,
"Coward mortal, you run because you cannot face my might,
You run to live life as a worm, instead of stay and fight."

"You make me chase you, ’round and ’round, through these ruined halls,
You don’t know the purpose of my pursuit at all,
You didn’t come to play around, to kill me, did you not?
And now you run from my fire, afraid to get.. a little.. Hot?"

Yes, fair dragon, that’s the reason that I came,
But now that I have seen you, my reason’s not the same,
"Fair is not a word you mortals use in presence of my kind,"
Then I slumped down against a dungeon wall, resigned.

Us mortals fear you, to be near you is a feat of bravery,
Knowing my kind has killed so many of you is so burdenous to carry,
I wish no harm on you for you’ve been tortured by us human...
"Then run, mortal, from my lair — pray I never see you again."

And with that I rose and ran some more,
Ran around until I found the fortress’ main door,
Ran and ford the river, to the woods to hide,
Made my way with haste, upon the country-side.

And so I ran across the hills, pursued by none at all,
Got up and ran again, whenever I should fall,
But reached the woods a league away, deciding I should sleep,
Not so far away, I couldn’t hear the lonely dragon weep.

Perhaps the dragon only wished to play for a while,
Not about to find out if I stay for a while,
Didn’t seem too angry when she made threats on my head,
Maybe they’re not evil, dragons, maybe they don’t want us dead.

Never the less, I was tired from the chase,
Thought I should make camp for a while before I face,
Her again and see if I can figure this big puzzle out,
But for now, I will just sleep, I thought, as I put the fire out.

I rose at dawn to hear the sound of flapping in the skies,
And heard the lonely dragon shouting sadly as she flies,
"Please show yourself, where you have hidden I can’t see,
Where is this warrior who couldn’t bear to put his sword in me?"

Why would she be seeking me out after our altercation?
The last thing that I’d expect — a dragon so impatient,
To seek out a slayer of her bretheren and her kind,
You’d think she would fly far away, if she was right of mind.

Shaking with fear, she flies to near and surely she will find,
The dragon-slaying warrior who’s put to rest so many of her kind,
Irony is not my thing, this dragon will not put me to my grave,
Warriors don’t cower like this — warriors are brave.

And so I stood and shouted, here I am come kill me if you can,
She flew over and hit the ground not twenty feet from where I stand,
"If at all, I wished you harm, why you’d be dead by now,
But see, since you ran from me, your life I will allow."

The last bit of that sentence came across a little sly,
What the hell is up with her? Hitting on a human guy?
And draw me to her lair to play, not that I’d refuse,
Attitude seems to accomplish, comes across a little lude.

And turning, "wait" she says "forget what I said yesterday,
You can return to my lair, anytime, if you may,
Such funny mortal creature, I think I would enjoy your company,"
And with that she took off, to her lair, far away from me.

Dumbfounded by the beautiful dragon’s offerings,
And the gracy in which the way she flies and moves her wings,
Stopped a moment, thought a moment, something wasn’t right,
I would find out, soon enough, when I return to her tomorrow night.

Still a little puzzled, I returned to town for ales,
The wenches, undesirable, though lacking in the scales,
The bards were spinning tall tales of a dragon slaying hero,
If only they had been there, seen what happened a few hours ago.

I watch the patrons drink like fish and drinking songs they sing,
Their voices drowned by alcohol, become an irritating ring,
The bards still spin tall tales of lairs deep and mosters to despise,
Until I pass out in an alley, waking well-long after sunrise.

I spend the day and contemplate the dragon maiden’s offer,
Is it just a trap to bring us foolish humans to her?
Then I think, if she wished, she would come and kill me where I lie,
It can’t be a trap, what fool would fall, why would she even try?

Of course, perhaps, she’s toying with her food before she eats,
Warriors, freshly cooked, falling off the bones, must be treats!
Good God! Why would you send me such difficult a choice?
My thoughts of what to do are scrambled by the city noise.

Simple, yes or no, stay or go, go and maybe be her food,
Evil used to be so simple, one or other, that was all I knew,
Maybe this one’s good despite the devious gleam in her eye,
She let me go once — push my luck — try a second try.

What if she was fully concious when I felt her skin?
A scary thought indeed, a dragon attracted to a human,
But it’s my fault, honestly, it was I who touched her first,
Felt her smooth and.. Sexy.. Forget it! I’m in for the worst.

When the mayor finds out I can’t bear to kill her off,
I’ll get no reward — worse, they’ll send someone else to do the job,
Pity on the warrior who dared to fall in love with her,
Every moment, I can’t breathe, she could be in grave danger.

The rest of the day I spent, trying to avoid the mayor,
The dragon’s laying waiting for me, I don’t see why they’d care,
A guarantee, possibly, she wouldn’t bother them again?
If we’re in love and we’re together.. She would be a friend of mortal men.

Resolved to a fate I’m not so sure of, I wander off,
Into the wilds near the lair of this curiosity — I stop,
Not a hundred feet abovce, yet again, I see her figure in flight,
Lingers above me for a moment, thne into the night.

Her actions are intruiging me and settling my mind,
Whoever thought a human’d be pursued by dragon-kind?
Off course I wouldn’t let a chance like this just slip away,
I’ll go as far as her lair, tonight, even if I do not stay.

But why would I not, a dragon would be interesting to say the least,
With that appetite, every meal would be a feast,
And appetite for another thing, I’m fairly certain,
Mmm... A naughty thought, what goes on behind the curtain.

After dusk the sun is gone, approach her lair and knock once,
Descend down the cold stone and trough a door, on a hunch,
And eye to my left, see another, see her tail to my right,
Scales and claws and golden eyes shimmer in the lantern’s light.

Almost drew my sword on instinct, to take the first strike,
But no this encounter would be friendly, or at least seem like,
For a moment, she looks curious but seems to recognize,
I reach out and feel her cheek and gaze into her eyes.

"Warrior, you have returned, even though you thought it was a trap,
Put your fears asid, if I wished you dead I wouldn’t nap,
and wait for you — see I knew you would come by,
Mortals, so predictable; every action has a reason why."

"But enough," I feel her warm tongue on me face,
"For one who loves to slay my kind you’re quite calm in such a place,"
Think not for a moment that I like my job,
To take the life of another, is worse than to pillage or to rob.

"Then your job is worse than mine, our crimes are not the same,
Yet you’re exhaulted as a hero, I am left to live in shame."
Circumstances are not fair, not fair to any degree,
And if I could, I’d be you and I’d let you be me.

A tear rolled down the dragons cheek, she sank her head and sighed,
"Hold me for a moment, mortal, hold me if you’d mind,"
So that night I held her close and rest my head on hers,
"Only the love of a mortal man could cure this dragon-curse."

I held her for a while longer, held her close with care,
Kissed her gently on the lips, shared a loving stare,
Re-assured her that she’d never be alone again,
Now that she had claimed the love of this mortal man.

That night I slept along-side her, on her bed of gold,
That night was peaceful and so quiet, until the night was old,
In the morning, held the dragon close, sleeping on her side,
Left quickly, not to wake her, and hurried on outside.

Sleeping in the same bed with a dragon’s not an easy task,
Usually are solo creatures, like to roll around and bask,
I was nearly crushed to death, once or twice last eve,
Just wondering when it would be safe for me to leave.

Don’t be mistaken, I was true and quite compassionate,
But dragons are not humans, dragons need dragon mates,
Dragon males are very cruel, the ones who met my blade,
Wait.. What have I done, what a mess I’ve made.

Poor dragon lass, must’ve think I left in fear,
Even after the night we shared, the night I held her near,
In the sky, high above me, I see her silouette,
Againts the morning sun, fratically, searching in fret.

Already, here for me, my dragon love should fly,
I shout, my dragon love and she approaches in the sky,
Much closer now, our eyes meet and tears begin to rain,
She lands upon me, pins me down then pins me down again.

"Warrior why did you leave and leave me all alone?
Why are you in this city, with these people, make my lair your home.
Listen to me closely, we share a heart and I’m not to be taken lightly,
I spared your life and limb and let you in my heart, now you belong with me."

"Return tonight, or don’t care to return at all,"
And with that, she let me go and flew as far as I could call:
My love, I’ll return to you, I long to hold you near.
Then I turn to see the peasants stare upon the scene in fear.

For a while, they just look upon in puzzlement,
Then, one man steps forth and asks me how I sent,
A dragon along on her way without so much as a scratch or,
Why a dragon slayer made no attempt to catch her.

A menace who had stolen livestock — flying in the air,
One frightened village boy runs off to tell the mayor,
unseen. And I still try to quell the villagers concerns,
But soon enough, of my encounter, the mayor learns.

After not ten minutes of questions by the local folk,
Before an armoured man pushed on through the crowd and spoke:
"Warrior, come now with me, to speak with our chansellors,"
I had no choice but to oblige, they had a greater force.

And so they took me to the hall and there before the mayor,
Him and his counsel-men, hit me with a piercing stare,
"I hear that you have failed us in the riddance of the threat,
lust and desire were the swords the dragon met."

"You are a fighter, your job is not to woo or love a
foul beast of filth and evil, you are clearly troubled.
For your own protection and until the deed is done,
You’ll be in our dungeon deep and there be seen by none."

Despite my shouts in protest, the guards they drag me down,
to a holding cell, dark and dreary, deep below the ground.
Toss me in and lock the door and stroll off down the hall,
Nobody can hear my yelling, nobody can hear me call:

My dragon love please flee, they are plotting your demise!
You must leave your fortress — of course nobody hears my cries.
I curl in a corner and watch and wait,
Swelling up with rage and anger, going mad with hate.

"My kins-men, it has fallen forth, our duty is this task,
To rid us of this foul beast, was all of the warrior we asked.
Now it falls on us to pick up where he did leave off
and when we kill his ’dragon love’, we’ll leave him in his cell to rot."

"Tonight we rest, good loyal men, the morrow we shall ride,
off to slay this dragon-witch, to kill her where she hides.
Bring on the bread and beer and foul, merriment and wine,
Tonight we shall feast, for tomorrow, the dragon’s head is mine."

The chamber dark and wet, illuminated only by torch-light,
I slump down resigned, almost ready to give up the fight,
Until I hear the footsteps of another, then I leap
And shout, who is there, can you hear me in this dungeon deep?

For a moment, there’s no answer, for a moment, I despair,
Until again I hear the footsteps — take a gasp of air.
I shout, can you hear me here, can you hear me yell?
Then the footsteps start approaching, as far as I can tell.

Perhaps this is a guard I hear, perhaps he has the key,
Perhaps he would take pity, perhaps he’d set me free.
The steps close upon the door until he finally speaks:
"Prisoner? They ain’t been prisoner ‘ere in weeks!"

Oh thank god, another person, I thought I was the only one,
"Well, soon y’will be, bloke, my shift, it’s almost done.
But I’ll stick around, ‘cause I’m bored n’ ‘ear what you’ve to say.
Say, why’d y’end up down ‘ere anyway?"

You see, I was hired on to kill a dragon in a fortress,
Instead I fell in love, the mayor was tough and did dismiss...
"Are you f’real? I’m outta ‘ear. Y’surely are an odd c’mplexity.
I’ll leave ya in th’dungeon, unda-ground, thet’s where ya outta be."

Tell me guard, before you go — ever had a love that was denied?
He stopped a minute, thought a minute, then replied:
"Fella, y’got me thea’, I ‘ad a dame back in me hometown,
I tell ya, we ‘ere quite the thing, ‘till the call ‘a duty came ‘round."

Listen to yourself, duty is not worth the loss and pain,
I might love a dragon, but if you’re here than you’re insane.
"Y’know, y’might be right. Castle walls won’t stop m’yet.
‘ow can I thank ya, I’m f’rever in your debt!"

Love and let love, those are words you should live by, my friend,
Follow your heart and let me mine and there will be a happy end.
With that the door swung open, saw my saviour face-to-face,
We shook hands and shared kind farewells, then I took up the race.

I hurried out the sleeping castle, quickly as I could,
Passing by the sleeping homes, slumbering, as they should.
The sun is rising off the eastern skies, my true love awaits,
I only hope I make it there, I only hope it’s not too late.

I hurry over golden hills, chasing the rising sun,
Fast as my legs permit me, slowing not for anyone.
On into forests deep, to make my trip much quicker,
Fall upon a fallen log — if only I was slicker.

I rise again and look around, unsure of where to run,
Was I north or was I east, if only I could see the sun.
And making matters worse, I tripped and fell on my hard head,
I’ll bet the men-at-arms have set off, I’m just barely started.

No, my dragon love was close, but now she is so distant,
If only I had stayed there yesterday and not been so hesitant.
This whole mess would be avoided, yet.
I’d be holding her, so happy, we would fly into the sunset...

Circumstance refuses me, abuses me, I stumble into a ditch,
Running randomly, trying to see the sun or see her fortress.
Eyes decieve me? Before me is a being diminutive in size,
Fairy-folk, it must be, speaking to me in my mind:

"Human, you are funny creature — dragon your should fear.
But since we work together sometimes, we will let you see her.
You are lost too deep within the realm of fairy kind,
But, get on your feet, close your eyes turn around and look behind!"

I obliged and then I saw a site for sorest eyes,
My dragon love’s fortress — imagine my surprise.
Where I looked, just a moment back and I had just seen woods,
the fairy used some magic, I would thank her if I could.


I burst on through the broken doors and down the steps,
Into the massive chamber where me and my dragon love slept.
Her hoard of gold was all gone and I was brought to tears,
When I saw her curled, bloodied heap — the sum of all my fears.

I ran and wrapped my arms around her neck — you can’t be dead!
The groaned in pain, opened her eyes and turned her bloodied head,
She spoke so soft and painfully and let out a deep moan,
"I fear, my love, my end is nigh. At least I’m not alone..."

Her final words, I kissed her on her lips — our final touch.
She closed her eyes and let life slip away... I cried so much.
I’m only glad I got to be the last thing for her to see,
Her battered wings and torn-up scales were far too much to bear for me.

I shouted out in anger and slumped against her heavy head.
The bastard men had killed her and now my dragon love lay dead.
I have a mission now and I won’t let her go un-said.
I would save all dragon kind... Save them all.

Never again.

— Motekye

( based on a dream )

Just... Enjoy it. ; )

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Motekai has spoken. IMAGE(smile000.gif)

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Not bad.

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Woo - you dream RPs?
and I can't even give you some karmastars for that ...

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*sniff* That was beautiful, Motekye...

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Indeed it was. And all from a dream? Wow. I'm in awe.
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Eh, Motekeye, that was splendid!

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Wow. I am in awe about both your dream, and the time taken to write that down... I couldn't be bothered to.

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Originally written by SupaNik:

Wow. I am in awe about both your dream, and the time taken to write that down... I couldn't be bothered to.
Ditto IMAGE(smile000.gif)

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Amazing. Simply amazing.

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Id post my dreams as well if i could remember anything more than bits and pieces. At least you know your dreams are vivid and real, while mine leave me wondering if i dreamt at all

It was an enjoyable read
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It is a pity my dreams are often too strange to post. Too much blood, and too many lesbian robots, you know?

I couldn't form it into such pretty words, either.

I'd just be going like this:

"Well, at the start of the dream, I was a robot, and I was killing other robots outside of a town, and when I won I went into the town but all of the people were dead. I started picking up and piling the dead people up for some reason. Then a weird pink bubble appeared over the town and monsters started coming out of the ground..."

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oh my god...that was perfectly cut-out...i'm in awe... though i must admit, it was sort of disturbing round the middle IMAGE(wink0000.gif) IMAGE(tongue00.gif)

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That is truly a piece of impressive poetry. Wish i could have sutch meaningfull, vivid dreams, and express the as well as you.

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I'm surprised as to how well you all have recieved this piece. I was told by many people I know in real life that it was perverted and I should be shot for writing it. I personally think that's hogwash -- It was a beautiful and tragic story and I only hinted to the naughty bits, anyway.

I might do another piece soon if something else inspires me. If I do, would you all be interested in reading it?

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I'd love to read another poem by you, Motekye. I also posted a poem on POlaris. Here's a link: Poem

-John Cleese
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The beginning of this glorious piece of writing somehow turned my mind to this piece of art...
Okay, that was a little off the given mood, but I digress... wow. This is one major piece of work. Eloquent and wonderfully written, I can?t imagine having a dream of such depth and reality. Well okay, I can, but nothing so profound in conclusion or development.
When I first looked at this post I was shocked at how long it was and was honestly reluctant to tackle it as backed up schoolwork has had me reading a great deal lately. In the end I was more than glad I took the time. You definitely have writing talent and if your other pieces are near this good I certainly wouldn?t mind seeing the Misc. Board get a solid dose of intelligence and culture.

Keep it up, yo.

---Your literary maniac, Necris Omega

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Very nice. Very well written. I enjoyed it. I must admit though, that like Midknight Warrior I thought was a little disturbing near the middle, but it did not get to what I would consider peverted.

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Necris- That was REALLY disturbing...

-John Cleese
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A truly beautiful poem...and a truly hilarious picture.

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Yey Motekye!

It was beautiful, and even if it was perverted, I'd like it even more. IMAGE(wink0000.gif)

--Jonnie Zahndi Zolohahni
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A wonderful poem, certainly. Nicely done, Motekye.

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Double Diamond and five thumbs up. An inspired, well-constructed and provocative piece. It's extremely good. Nice one.

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Three thumbs up!

?Alorael, who would just like to agree with what others have said. Great poem, Motekye.
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Great poem, and interesting, almost surreal theme. Now if you'd take a look at the number of syllables and stuff like that, it'd be as good as S.T. Coleridge. It certainly is as surreal already; I read Coleridge got his ideas from dreams too, so that'd explain it.

This is the first time I've been able to read this long a poem without smooth rhythm in one go and think "Way to go." IMAGE(smile000.gif)

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