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AuthorTopic: Fave Spiderweb Character
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Pretty self-explanetery really. What is your favourite NPC from all of the Spiderweb games. But reasons please people, not just lists...

Edit: Oh yeah, mine is either Grah-hoth, because he is sooo powerful, and manages to return after banishment (with Linda's help) or Chief Spider (for comedy purposes!).

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I'm quite sure a very similar topic was introduced recently, but no matter. I would have to go with Goettsch, from Geneforge 1. Although his brand of power mania was revolting to the highest degree, his deceptive friendliness and covert scheming made him a highly intriguing character.

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The one dog in the town of Cotra. Just because it looked "cute."

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Difficult to say. one of my favorites was that servile hermit in Geneforge 1 who studied living tools and tried to "wake their natural desires" or something like that... There were living tools on the ground with food cups beside them. That was memorable IMAGE(Fave Spiderweb Character_files/smile.gif)

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I would have to say mine is the Archmage Erika or Khoth the dragon.

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The sheep in exile 3.


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Erika or Rentar-Ihrno. They're the only memorable major characters in the Exile/Avernum trilogies.

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My favorite is either Motrax, because the oldest and wisest of the dragons or Drath, because Liches are cool.
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Out of all the posts nobody said "Cheeseball". I'm deeply saddened. That is one rockin' awesome familiar. And, Solberg was just an idiot. He kept that cat in the tower for the end of time (really, only a couple years, but what about cat years?) with no fun at all. What an evil man...

Anyway, yeah Cheeseball.

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the lizard in Fort Emergence.

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My,the skribbane dealer in A3.

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No doubt about it. I just love him. He fits with mt pesonality.

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Erika rules. IMAGE(Fave Spiderweb Character_files/biggrin.gif) I even fought through Rentar's constant barrage of spells to get to the control panel just to prevent her death. Weird, eh? IMAGE(Fave Spiderweb Character_files/tongue.gif)

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Why doesn't anyone like the "weak" characters? My personal favourits are, as I have told before, Nance and Elspeth.

They have more charisma than Erica and Rentar could ever hope for. The weak characters, not great mages and the like but ordinary people, are what makes the Exile world live. You really care for them. Anyone can create a badass mage who is pissed of because someone has cursed her.
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Cheeseball. I love cats. I want to take her/him out of the game and pet him/her for ever and ever and..

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I like Prince Chevyn because he's a military genius. I also like Solberg, because his tower offered one of the best fights in the unregistered part of E2.

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That hermit you have to fly to get to in A/E3.
And the solitary lizard in the courtyard of Fort Emergence. IMAGE(Fave Spiderweb Character_files/tongue.gif)


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Sorry all 'X' fans, but he is one of my worse charcters. He seems completley two-dimensional and doesn't contribute much. The whole "forgetful mage of amazing power" is not one of my favourites. The same can be said for Rone.

I do however like Linda. Her determindness (is that a word?) or stupidity, from whatever angle you look at it from is admirable.

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