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AuthorTopic: Does anyone know...
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How to get an old cat to accept a new kitten IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Does anyone know___files/confused.gif)IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Does anyone know___files/confused.gif)IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Does anyone know___files/confused.gif)

because I just got a new kitten and they hate each other.
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Stuff them in a box.

Just kidding. I have cat problems too.

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Give them time. Either they'll end up getting along better or they'll figure out how to avoid each other, and either way you're good.

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But...wh...that was a good advice! Or at least sane!

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I can see why Alec wanted to change his name.

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Is that him? Xenerali-something Cusitura? Bears enough resemblance to G. Custer, anyway...

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Somehow, I always recognize Alec, no matter what name changes he's gone thru.

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I had exactly the same problem with my cats. In our case, they didnt get on because the older cat was jealous of the new kitten and didnt like all the attention the kitten got. If you try and treat both cats the same, then after a while the older cat should get used to it.

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Kill the one with the least cuteness, label it as meat, and send it to China.


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*kneels down and prays*

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*crouches down and preys*

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*bends over and hurf burf*

My experience with cats is that some cats will fight and fight and fight and eventually become friends (but still fight). This is more common when the ages are similar. When there's a major age difference, the best one can generally hope for is that they'll avoid each other. It's hard to make cats get along.

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Feed one of the cats to a dog. Then feed the other one to a dog, just in case.

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Then feed the dog to another, larger dog.
And then feed the dog to your family. Claim it to be steak. Cry and scream when they notice a difference, claiming your actions have been mandated by Satan, who lives in your pantry.

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Then say its an xian dog, and shoot yourself.


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Buy a Dog.

They will join against the common enemy. Once they make good friends you may sell the dog.

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Or, as was previosly suggested eat the dog. Then eat the cats.

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Kill the old cat. You wouldn't have gotten a kitten if you weren't tired of it anyway, you heartless bastard. IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Does anyone know___files/wink.gif)
Actually I've seen this problem before, the older cat becomes hostile with its owners and shuns the kitten. If you treat them the same the older cat might still be jealous... It would be a bit like if another kid (or adult) moved into your home and took your place, and your family treated them the same as you, even though you had been there longer.
Yeah, I think you screwed your older cat's life up pretty bad.

Then again I am no expert.

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Just remember that you're probably not going to be able to get them to stop fighting. Other than that, I suggest keeping the kitten in a room with a glass door if you have one, or at least room under the door if you do not. You should probably do this anyway to make sure there are no parasites anyway, but it will also keep them apart while allowing them to get used to each other. Well, mostly.

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Originally written by----:
Or, as was previosly suggested eat the dog. Then eat the cats.
Eating cats...not quite as delicious as you'd think it would be. First thing you see when you disect them...worms. Those little bacterial kind. That comes when the cat licks its fur all the time. But if you still like cat meat, which Im not saying you do, go ahead and eat. Just dont let those enviromentalist freaks find out what you're doing.



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The "common enemy" trick often works rather well, too.
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the whole 8888 (the censorship discapitalized) situation could be avoided if shrodinger had a dog in the box. If you put a dog in a box, it will stay in the box, but with a cat....

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