What was the first game u played?

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AuthorTopic: What was the first game u played?
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Exile 3 : a love story.

Found it on a demo CD from Mikrobitti, probably back in -96 or -97.

My first game ever? Hmmm. Maybe some strange Russian variant of Tetris? You could watch crude pictures of circus animals and clowns while you played. Oh, and there were also some pictures of dancing ballerinas! Ah yes, the ballerinas...

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There's no 'strange Russian variant' of tetris because it was the Russians who invented the game in the first place.

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"I don't know it's name. It was a really old PC game... It was a cannon, and you had to shoot some helicopters and planes, and men who jumped from the helicopters."

And if you missed 3 or 4 guys (on the same side) they would climb on to eachother and blow up your cannon? That game was called paratrooper, and it was among my first dozen games as well.

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First SW game was Exile 3 demo, also found from MikroBitti CD..

First game in general, hmh, must've been one of those games that the prehistoric Macs came with (I was in 1st grade, and we had those grey boxes there. Bah, they probably still use those. IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards What was the first game u played (2)_files/tongue.gif) )

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The first game i ever played was either Pong, or Super Mario Bros in '93 or '94. I can't remember.

My first Spidweb game was Nethergate in 1999 when i got in off of a PC Magaziene demo disk.

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My first game was on the PET computer, using a tape drive. It was (I think) the first tank-wars game ever made. You set muzzle velocity and angle and had to hit certain targets downrange, given a windage factor. It took something like 15 minutes to "load". IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards What was the first game u played (2)_files/biggrin.gif)

I really began gaming on the VIC-20 and Commodore 64 a few years later, however. Games like Revenge of the Blue Meanies, Tank vs. UFO, and some sort of SNAFU/Snakes-type game come to mind.

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First Spidweb game was Exile 3, and that's probably why I like it the best.

My first game ever... I can't remember, but it was probably either Fool's Errand, Shufflepuck Cafe, Prince of Persia or Zero Gravity. All black and white, of course.

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My first SW game was A1. I only wish I had found this company sooner.

As for my first game, it would definately have to be frogger. Good times in the pizzeria down the street. I guess I might have played a game before that one, but that's the earliest one I can remember.

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The first Spiderweb game I played was Nethergate, which I got off an internet shareware archive.

The first computer game I played was probably The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, followed closely by Rogue, Zork1, StarFleet I, and Leather Goddess of Phobos.


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geneforge-PC magazine
first game ever is Heroes of Might and Magic

Avernum is as addictive as skribane!!! Withdrawal symptoms are harsh so I just keep playing.
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Like Sylak, Pong. Unlike Sylak, around 1978-79. I was less than impressed. Thereafter Asteroids, Space Invaders, Doom, etc.

First SW game: E3, like so many others.
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my first game was on an apple computer..


i also played where in the world in carmen san diego... IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards What was the first game u played (2)_files/biggrin.gif)IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards What was the first game u played (2)_files/biggrin.gif)
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First SW game: Exile 3. I got hooked and rushed upstairs as soon as I got home from school to play it. I never registered (I wish I could have, but I ain't rollin in cash, and my parents won't buy it), but now I'm older I may do when I get a job.

First game was Sonic the Hedgehog on a Sega Master System. First PC game was Quake, I think.

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First Spiderweb game was E1.
First game ever was Odell Lake, an inspired educational title for the Apple II. Then I progressed to Oregon Trail, another inspired educational title for the same machine.

The next game I played that I really noticed was GORILLA.BAS on my Compaq Portable Plus. And so on and so forth until Quake III and Nethack and similar glories of the modern age.
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I just downloaded the Geneforge 1 demo.

First game I ever played, though, would probably be Mario Bros. 1. IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards What was the first game u played (2)_files/biggrin.gif)
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The old Mario Brother's games were indeed good. Too bad Nintendo has gone so far downhill these days.

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The first Spiderweb game I ever played was Exile 1. Back then, I don't think Spiderweb existed as a company. I downloaded it from the info-mac archives in 1994, my Freshman year of college, and hated it. It was just way too complicated for me, starting right off with the character creation.

I then returned to SW some time in 1999 I think, during grad school, trying to figure out a way to decompress from class work. I discovered Nethergate by reading a review and thought it sounded pretty cool - it blew me away! I loved it!

The positive experience with NG encouaged me to try the exile series again, so I bought the trilogy CD and BoE. But, to this day, I've never been able to get into them.

Despite the disappointment I experienced with the Exile series, I loved the Avernum series and bought all three.

About a year ago, flush with cash from a new job and signing bonus, I bought many new things, including Geneforge. I really liked that one as well.

I then purchased Geneforge 2 when it came out for Macintosh.

I guess you could say I'm a SW addict.

But, to be honest, I don't find computer games per se much fun. SW games have been the only ones that keep my attention, and now I only buy SW games. Does that make me a gaming luddite? Perhaps...

My very first computer game on the Mac was the Ancient Art of War. It blew me away!
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the first spiderweb game i played was nethergate...i loved that game until i suddenly realised i couldnt get past a certain point. and then i didnt touch another spiderweb game until avernum 1. by the way i was searching for games by size (how can they fit such a good game in such a small file IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards What was the first game u played (2)_files/confused.gif) )

my first game ever has to be either wolfenstein 3d or a really wierd flinstones game and that was ages ago (relatively) when i was but 3-4 years old. (12 or 11 years ago) IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards What was the first game u played (2)_files/frown.gif)

EDIT : i cant spel!!!

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