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AuthorTopic: This could be useful, maybe
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This may be the most useful/useless cheat for avernum 1, 2, 3, and nethergate. It probably works for other games too but I havn't tried yet. Well this "cheat allows you to thavel anywhere outside without any trouble. Step one open the data folder and move the shared data file for nether gate or the Outdoor data for the avernums somewhere else ( like the game folder) Then open the game. When you open the game and try to load a game it will display and error message. Hit ok until it goes away. If in the game you loaded you are out side, The map should be all green. You can walk around then save and go to the finder without quitting and put the data file back in the data folder and go back to the game and open the game you just saved. You can use this to go to erica's tower by going around the statues throu8gh the water then saving and opening. If when you load you game with the data file out of it's folder and the are any wandering monsters in view, they will chase you and you can fight them. This may seem complex but it can be very useful.

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My sincerest apologies, but I didn't catch a word of that.

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He Means you can take out the data (map) and you can move throught anything like moutains and water. Hope fully you don't stop in water!

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Why would you bother?

If you're meant to go there, then there's an in-game way to get there. It may take longer, but it'll be more fun than moving files about.

If you're not meant to go there at all in the game, then there wont be anything to see anyway.

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Or [as I] you can use a hex editor and instantly teleport to any place IMAGE(This could be useful, maybe_files/smile.gif)
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You could, but we don't talk about that on these boards.

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Which is something I don't understand, since hex editing is perfectly legal.
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Legal, but very strongly frowned upon in these parts.

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Like prostitution.

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well well well aren't we resilient

Oh the fun

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IMAGE(This could be useful, maybe_files/eek.gif) Not the first analogue I'd have thought of, frankly!
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That's illegal here, although noone seems to mind the corporate variety.

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I s'pose it doesn't work on Exile games, m'self. If you took out a scenario file on BoE, then went to the game and loaded your game from that scenario it would give you an error and load the party in your current situation, for instance.


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Hmm I think you don't understand me correctly. I DON'T use 'Arcane Teleport' while i'm playing(becouse it's not interesting to cheeting). I'm using it after game was fully ended, and there is some places, which unaccessible in game[ for example Abyss in A2] to investigate them.

But anyway using hex editor is much more generic(and interesting) approach, than using *bugs*.
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I know how to "teleport" in BoE without the hexeditor- it's relatively simple.

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Oh go on, TM, you're not that horrible, are you??


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Actually walking through the game like this can give some interesting
insights on how it was made or what was changed. Now I haven't tried it on
any Avernum game, but I've found some interesting areas in Eye of the
Beholder and Ultima VII-2 that were not used in the plot but are still there.

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