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AuthorTopic: Favorite Games
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Okay, so there are like, billions of computer games out there, so which one of them do you think is the best or you like the most?

From the games I've played so far, The Sims is the most addicting but one of the more funner games is Quake 3, for me anyways.



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Here are some of my favorite games. These games made a great impression for me the first time I played them and I enjoyed them quite a lot. they are not in any special order:

Avernum/Exile series.
Command & Conquer. (the first one)
Monkey Island series.
Warcraft series.
Good old Marathon series (Mac classic shot em up game...like wolf 3D for the PC)
Deus Ex (highly recomend this one.)
Civilization series.
Heroes of Might and Magic series.
Mester of Orion series.

As you can see all my favourite games are in series and not by chance, Its simply because they are quite good.

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My choices would read like a PC-user's version of Nazgul's, so I'm not bothering with them.

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Baldur's Gate series, Fallout series, Planescape series, Neverwinter Nights, Arcanum, NHL 2003, Madden 2003, and Final Fantasy series.

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Here we go:

Exile/Avernum Series (DUH!)
Doom series (Waiting for Doom III IMAGE(Favorite Games_files/wink.gif) )
System Shock Series
Deus Ex

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And my favourite games.. Uhh, those of SpidWeb, War of Monsters.. Those two I can name right now.

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Avernum series
Heroes of Might and Magic series
Little Fighter 2 (ADDICTIVE!)

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All Blizzard,
Then Triumph's Age of Wonders Series (Shadow Magic looks -ing awsome!),
Then Microsoft's Age series,
Then All SpidWeb,
I'm too tired to think of most of my favs.

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Master of Orion II
Exile III
Blades of Exile
Marathon: Durandel

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Certainly looks like it.

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Originally written by RealityManiac:

...so which ONE of them do you think is the best or you like the most?
ONE GAME, not how many good series can you fit in one post.

Anyway... I think I'd have to say Starcraft... logically, I should like it no more than I like WC3, but hey. it probably has somethign to do with WC3's center magnification thing actually... whatever... there you have it, my ONE favorite game.

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Originally written by Sir David:

I should like it no more than I like WC3, but hey. it probably has somethign to do with WC3's center magnification thing actually...
This is the second forum in a week on which I have seen WC3 and thought 'Wing Commander 3'. It is a terrible habit I have. Mark Hamill is stalking me.

Oh, and my game has to be...er...hard decision. Call it a tie between Avernum 2 and Lords of Magic (SE).
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If you count individual BoE scenarios as games, then FF7. If not, BoE.

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Hard question to answer. I've spent more time playing Nethack and XEvil than any other games; it's a dead heat between the two in how much I like them.

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oo tough one, pretty much ne game thats strategy, i think starcraft is a pretty original and classic game...haha, y'all remember the original doom and wolfenstein, THOSE were classics... oh yeah, and lets hear it for commander keen!

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GTF Vice City
The Sims 2
Unreal Tournement GOTYE
Exile Series
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down
Day of Defeat
These all tie for first.

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Here are mine: Spiderweb games, then Disiples 2 (this is the best game ever in my opinion) and then Thief: The Dark Project. NetHack is also cool. Has anyone here ever won it?
I also like Sierra city building games.

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The next Thief game coming out looks awesome.
It'll probably play as well too.

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Warcraft 3
Freedom Force
Blades of Exile
Baldur's Gate II
Little Fighter 2
Heroes of Might and Magic II-IV
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My favorite games are

Civilizations (all of them)
Age of Mythology
Master of Orion 3
Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast
Splinter Cell

Then of course all Spidweb games

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My favourites:

- The Exile series, Nethergate & Geneforge
- Angband and Troubles of Middle Earth, Nethack
- Baldur's Gate I&II
- Beyond Dark Castle (an old Mac game which I played when I was 10, it's still one of my favourites for nostalgic reasons)
- Might and Magic I IMAGE(Favorite Games_files/smile.gif)

EDIT: I absolutely have to add Uninvited and Shadowgate. From the 80's.

I haven't won neither Nethack nor Angband. I haven't played Might And Magics after I&II.

If I had to pick only one, it would be... maybe Exile III.

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Heck, to say the least, there is NEVER going to be a one favorite game for me. There are just way too many games to choose from.

For a list of them... Hmmm...

Heroes of Might and Magic II
Pits of Angband
Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Exile series
Sim City 2000
Black & White

...I think thats it. Eh, I'll think of them some other time.

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I like mostly strategy and rpg games.

So the spidweb games are in a close race with The Settlers III&IV, "Caesar III" and basically the whole Impressions Games/Sierra city-building series, ADOM (a cool ASCII-based rpg game) and other stuff.

If I'd be after judging by the graphics, Settlers IV and Zeus would tie; from the great variety of gameplay I'd choose ADOM, and the Avernum trilogy is basically the only cheap rpg combining decent graphics with nice puzzles and interesting combat. Sorry, Exile. IMAGE(Favorite Games_files/tongue.gif)

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