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AuthorTopic: Nethergate Demo
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Well, I believe I've beat the Nethergate Demo as both Celtic and Roman....Now I'm playing Avernum, but that's another story.

How about other people? How far are you all?
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Welcome to the boards and please leave your sanity at the door.
Most of us that have it have beaten it multiple times. I don't have it and have never played it, though it does sound somewhat interesting.

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The next step is to beat the full version Nethergate as Romans and Celts, of course!

—Alorael, who would also like to extend a hearty welcome even if he didn't get to give the standard sanity line first.
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Nethergate is quite good. I've been toying with the idea of a Blades of Avernum-Nethergate crossover — since you can make scenarios that would look a lot like Nethergate using BoA — but I never really had any idea how such a thing would work. Maybe someday far down the line.

Anyway, Nethergate is worth your money to buy. It's one of the community favorites, even though it didn't sell as well as the others.

And, er, welcome.

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The obvious premise for a BoA-Nethergate crossover would be to have some of the faeries and other magical creatures from NG arrive in the BoA universe after being sent through the Nether Gate. From there, there are a number of ways the plot could go -- the Empire's reaction to the sudden arrival of large numbers of magical creatures from another world would be interesting, to say the least.

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One of Nethergate's strong suits is the ambience, which mixes the backdrop of real conflict between Romans and natives with the entirely mythical Shadow Valley, complete with bits of many, many legends and mythologies we know or should know. Trying to drop faeries into the world of Avernum would ruin that nicely.

Actually making a Nethergate scenario would work well, though. A prequel would be easier than a sequel for reasons that I won't go into here, but that could work nicely too. The Brigantes weren't the only ones to resist the Romans, and even the Celts were only one group...

—Alorael, who would miss having the dual perspective of Roman and Celt parties in a scenario (and finding Nether spells!), but the idea is good.
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I think nethergate was never as popular becasu of (1) spell casting is diffrent (2) its basicly teh BoE engience but with 3D graphics (3) It came out alogn with alot of popular non-spidweb things, liek Windows 98 so ther was no money to get Nethergate for some people. ad (4) it was just too fun for soem pepel to handle. and welcome o teh boards geepers man. if you need your sanity back on teh way out teh door you should pt it in teh lost and found box

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NG does play much more like BoE than like the Avernums in some ways, but I'd hardly say it's identical to BoE, and it does have some Avernum-like features as well (e.g. skill costs increasing as skills increase). But it has an engine that on the whole is entirely its own, and one that I personally am quite fond of.

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welcome geepers.
(for those who are wondering, i was fatcat a long time ago, and have returned to the holy land)
The next step after beating full game, is to beat full game solo-celt-fighter, then solo-roman-mage.

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Nethergate rocks!

In case you haven't noticed already GeeperDude, the plot can be quite confusing.

For example, the three hags that live in a smelly cave will send Celts down in a dungeon, while the heartily welcome Romans and let them use a blessing pool.

By the way, welcome to the boards!

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Hey Geppers! Welcome man!

Nethergate was wonderful. Remeniscent of the Avernum games, far as engine, but I prefer the way you level up on Nethergate, as well as the way you are handed skill points.

I've often wondered about NG's lackluster status as well, and feel deeply ashamed that was case. It was nice of Jeff to try something entirely new, and a darn shame it failed. I'd've love to see an NG2 where I could've played the Romans in an entirely faerie world, even more antagonistic to them than the on in NG2, as well as being able to play faerie characters. But, alas, only in projects like Kel's will that ever happen.

By all means, Geepers, buy the game, man. If you liked the demo, I'm pretty sure you'll love the whole thing. It keeps getting better after the events in the demo.

Geneforge was a success, NG wasn't. I think Sylak has offered good reason why that was the case.

I also think that, even though this may sound like a paradox (if it even sounds like one!), the fact that NG had a historical context may have thrown some people of. Is it possible that fans of fantasy CRPGs want nothing but fantasy in them? Or is that too silly a concept to even contemplate?

After you've beaten the whole game, you can also try beating by severely reducing which choices you make in where you allocate your skills (like only one magic skill and so on), and you can create your characters with nothing but negative experience traits.



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The ultimate challenge- a celt solo with no positive traits, and all negative traits! I STILL CAN'T DO IT!

I think the only ways NG2 could work would be to take a different sceneario with teh same plot, maybe Aztecs vs Spanards, or to play teh fairies plight on the other side fo the gate, or(finallly) to take something like Ravens people and their loss of their gods and magic from the world.

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i didn't much like nethergate i played the demo wasn't all that great but i have seen much much worse it just didn't fit my tastes oh by the way
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The fact that Nethergate never became popular makes me mad. Nethergate is what introduced me to Spiderweb in the first place, in the form of a demo in a gaming magazine. As for Geneforge, I was never able to get into it. Of course, if you want a game that really wasn't great, try Homeland: The Stone of Night.

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Welcome Nethrogate never really was populare prabably because magic is hard to get and enemies are tougher I think

I love Nethrogate Because The enemies are stronger then avernum and they keep the yellow goblin graphic
and the PC graphics rock! I wish they're on Avernum

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I've beaten it as both, and am playing it again as the Romans (who are my favorites, because, well, they are the Romans).

Get it and play it.

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I played and beat the demo which I found to be pretty fun, but not as good as A2 which is by far my favourite game.
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How do you "beat" a demo?

All this talk has caused me to dust off my Nethergate CD and have another whack at it. I played about half the game as the Celts a while back, but never finished it, as I got distracted by BoA. I also played just long enough as the Romans to find that nearly lethal cliff deep in the mines early on in the game. I really like the feel, story, and environment of the game.

P.S. - Kingy...umm...TM's BACK, you know. He brought himself back.

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I iz nevar plaied Nethergate.

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Synergy67 - By "beat the demo" I meant play it until there was nothing left that I could really do. Also I suppose I should change my sig but I've posted on here about 3 times in the last couple of months so I'm unsure if theres much point. I guess I could just delete it.
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Or you could wait, and leave it there until TM is banned again. You'd probably save yourself quite a bit of effort if you just left it there.
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