Ever a peaceful ending? (If you post spoilers add a warning)

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AuthorTopic: Ever a peaceful ending? (If you post spoilers add a warning)
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Is there ever a peaceful ending to any of the Genforge games where the shapers and rebels are able to come to an agreement or treaty where they recognise the rights of creations in exchange for putting various controls on shaping to keep it from being used for evil? Or do all the endings have one side conquering the other?
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It depends how you define peaceful.


There are a lot of Shaper endings where peace is obtained by killing off "all" opposition. Shapers don't really want to give serviles any rights, but there are a few endings where they give some sects rights because they need them for something more than cannonfodder in GF1.
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Each game makes some assumptions about the previous game - including that the war is still going on. Occasionally people in these forums express a wish that the series would end, finally, with peace. In this thread I offered some alternatives -


If you want a game where a seemingly endless conflict can finally be resolved, you could always play this:


...though I will warn you it only has a few hours of replay value.
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The second game goes on the assumption of the Obeyer ending. The third goes on the assumption of the Shaper ending. The fourth goes on the assumption of the Rebel ending.

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It hasn't really been decided that there is a rebel ending officially for G4 (I don't think). And G3 assumes a rebel victory...

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***slight spoiler for Geneforge 2***

If you are playing Geneforge 2, the awakened ending comes closest to the effect you want. It's supposed to be even more satisfying if you achieve it without using [more than 5] canisters or being augmented by Tuldaric, but I haven't tried that version.

***end of spoiler***

PS Please don't post Gf4 spoilers in this subforum for those of us who just started the game yesterday.

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Originally by Retlaw May:

It hasn't really been decided that there is a rebel ending officially for G4 (I don't think). And G3 assumes a rebel victory...
Dikiyoba thinks Nalyd was referring to the previous game's ending for the start of the next game. So when he said the fourth game goes on the Rebel ending, he means the Rebel ending of G3.

Edit: Typo.

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The awakened seamed to be the most level headed of the factions so they were the ones I would usualy join. Hope they make a comeback in the next Geneforge game.
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In G2, the only endings I've seen that keeps the Awakened around are the ones where you join them. I don't know for sure, but I think every other ending wipes them off the map.

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If you do want peace, go the story line. Knowing Spiderweb, peace will eventually happen. :D

As for total evil, go Taker-Barzite/Taker-Rebel-? :mad:

@nd what happens if you beat G2 as Barzites without using canisters(or not taking on the effects)?

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Originally written by Infernal Flamming Muffin:

@nd what happens if you beat G2 as Barzites without using canisters(or not taking on the effects)?[/QB]
I will take a guess as the same thing minus the whole becoming a god thing. Maybe everyone else becomes gods and you are just a human. :confused:

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I could be wrong, as I haven't played G2 in ages, but I think that in the Barzite ending, whether you used canisters in your game makes no difference at the very end. You won't be as arrogant, yes, but I think you end up going canister-mad later anyway. I suppose that after hanging out with the Barzites long enough, you succumb to the peer pressure and start using them anyway. :D

I just tried to check an old G2 save, since I'd labeled the last ones with the faction I had joined, but suffice it to say that the Barzites didn't come out on top in my Barzite save. :(

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