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AuthorTopic: Friends
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Does anyone have someone on the boards they consider there friend? X and Ghost are my friends :)

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expect the unexpected
if you expect the expected
I expect you will remain unexpected.
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Yes. *grins like the Cheshire cat*

KazeArctica: Oh yes.
KazeArctica: Oh YES
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I have several, but I don't want to know what they think of me cause then I'd be crushed like a little teeny tiny bug. :)

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And the Peace of the Light did he give men.
Binding nations to him. Making one of many.
Yet the shards of hearts did give wounds.
And what was once did come again
-in fire and in storm
splitting all in twain.
For his peace...
-for his peace...
... was the peace...
... was the peace...
... of the sword.
And the Glory of the Light did shine upon him.

Meane sol Ahelle

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Well, I like some of you, but you don't like me. That's some kind of friendship, ehh?

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I like you Imister... :(

Don't expect the expected
expect the unexpected
if you expect the expected
I expect you will remain unexpected.
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Silly boy.. Well, it's TGM for short anyway.

Meet the savior. KYMCO Super Fever will force you to do so. Haw.
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TGM, I saw you stalking me again yesterday. I don't want that kind of friendship... :P

Saundersw3: And bitter is better!
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Damn, I though I had an excellent camoflage!

Meet the savior. KYMCO Super Fever will force you to do so. Haw.
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This seems like the right place to post a little AIM conversation I had around the time misc disappeared...

*Unleashes conspiracy*

Logo555: Maotrax: Are you sure you will post that much, Ally?
SirMotrax2021: hehe
SirMotrax2021: well, Saunders knows all...
Logo555: How I made such a big deal of it.
Logo555: Saunders knows?
SirMotrax2021: ..
Logo555: I haven't seen her in a while
SirMotrax2021: Perhaps Alorael wants it that way.
Logo555: You said thst oyu made a big deal out of it
Logo555: Wants it what way?
Logo555: *CONFUSED*
SirMotrax2021: Perhaps Alorael wants Saunders not to be online.
Logo555: WHAT?
Logo555: Why!?
SirMotrax2021: Perhaps Alorael's wish is Saunders' command.
Logo555: Why would Saunder obey Alorael?
SirMotrax2021: Why would I obey me?
Logo555: Saunders!
Logo555: WAIT
Logo555: NOOOO
SirMotrax2021: What?
SirMotrax2021: I'm kidding.
SirMotrax2021: Never think of it.
SirMotrax2021: Ever.
Logo555: You're not kidding...
SirMotrax2021: Don't think about it in your darkest dreams.
Logo555: It's so OBVIOUS!
Logo555: How could I not see it!
Logo555: Oh well
SirMotrax2021: Well now.
Logo555: The whole "Mother" story seemed to be too bizzare anyhow
SirMotrax2021: How will you ever be able to talk with Saunders again?
Logo555: Have you known this all along?
Logo555: Well, apparently I just talked with Saunders a minute ago
SirMotrax2021: Apparently so, if your preemises are correct.
Logo555: Are they?
SirMotrax2021: I said I was kidding, didn't I?
SirMotrax2021: And for you NEVER to think of this convorsation?
Logo555: I know better than that
Logo555: :P
SirMotrax2021: :-X
Logo555: :?
Logo555: I=Confuzzled
SirMotrax2021: I know. Don't worry about it Logo.
SirMotrax2021: You can ask Ally tomorrow, when she's online as Saundy!
Logo555: ARGH
SirMotrax2021: (If that's the case)
Logo555: This truly is the end of the time of Misc.
SirMotrax2021: why so?
Logo555: Oh well
SirMotrax2021: why is it the end?
Logo555: Well, Saunders and Alorael were pillars of society, the fact that they're both one person
in my mind, knocks the building down
Logo555: Don't tell me Rosycat=Alorael as well
SirMotrax2021: ...
Logo555: ...?
SirMotrax2021: goodnight, Sir Logalot.
Logo555: Goodnight Sir Motrax of Exile
SirMotrax2021: Perhaps you know a lot more than others.'
SirMotrax2021: But Saundy knows all.

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La Canaliste
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Of course Motrax must realise that now we must kill him.

KazeArctica: Oh yes.
KazeArctica: Oh YES
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Hmm, I don't generally count people who I've never met before as "friends". Nice people perhaps, but not friends. Besides, Spiderweb is obviously some kind of huge computer AI with me being the only real person. Why would I be friends with a computer.

NB. This wasn't supposed to offend anyone, so, If you are offended easily, then retrospectively look away... then.

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Wow, Jigga. You are so realistic! Considering that YOU are actually the computer AI and I am the real person, it is amazing that you were programmed to bring up that fact from the opposite perspective! Wow, this is better than Deep Blue vs. Kasparov!

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I could have sworn you just typed "Desp blue vs. Kasparov", in some kind of greasy jobseeker community vs. Bolshevik Grand Master fracas. Which would come just under "The Elephant Man vs Daniella Westbrooke: Nasal Faceoff" in a best pay-per-view-off-all-time poll.

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"This tired old proverb proves I am profound"
"This hyperlink to someone who doesn't know me proves I am popular!"

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I don't know if I have friends, but I have people who don't openly hate me.

That's good enough for me.

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I've got one friend. Many allies. A few enemies. And several indifferents.

And the only reason why I have one friend he is cause I introduced him to this site.
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SMoE, you know I/we will have to hunt you down and snipe you now. It's not right to give out state secrets.

And everyone learned long ago that there were only two people on Spiderweb, me and one other. But that isn't something that can be talked about any more.

—Alorael, who has lots of friends on the boards. They're all the ones who have zero posts, though, so you probably wouldn't know them...
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Originally posted by Sir Motrax of Exile:

Logo555: Don't tell me Rosycat=Alorael as well
SirMotrax2021: ...
Logo555: ...?

Originally posted by Rosycat:

>>To whom do all your base belong?


Aces off.
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I consider ADOS and Pat my friends. I don't know what his name is now.

Look Ma, I'm banned!
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Ok, here it comes.

Alorael = Drakefyer.
Alorael = ADoS
Alorael = Scorp

And finally:
President George W. Bush is Alorael's real-life spamming/flaming/perpetual newbie account. When Alorael is bored he "logs in" and makes awful speeches.


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Around the time misc disappeared?? Uh... Rosycat wasn't around back then...

And who are my friends? Well, Ikari obviously... and JF, and TGM. Claiming any more friends than that would be presumphoweveryouspellthat, I'm afraid... although I'm sure I have more...

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S'i' credesse che mia risposta fosse
a persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
questa fiamma staria sanza più scosse;

ma però che già mai di questo fondo
non tornò vivo alcun, s'i' odo il vero,
sanza tema d'infamia ti rispondo . . .

It is June 27, 2003. I am Alexander Kyras. This is my confessional.

If this ever comes to light, I will bury it and any evidence of it. If you found this by accident, you can consider yourself a member of a secret club that consists of only a select few of my closest friends.

I was Chrome. The message I gave to TM was my own. My brother never registered at Spidweb. TM knows this.

I enjoyed being a moderator. I hope to be a moderator again. God knows I tried under this name, but the road was long and hard.

I quit when Thuryl left in a passion. This edit, and perhaps one other, is the last thing this account will ever do. I have a new account; it is now called General Custer. I create it to have a new slate, and knowing the general shift in power between my heyday and SW's current state, I give it about 3 months before I'm banned in one way or another.

Drakey knows my secret, by necessity; Linda Strout also knows it, and doubtless will elect to tell everyone. Linda Strout is a fascist fuckwit, and would do anything to screw me over.

Should you be a newbie who is reading this as Evidence A, know that I was once like you; should you be a respected veteran who is reading this as Evidence A, know that I was once like you; should you be an outcast who is to go next to the chopping block, know that I was once like you.

I am a socialist, and only not a communist for my beliefs on human nature. I am a liberal, but I am in favor of the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository.
I am a Christian and will be one until the day I die.

Sir David is the one member of these boards I want to see unceremoniously kicked out. After him I would say all those stupid and trite who have decided to hate me or anyone else for no good reason. I liked RoR, and I liked Tharma, but neither in the way you're expecting. I liked them as people until I realized they were both assholes who looked down on anyone not exactly sharing their tastes. "Les Miserables" is an overdramatic, overwrought piece of shit.

Look back always on how you were before you seek harsh action on someone; know that you may have been their twin yesterday, or may become it tomorrow.

To those who believe in the grand vision of the Desperance network, don't let the bastards get you down. Don't let the fact that we've turned it into a sick self-parody get you down; don't let the administratory staff, composed of a good man who is a fickle asshole of a friend, a flighty and flamboyant man with his head up his ass, and a pair of explosive depressives get you down.
And don't let anyone who decide that Desperance is dirt get you down, either. We outlived Polaris. We outlived VWM's forums. And we will, no doubt, outlive SW.

Watch for Bush to be remembered in the same light as Reagan, Nixon, and Hitler.

Sir David and all the biblical literalists need to be shot. He's a xenophobe, a bigot, and a self-martyring pissant; it says something about what kind of shit these boards have become that I've been banned for a week and he's never even been condemned for his shitheadedry.

Sir Motrax needs to get his head out of his ass and realize that conservatives aren't a hunted minority. So does everyone who seriously says "Who is John Galt?" -- a phrase that, if uttered and not followed by "And who the hell cares?", should be grounds for summary execution -- and everyone who seriously links to Protestwarrior. In case you're lucky enough to be from a time where Protestwarrior makes you say "Huh?" and scratch your head in confusion, it is a website devoted to lampooning fundamentalist leftists and claiming they represent everyone who does not spend six hours of their day waving an American flag and the other eighteen bombing foreign countries. I hate them and wish them death.

TM is as bad as them. He needs to grow up in a bad, bad way.

In conclusion, it's been a great time. In August somewhen, we'll have D-Day 2 set up, and a good time will be had by all -- if anyone hears of it.

Good night and god bless.

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