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AuthorTopic: Publicly displayed names
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I was just wondering where people's names come from, mine for example is simply an anagram or my surname followed by Ihrno, which is obvious for any one who has read my profile. :)

NUKE NORTH KOERA (No offence to any Koreans)

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Riikka .. - Riibu. I've heard it's much easier to understand if you're Finnish.

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My name come from one of my favorite books i've read many many times.

Crysania ;)

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Mine has nothing to do with shampoo.

—Alorael, who is worth it even if that wasn't a factor in his choice of names.
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In one of the Pooh books, he lives in the woods under the name of Sanders. I misremembered.
Edit: Alorael, you certainly are worth it!

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My name is Ruth and I hold myself in high esteem....haha

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Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh.
Until I think of something better.

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I created this name back in early 2000 shortly after I bought StarCraft. It was a symbol of my renegade spirit and love of fire. And for some reason for the most part it has stuck with me. On Chulak and Desperance I actually used something else, then in time I returned to using Lone Flame everywhere... well, expect AIM, which I used to use it under until I forgot my password. Then I used DSLoneFlame, with the DS standing for Demon Slayer which sprang from my Exile playing.
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Sir David came from my first name and my interest in Medieval Europe and fantasy, and iDavid came from... well, that should be pretty obvious.

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But as we all know the iDavid model is gonna get replaced by the eDavid, while another model gets created and steals the name iDavid.
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My name is a little stranger. There's a series of books I really like (by Mercedes Lackey if anyone knows her) where a group of people, the Hawkbrothers (so named because of their intelligent hawk familiars) take usenames of two words that reflect their personality or a major event in their lives. Darkwind comes from my fascination with one of the main characters in a book. He is a powerful mage and fair fighter, and reflects some of my personality traits. The name does not imply darkness though, I'm not a demon. It was a usename that stuck with him. K'Sheyna is a tribal name.

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Sodium Cyanide, or NaCN, is a chemical used in the extraction of gold from ore. Why I use it as a screen name, I can't even guess.

PS: I was the one who came up with the name iDavid, and I'm not going to let anyone forget it. ;)

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True, you did, and I am eternally greatful. And LF, it will only change when I get an eMac.

And though the musicians would die, the music would live on in the imaginations of all who heard it.
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I'd been playing on a classless MUD for a while and thought I'd try a magic user with high mind. I had in mind playing the char as an ancient and wise crone and I wanted a name whose meaning reflected that. I did a search on a baby-naming site and came up with Kyna, which apparently meant 'wise'.

I played that char for several years, and whenever I played alts and wanted to let my friends know who I was, I would identify myself as Kyna. Guess it's become my online persona.

Note that I'm neither ancient nor wise, nor would I consider myself a crone.

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You'll never guess where mine came from! :P

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lol, very nice PDN.
Well, mine came from my Jamaican friend who cant pronounce my last name properly. And he calls everyone man, so everybody calls me Yapiro Man.

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i'm a supernatural, club- and katana-wielding wise man who lost in a pot-smoking contest in Jamaica to a drunk. yeah. i hope that describes my name.

EDIT: hey, i'm half asleep as of now, cut me some slack here!

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I just like the name (and no, it's not my real name).
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My name sort of evolved from my last name because no one has rarely bothered calling me by my first name for years. The astericks represent the fact that I still can't get the name Milla back. In other places I'm known as Talyyn, Kian or dragonette2.

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My wife was a leader of a Beaver colony(scouts Canada) and her scouting name was Rainbow.As her spouse I was know during frequent visits as mr.rainbow and at other colonies we were both simply cousin rainbow.(can be confusing with limited names available but fun;) ) and shortened as an online persona to cuzrainbow.Sides,I sorta "saw the light" in the 60s and 70s... ;)

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My name shoudl be pretty ovbious if you think of it, as you get to know me. :)
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My name is from the character at the tower of magi.

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I just love myself hella lot. And, as you all might know, I'm Great and a Mister. :P

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