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AuthorTopic: Original names
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I'm just wondering what your original names for this is. This is similar to this, but that is for currant names, this is for original.

So, what was it and why?
(Mine was Infernal Flamming Muffin, Iffy is short for that)

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Iffy= Infernal Flamming Muffin. The y is added to make a word.
lol teh stupd text spek is lik ubar dum lol
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I am one of like four people here who haven't changed their PDN ever.

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I am also numbered among those whose names are immutable.

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First, it was dintiradan. Then I tried to change it to Dîntiradan. This failed, so I changed it to Dintiradan.

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I'm too lazy to change my PDN from what I started with. Besides it would create confusion now since I don't have a noticeable gimmick like some other people or an easily recognizeable member number.

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One of my greater frustrations about this place is that so many people change their name regularly or unexpectedly, that frequently I have no idea who the hell I'm talking to. I think Alorael, Salmon, and Marlenny are the only ones I can always recognize at a glance despite the mutations.


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I spent about 3 years with Alorael as my PDN with only a several hour break in the middle during which I was Skribbane Addict. I started changing my name exactly once per day (when internet access is possible) when I hit 10,000 posts.

—Alorael, who doesn't mind so much when there's a custom title or other identifying marker to help him keep people straight. Even a useful signature helps. Sometimes he's just in the dark, though. He's getting old.
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The funny thing is, I can almost always recognize Alorael even in the "Last Post" column on the main boards page. His PDNs change, but his style is consistent.

Which is probably just to say that he is the only person with enough PDNs to have a PDN style. Though TM was getting there.

Of course, it could just be that any unfamiliar name is more likely to be Alorael than anyone else.

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I was briefly ArchMAO Alex, and briefly A Hexagram Cel. Other than that, I have remained Archmage Alex.

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I think my first PDN was Numbergrabber, which was basically just a placeholder while I tried to think of something more clever to put in. I never made a single post under that name. My first posting PDN was "Proud Owner of:", and that one stuck for a little while. Mainly changed it because it's not really a name. I completely agree with Synergy on the annoyance of constantly changing names. And to make it worse, some people think it's funny to change their entire profile while they're at it, making recognition even harder.
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My endlessly-changing displayed name is homage to a certain forgotten member from the lower regions of russia. Seriously.

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Call me paranoid, but I feel like if I change my name, something will go wrong or someone will steal it and I'll have to put a period at the end of it or something like that. I'm pretty sure this exact scenario has happened to a couple people here before.

I did change it once though, on Holloween, to Tullegolar Maximus.

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My PDN has always been Frozen Feet. Actually, since I joined these boards I've used Frozen Feet as my nickname everywhere and haven't touched accounts with other names. There are few variations stemming from necessity, but this user name is basically a second name of mine.

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I was Arancaytar and remained Arancaytar without any changes for over a year.

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I was SupaNik for, oh, about two years. Then I started changing to various things. Mainly lyricists/singers/song titles/shamelessly attractive movie stars/my own name.

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This is the name I started with; however, I have changed it twice. Once during The Masquerade and again during the We Are Tim event...

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Well, since these boards where the first I ever joined, and since I was pretty new to internet, I for some reason chose a different displayed name than what my (already) usual username was. I don't remember exactly why, but I was scared that someone would recognise me or something stupid like that... When I figured out nobody cared, I changed it to Riibu and kept it so for a long while. (and I had to keep telling people to call me that, not the acronym of the first name. I'm ever so glad people listened to me.) Then I started changing it every now and then, basically when I feel like it. I quess it'll be about time someday soon.

Oh, what was it? I'm not telling you that. Yet. I have plans...

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My chosen PDN when I first registered, was IIRC some nasty Dragonlance rip-off. I got rid of it something along the lines of 10-20 posts, and changed to something more comfortable, and as it later turned out, memorable.

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I have been (as far as most of you know) and forever will be Andraste.

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Originally written by Synergy:

One of my greater frustrations about this place is that so many people change their name regularly or unexpectedly, that frequently I have no idea who the hell I'm talking to. I think Alorael, Salmon, and Marlenny are the only ones I can always recognize at a glance despite the mutations.



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Originally written by saunders:

Originally written by Synergy:

One of my greater frustrations about this place is that so many people change their name regularly or unexpectedly, that frequently I have no idea who the hell I'm talking to. I think Alorael, Salmon, and Marlenny are the only ones I can always recognize at a glance despite the mutations.



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Mine's the same as it ever was. I just didn't see any point in changing it.
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I also find name-changing to be very rude and annoying. (Why do you expect everybody to memorise a new name for you every week?) I have enough trouble remembering one name per person, so remembering several dozens is a bit much to ask.

I changed my name only twice, as part of a total profile change for a joke. One time, pretending to be Schroedinger's doppelganger during Masquerade, and another time being Dystopian Dictator during last moderator elections.

PS Person #7557, what "member from the lower regions of Russia" are you referring to? I remember only one Russian on these boards, and your PDN doesn't sound even remotely like his.

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My PDN rarely goes through permutations. I went through a "Just Call Me Kel" phase (because everyone was spelling the damn name "Keladon" or "Kaledon" or something stupid like that. I also (due to a conversation with, er, I forget who) passed a phase of being "Malakos the Freshly-Plowed" (it's a Biblical reference).

But anyway, this was my original name.

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My very first pdn for the spiderweb boards was my very unimaginative real name. Then I left for about six months, forgot my password and started a new account as Gizmo. When I recovered my old account I wanted a new name for it and have used some variation of Jewels since.

For the most part, anyway.

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