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AuthorTopic: Avernum Fanfic
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Apparently someone made a fanfic of Avernum.
You can find it here.

All I did was search "Avernum".
Just thought I'd mention, since there is no thread of it.

I wonder who made it...

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I've read parts of it. It's absolutely terrible.

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The dialogue appears to be taken verbatim from the game. I don't think it's terrible (granted, I only read a couple paragraphs), but it seems to be an exercise in futility.

Author has written 5 stories for Misc. Games.

I probably should actually write something here, eh?

I'm a mom (not telling my age) who adores the Exile/Avernum games. Of all of them, my favorite is Exile 2. Game interface, I think Exile 3 is the best of the bunch. I really miss dual-wielding in the Avernum games (so many cool weapons, so few hands) and area-of-effect spells to help kill those nasty invisible guardians and black shades.

I wish to apologize to my readers for the long delay. I've just being going through a very rough patch, but I will finish the prequel story and move on to Geneforges and Avernum 4. Due to my feelings about Avernum 4, it may be written after I've tackled Geneforge 1-3. Geneforge 4 will not be written until the next game is out, due to the need to know which ending Geneforge 5 assumes.

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It's not that bad, but it's not the next Lord of the Rings, either. I might read it when I have some time.

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Grammar wise, it's not lacking, but story wise and within the enjoyable spectrum.. it lacks..

What I'm trying to say is, that it's BORING.
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Yeah, I give it a 5.0. Nothing special, but nothing horrible.

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It was like playing the game, only I didn't play it, I read it and wasn't sure where all the game play got off to. In most of the fights it was just a short sentence like "they killed some wierd lizards."

But hey, that's better then anything I could do.

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This was linked to sometime before (and since I had time on my hands and was exceptionally bored then, I read them).

They're okay (with the exception of Mara's Tale or whatever it's called, which is completely awful). Sure, there are a few good parts, but they are canceled out by bad or stupid parts, and what's left is so basic and so faithful to the games that it's better to go play the games or pick out a different book than to read them.


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Note to potential writers: this is NOT how to do an Avernum fanfiction. Trying to novelize an entire game is asking for huge lengths because the games are so huge.

No...what you really should try doing is some small character pieces on certain characters like Erika or Patrick.

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