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How Did You Find Spiderweb? in General
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I found Exile 3 on this Cd with a whole bunch of demos, and it turns out, it was the ONLY one worth play on that whole thing. Heh, that and this game where you're a clown and you have to avoid obstacles.

But overall, I enjoyed Exile 3 MUCH more because, to me, back then, it was an insanely long demo.

Didn't have the internet either, and was playing it on a computer with 45 mb's of ram AND the sound didn't work on it.


I stumbled across Avernum 2 on some website, came here, looks around, found Exile 3 again, played that, bought it.

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Avernum Fanfic in General
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Grammar wise, it's not lacking, but story wise and within the enjoyable spectrum.. it lacks..

What I'm trying to say is, that it's BORING.
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Exile 3 or Avernum3 in The Avernum Trilogy
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About 7 years ago, I opened a small ox of cornpops (or whatever they're called) and pulled out a small cd. I put the cd into my computer to see what it was, and found around one-hundred demos of old pc shareware games.

Well, I skimmed down, and one certain one caught my eye, Exile 3. I played it, and loved it. ALTHOUGH, I was only 8 years old and my parents didn't trust anyone with a credit card back then :D


I discovered the cd recently, and was brough here to this site, where I found out that Avernum was a remake of the trilogy... quadrilogy... whatever. I tried the Avernum 3 demo and didn't find it was fun.

So, for those who've beaten both games or played through them far, which one was better? I noticed alot of changes in gamestyle, like no dual-weilds in avernum 3 (what were they thinking)

However, I'd like to play the game with more features, and a more submersive style of gameplay. The four character limit doesn't seem to fun in avernum.

So I'd like to know, what's best in the long-run? Your opinion will affect what I buy, so, yeah.

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