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AuthorTopic: Weather
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What's it like in your area? Nalyd has had two consecutive snowdays, today and yesterday, with the snow about 6-7 inches deep.

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It's bright, sunny and a pleasant 64 degrees out.

Actually it rained last night and is kinda cloudy out.

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2nd snow day this year. I'm hoping tomorrow will be too, because I have this stupid science project to present.
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Today: partly sunny, partly cloudy, slightly windy, moderately chilly.

Edit: Dikiyoba wanted to have every word end in Y in that sentence.

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Here is hot, HOT like hell!! As long as the summer longs, then it's ok
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Well, let's see here...
Just south of Springfield, OH:
Due to "blizzard conditions" our school closed for the first time in seven years.
It wasn't really blizzard conditions; both maintenance and the county road crews simply don't know how to clean up sleet (let alone the icy build-up it results in), and so school was closed due to accessibility and the fact that professors couldn't get to campus.
When it finally stopped snowing, we estimated the average depth not on a walkway to be about six to seven inches, including an average layer of ice about an inch thick two thirds of the way down. The largest drift my group of friends has found is in one of the dorm courtyards and is about three feet deep.
Sidewalks and roads had roughly an inch to an inch and a half of ice on them, covered with snow and sleet.
Today's weather was sunny, in the mid-20s; tonight, it will drop down to low single digits, refreezing the heavily salted ice/slush on our sidewalks, which will make them a slipping hazard in the morning.

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Villanova refused to have a snow day today, instead it was a two hour late opening. First we got almost a foot of snow for the first time this year, then there was freezing rain all day making it so it was a cross between snow and ice. Imagine stepping on a foot of snow and your foot not sinking into it. My road must not have been important enough to plow, so it was physically impossible for me to go anywhere. Luckily, I found out that, after having an entire one class, the rest for the day was cancelled when they realized no one was coming.

Edit: I heard a funny joke on Saturday Night Live: "In other news, Al Gore, while giving a speech on global warming, froze to death."

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I'm changing my previous statement. It's cold and rainy outside.

But it's still nice enough to go for a walk. :D

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Yesterday, it was cold and rainy, then cold and icy, then cold and snowy. Now, it's just cold... but the snow's still here.

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12:57:05 PM uwimban: I did not have sexual relations with that snowdrift. :P

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It's cold for here, but compared to other places, it's positively springlike. It was gloomy and cloudy though, and I have been wearing long pajamas and socks to bed.
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Rained overnight. Kinda of cold here since I don't think we broke 70 degrees Farenheit today.
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It's pretty warm here, getting to 36 tomorrow. Ugh!

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Lucky you. Highs for tomorrow here are a whopping 8 degrees. Not counting the windchill.

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Your all wimps. When I was 10, I had to walk 3/4 of a mile each way to school. Then I came home and got a shovel to dig my father's car out of the snow after the snow plows cleared the street. It was a full sized sedan over 20 foot long and not one of these pocket sized subcompacts. You people, except for Alorael in Alaska and the Finns, have it easy.
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Try clearing 15 sq yards of snow in 5 degree weather while it's still snowing.

Don't call me a wimp.

I tried to think of something witty to put here.

Needless to say, I failed.
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Hoo hoo. It's icy as heck here in the Nation's Capital. Almost everything was closed yesterday except, of course, for G.W. University. Apparently the prez of the university was originally from Connecticut, so he'll basically never close the uni.

I was unable to get my car away from the curb this morning, and as a result had to walk a mile and a half to the dentist to get a filling. :( Now I'm at school waiting for my corporate tax class to start. La vie est belle!
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It's too cold here for snow to fall. -38C (yes, Celsius) with the windchilllll (not a sp).

That's cold. Damn cold.

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Oh it's so cold here. Man it's like -100C or something. Beat that. It appears to be some sort of contest any way. lol.

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Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.

Actually, it's been a rather mild winter. It hasn't been below the minus thirty mark that often at all.

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