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About two weeks ago now, I parked in a two hour zone. It was about lunch time and I had to go move my car. Anyway, it started to rain as I was going to my car. Just as I got there, it started to pour very hard.

So I moved my car and waited for ten minutes. It seemed the rain was letting up so I stepped out and noticed I was ankle deep in water. The rain then started to pour even harder, so I decided, "You know, the ramp is like $4, but I think I'm gonna go there". About an hour later this photograph was taken about 1/4 mile from where I was parked:


Best $4 I ever spent. Anyone else have any bad weather stories?

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My best weather story is being in Oklahoma after all those tornados struck a few years back. I was in Moore, Oklahoma, and I was driving through the city, just taking in all the damage.

The strangest thing I saw was a Corvette that had been thrown into a swimming pool. Needless to say, I contacted the owner and made a fair offer. :o
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I lived in monsoon rain areas and have had some flooded streets where the water poured over the curbs (greater than 6 inches or 15 centimeters for the rest of the world), but nothing like that. I have driven in heavy rain where the lighting was so bad I could see the street.

There was one time some friends and I were watching the rain come down. One asked if that was my roommate waiting at the bus stop when a truck drove by send a wall of water 6 feet (1.8 meters) high and 10 feet (3 meters) back from the curb. As my roommate got drenched, I said "yes." He came in later and wanted to know why there was so much rain in a desert environment.
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The worst weather I've seen around my area in Sydney was one day about a year ago when it simply poured and poured. I was going home from school and I accidentally caught the wrong train, and had to change trains somewhere else. Unfortunately, there were train delays all over the place, even the train indicators had stopped working, and there was a thunderous drumming on the roof of the undercover waiting area. When I finally got on the right train, it started going in the wrong direction, stopped, started still in the wrong direction, stopped again, and finally got going the right way.
At the station I got off at afterwards, the streets on the opposite side to where I got off was ankle-deep in water. The underground tunnel of the station was flooded waist-high, I saw some people attempting to swim through it.
I've never had any worse weather than that.
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Last year I got hit pretty bad by one of the hurricanes. It was quite loud and windy during the night, when we woke the next morning the power was out, and we found that the banging noise we heard at night was the screen room getting ripped away. Half of it was lying in the pool, the rest was scattered across the neighborhood. Pretty much everyone where I live needed a new roof, and trees and fences were down all over the place. About a week later we got our power back for half an hour. Then they switched it back off and the entire neighborhood was going door to door "Did your power flick on and off too? Wow this sucks, what's happening?" They quit messing with us about 5 hours later, when we got the power back for good.

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We've had some heavy freezing rain episodes where thick layers of ice collect on everything. For one last year some people were without power for a week because of all the downed trees and powerlines.

It didn't affect us much though.

About a decade ago, hubby (bf at the time) was out chasing tornados (he likes that kind of thing) and came home without his car. He didn't catch the tornado, but he broke a tie-rod tryin.

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I haven't lived through too much terrible weather. There's been plenty of windstorms, snowstorms, and floods, but nothing outrageous.

Although the house Dikiyoba lives in tends to get water in the basement every winter.
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Although I live in the bad weather capitol of Europe, Holland, I didn't have any real damage of storms or floods. What I did see were heavy showers that one could not go outside, hail that was so large that if it got on your skin it would seriously hurt, and snow that was over 20 cm.

But no, I don't have any real bad weather stories.

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All my weather stories involve it being sunny and mild. :D

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I can't say I have any really good weather stories. The only really bad weather (appart from roads icing a couple of times) was when the snow was around 30 cm where I live and we got my friends car out on the road and tied a boogy board to a rope and attatched it to the car. We were flying along on snow covered roads. It kicked ass.
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The worst weather I've seen has got to be the 26 inches of snow we had back in February. It got me out of school, and it was pretty cool. Other than that it's been the crazy one non-stop snow during winter and burning during the summer in NY, and before that sunny and hot all year in dr. There was a hurricane in dr once (I think I was like 12 or something), but I remember it didn't even get close to where I lived.

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About four years ago there was an overnight heavy storm around where my dad lives. The next morning he woke up and noticed that much more light than usual was coming in through the back windows. He looked out, and discovered that the neighbour's great pine tree, twice as high as the house, had come down during the night. It had fallen over the row of back gardens, destroying a few fences and bushes but nothing worse than that. If it had fallen in any other direction it would have hit someone's house, quite possibly killing whoever was inside.

(Incidentally, that same night was my birthday and I went out for the evening. My flatmates decided to have a party, for other reasons - I didn't want a birthday party - and they hired a smoke machine. The neighbours saw smoke emerging from our flat and rang the fire brigade. I returned at 2am to find fire engines surrounding our building and my [female] flatmates chatting up the firemen.)

I think this is really wonderful.
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I've got nothing that bad, but once when I was travelling to Lapland, there was so much snow outside we had to dig out the door to our cabin(?). Also, it was fun doing tunnels all around, with a little work you could stand straight in them. The snow was to my neck at some places. I was only 8, though.

EDIT: The next day, it had been piled to two HUGE piles near the camping area. You can guess how fun it was to make two forts and have a snow war.

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I don't mind the rain and the snow too much. What I really mind is the heat. Especially when I'm working on campus and living in a non-airconditioned dorm when the heat index is over 100 degrees...

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Somebody needs to slap an "OWNED" on that picture. :P

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My mother was driving my family from my grandparents' house in Port St. Lucie, Florida, to Disney World, along the highway. Suddenly, it began pouring to the point where we could not see anything. We were driving at about 65 MPH on a Florida highway (which, by the way, don't have guardrails, but rather, water-filled ditches), and we couldn't see. We also couldn't stop or slow down because we'd get hit by another car. It was rather terrifying.

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Now someone needs to edit in a shark jumping out of the water.

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In 1999, there was a huge rainstorm and although my house didn't flood because it was at the top of a hill, I looked out the window in front of the stairs and the park across the road and saw that the park was flooded! IMAGE(
EDIT: I left the bedroom window open and the wind blew the rain into the bedroom. The floor, pillow and bed were all soaked by the rain.

In 2003, there was a cyclone just north of South East Queensland causing strong winds and heavy rain in Brisbane. I live in Brisbane and when I walked home from school, I was wearing a raincoat but I was freezing and it took half an hour to get home.

Now we are having a severe drought. IMAGE(
EDIT: If Brisbane city was any further south, it would be close enough to the South Pole to snow.

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We really don't get bad weather here, being on a mesa and all but last year about this time, a monsoon storm flooded part of my house. It flooded the part of the house with the wood floor, piano, and leather sofa naturally.

After cleaning most of it up, I went to the school and helped dry out the fine arts building.
Half the band room was soaked and the choir room was like a swamp. The water also almost reached our wool uniforms but I vacuumed it up. Then, water ran down the courtyard and flooded the auditorium and deposited six inches of water in the pit. We later found out that the cafeteria had also been struck. This was only a week before school started, but only about 200 people knew anything had happened.

Having half the school be below ground level is a bad idea.

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Hm... going backpacking in New Mexico in the middle of July once, we got dumped on for about 10 of 12 days. Oh, and four times hailed on.

Then there was the float trip in South Dakota that tried to kill me and my group. Again, middle of June... we were sorta hypothermic at the end of that one, after paddling through a cold, dreary mist-filled series of reed banks which we couldnt see over for a whole day.

Then there was the tornado that just missed our campsite (same trip)... a tent with two of my friends in it rolled away... finding that out at about 6 am is interesting. Particularly when you're stuck in a tent with the one guy in your group who's not really firing on all cylinders, and is hogging the center of the tent, leaving you to keep thetent from collapsing in on itself because all of the stakes have been ripped up.

We were the trial run for the place we did the trip through. They took pity on us and took our soaked gear in to the local laundromat, and gave us some non-ruined food. They also took us to our next site by truck, since we were all freezing.

Oh, and then there were all the fun, fun storms that more or less torched St. Louis a few weeks ago. Amazingly, our house only lost power for about 8 hours, while others went without for over a week. And in St. Louis, that could be deadly... fortunately, the storms had cooled down the city a bit.

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Hm... going backpacking in New Mexico in the middle of July once, we got dumped on for about 10 of 12 days. Oh, and four times hailed on.
Yeah, NM weather can be unpredictable, especially in the Jemez Mtns. near Bandalier. On my last day out there this June, it hailed out at the townsite and it appeared as if there were snow on the ground.

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Well, in the past few years, we've had snow in April and June here in New Jersey.

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Nothing too exciting happens where I live. No tornados, flooding or anything like that. The most amazing thing I can tell is that my mother once got struck by lightning at my parents' cottage. It was not very bad, fortunately, she just felt odd for some time after it.

Snow in April is not uncommon here in Southern Finland. It usually melts away that month. (Snow in september would be rare.)

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Wisconsin snow in April is fairly common, just melts after a few days. Snow in June is a bit unusual, but I've seen it although I have yet to see it stick around.

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Pfft. Canada has four seasons: winter, winter, winter, and construction.

Let's see: about seven years ago we had a couple of feet in early June, made humourous because there was chilren's festival in town that operated solely out of big-top tents. Sitting outside during a tornado watch and gazing at two cloud fronts moving towards each other is pretty nice too.

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