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AuthorTopic: Pyrotechnics
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After reading the grill topic, I had some memories of past incidents. Has anyone else here had a fascination with fire? I've had the fire department in my town's nearby forest numerous time, though never getting caught.

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Originally written by Yours Sincerely, The Boogyman.:

Has anyone else here had a fascination with fire?
Well, one time I stare in front of a big fire more than one hour. It was ipnotic.

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I have started neumerous fires, mostly on camping trips. In a firepit.

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When I was a kid, my parents hd to hide the matches because I was always setting things on fire. Even now, fire fascinates me.

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Shouldn't the topic title be pyromania?


I like candles, and that's about all. I play an RP character who's a pyromanic pyromancer though - Eferas.

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I can look at fires for the rest of my life, tuning everything else out. To put it simply, I'm a pyromaniac. Runs in the family, my grandpa once lit a fire as big as a barn and didn't call the fire department.

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I hope said fire was not in a barn. :P

On another note, your name reminds me of Beowulf.


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My most recent project into this, excluding the arguably functional work on the charcoal starter, was candlemaking. It was a rousing success, though I have not had a chance to light the large one proper; that is mainly because I am worried about whether it still qualifies as a candle under the law.

How petroleum candles work is fascinating as long as you have an appreciation for the chemistry of the whole thing. Also, petroleum jelly is a great alternative to wax if you find that high quality products of the latter are too expensive.

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I like fire. I like it's warmth, the pop and crackle, the dance of the plasma, and most of it's smells. Four out of five senses agree, fire can be a plesant thing.

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I love fire. Fortunately, my parents don't hide the matches. I save old school projects that I didn't enjoy doing and set them on fire.

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BURN! BURN! BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, though, I like burning stuff. It's fun to throw firecrackers into a box, and watch it burn. Or the classic "hold plastic soldier under flame". I do that all the time.


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Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!
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Fire's kind of fun, I guess, but I wouldn't call myself a pyromaniac. I tend to hate needless destruction, so I've never liked melting plastic soldiers or whatever, but I love building a fire and keeping it going.

Five out of the five senses, Gizmo - sparks from a woodfire are actually kind of pleasant-tasting.

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I once burned my plastic trash can. It was unintentional, actually. I didn't expect it to start melting, but then again, I was just a kid. I had some papers and I figured it'd be really fun to burn them. So I put them in my trashcan. To avoid most smoke I put the can outside my window (there was a large enough ledge there) and lit up a fire. I did get scolded pretty badly about that.

My father also confiscated my house keys after setting up fire in the oven there. But that particular oven is meant for it! I think I just forgot to open the .. thingie, you know, for the smoke? I don't even remember what it's called in Finnish, sorry. :\

But since then, I don't find it particularly exciting. I could light up, well, maybe 15 or so different candles I have, but frankly the possibility of a fire hazard just takes away all the fun. Hmh.

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Did you know that Yu-Gi-Oh cards burn purple?

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I suppose I'm fascinated with fire. I particularily enjoy playing with candles and campfires, but nothing ever really large or dangerous.

Dikiyoba doesn't like fire on beaches, however, ever since Dikiyoba stepped directly into a pile of hot coals that someone had thrown just enough sand on top of to disguise it.
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Go got bored and had a massive fireworks war a while back. Long story short after people getting reasonable decent burns and bruises and a rubbish bin catching fire the police turned up. Trying to flee down a beach while drunk and in the pitch black is way harder than it first seemed.
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Originally written by Little Billy Sue:

Did you know that Yu-Gi-Oh cards burn purple?
I've got some cards I'd be willing to dispose of.

And I've always kept myself from setting things on fire (usually with video games or reading non-burning books). Even just thinking about burning things requires me to keep myself from laughing maniacally.

But, if I ever end up as an outlaw anyway, things WILL burn.

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I love fire. I'm constantly burning stuff with the school bunsen burners. ^_^

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