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Nowadays, the average family has fewer kids, say about 2 or 3. I set up this poll to see how big ours are, and what we had in common. Currently, my family consists of 6 people, me, my 3 brothers, and my parents with the youngest being my baby brother (6 months) and my dad, being the oldest(50 yrs).

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Older brother and sister.

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Two brothers, no sisters. Five in my family.

EDIT: Someone just had to be a smartass.

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Okay, who checked every option? Fess up.

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Four; two parents, one sibling, and me.

And Dikiyoba knows several people who only have two people in their family.
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All of the above for both :P

Anyway... myself, older brother and parents. Four people.

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Originally written by Little Billy Sue:

Okay, who checked every option? Fess up.
Show me a poll with checkbox options that Imban hasn't hopelessly skewed. Seriously...

I just have one sibling and two parents.

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Two sisters, two parents. My fathers father was the only boy in the family and my dad was his only son. So I guess that leaves carrying on the family name up to me.
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Hmm. I have one sister. However, given that I'm well out of the house at this point and married with no children, I would say that my family would technically include two members, an option which was not represented, and may also apply to single parents with one child.
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I think the poll is about siblings only, poster not included. Otherwise I don't see how any family could have zero members.

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Two brothers, mother, father. Although technically I'm a household of one, and the rest of my family live in two other places, plus there's people, who I don't view as family but social services (or whatever) would count as extended family, living with them.
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Well, you could technically say that my family has 5 members, with my 2 sisters, my parents, and me. Of course, considering the fact that both of my sisters and I have flown the coop and each have a place of our own, you could make a case for my family only having one member. :P

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Two twin sisters, two years older than me. Exluding my pets, 5 members of my family in total.
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This topic is nuclear-biased, so I don't know how to count my family. If just siblings, then we are 3 (two sisters). If parents and siblings, then we are either 5 or 3, and if you add up all the individuals then we're 6.


I think this is really wonderful.
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Please be more careful when setting up a poll. Seriously, if the question had been slightly less original, I'd have checked all of the above just for giggles.

One sister. Four members in the family, not counting my grandmother (sole surviving grandparent) who lives half a kilometer away, but counting myself, who has, as Tyran put it, "flown the coop". I still go home on weekends though. In term's of uncles, I have one father's brother and two mother's sisters, one on each side with their own families (four children each).

Also, the earlier generations having more children, I have several grand-aunts, grand-uncles, and cousins of which I remember only a few; they all live far away and we only ever meet on funerals etc.

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Two older sisters, two parents, and me. Both my sisters did "fly the coop", but then they came back.

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Q1: two and zero
Q2: five and four. Five in my parents family, five in mine and four in the wifes.

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As I'm living at home again for the time being and my grandmother lives in a nursing home nowadays, mine is a family of 5 members, consisting of my parents, my two older sisters, and myself. If you add in my brothers-in-law, it's 7, but as I assumed you meant only immediate family I left them out.


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I don't have any siblings. I have 3 cousins on mother's side and no aunts/uncles on father's side of the family.

It looks like two members have 66 siblings. I wonder what species visit these forums, because it would be pretty hard for a human to have that many. (Unless they have 11 siblings and checked all boxes because 10, 9, 8, ... are subsets of 11.)

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Maybe they live in Utah under marital relations of dubious legality, or perhaps are members of the House of Saud.
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Two parents, a younger sister, and a silent assassin.
Five, for those who can't count.

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Originally written by Clear and Present Censorship:

I think the poll is about siblings only, poster not included. Otherwise I don't see how any family could have zero members.

Depends on which meaning of member you have in mind.

Anyway, I have no children, I have one sibling with a little spawn of its own, and I also have two biological parents (surprise!).
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Two younger brothers, 10 and 14 I think, and my parents. A pretty cool family.

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A pretty cool family, except for the fact that they're terrified of fictional goblins.

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