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Originally written by The Almighty Do-er of Stuff:

A pretty cool family, except for the fact that they're terrified of fictional goblins.
Hey, now...

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I am an only child. Woe to me.

Three. Me, my mom, and my dad.


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I have no doubts for the first question, since I have only one sister, living with my parents in Israel. As for the second, I have a family of my own consisting of three members: me, my wife and my son. And since I have two parents and sister, there are four of us. So I answered "three" and "six".

The voices are insulted, since I have forgotten to mention them, so that our family should have been endless. I don't know what to tell them.

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Originally written by Clear and Present Censorship:

—Alorael, who was born abiogenically from decaying shag carpet.
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I have one brother and one sister; family size is six people.
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I have no brothers or sisters, and my family size is two people, so I can't vote!

Otherwise an interesting poll.
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We are four in the family: I, my brother, and the parents.
Also, I have another sister, but is marriend and even have a kid.

Fourteen people? Isn't a little much?

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Originally written by MagmaDragoon:

Fourteen people? Isn't a little much?
I know people with more.

8 total for me.

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The poll lets you select multiple answers, and five people seem to have selected all at once. But I gave one answer for my parents and brothers and me, and another for my wife, daughter, and me.

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Zeviz, Drew for large families I point you not to Utah or the House of Saud, but beautiful British Columbia and the polygamist community of Bountiful. Winston Blackmore has 26 wives and 80 children, making a family unit of 107. :)

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