A Change of Structure

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AuthorTopic: A Change of Structure
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Most of the 1 topic wonders, I suspect, are people asking for help in Tech Support or a specific question on a game.

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Originally written by VCH:

I think we should measure topics started, instead of posts, in the monthly review. ;)
What?! Do you know how many n00bs that would put near the top of the list? Even the " ;) " cannot mask the horridness of the idea!

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After over a year with this account, this is my 200th post. Yea verily I am the proper little spammer.

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Originally written by Parody of Oneself:

—Alorael, who should really start racking up more topics. He'd create them and immediatley delete them, but that wouldn't get recorded properly and would only further boost his post count.
Now I understand why Alorael have so much posts... :D

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Have I truly started that many topics? How odd.

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Looks like I just increased the number of topics I've started by 25%. :)

Aran, do you also plan to calculate each user's post distribution by forums, average number of posts per thread posted in (tendency to participate in debates), and other fun trivia?

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Sssh...Alorael, don't give away the secrets of the moderator board. :P

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Originally written by saunders:

Yea verily I am the proper little spammer.
Quoted because I could. Verily.

And I'm sure I haven't started that many topics... Wow.

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