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I'm back to the boards for a bit, since I've been playing GF3 again. Never beaten it.

Which brings me to my post topic: I am not good at games. This isn't a "pity-me" topic; I live a fairly fulfilling life without being great at games. But the point stands that I've always been frustrated that I have so much trouble getting through games--RPG computer- or videogames, mostly.

My brother, on the other hand, is a dab hand at almost any game he picks up. What do you all think accounts for skill at games like Spiderweb's?
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Practice. There's no point at which you can't think everything through, so your successes or failures are based on your thinking only. Play enough RPGs and you're learn how RPGs work. Play enough of a particular game and you'll be able to get through it with a no-magic singleton.

—Alorael, who used to be terrible at games of all sorts. Now he's only terrible at most games. Progress can be made!
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First of all, experience. Secondly, the ability to take it seriously. Really - have you ever wondered why in a family boardgame, the youngest children win most often? It's not just because the others "go easy" on them, it's also because they focus more of their attention on the game, where their parents might play more to pass time.

You become good at games by paying attention to them. Remember which spells and weapons are good against which monsters. How to go through a dungeon with minimum risk - never charge in headfirst; go into combat mode and bless/haste before entering a room. Remember to check lizards to see if they are basilisks.

All these little things are learned by experience, but only if you care about the game and how to play it.

In summation, you become good at computer games by giving up a substantial part of your social life and sanity. But that's nothing new. :P

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Originally written by That hem hath holpen:

Oh yes. I still remember when I started playing Geneforge. I really sucked and kept getting killed. Months later, I replayed the game as a Shaper, used the Guarded Bridge and Patrol Bridge to cross the river (I used artilas for the guarded bridge and vlish for the patrol bridge. It was very difficult, but I succeeded). I then got to the crypt as soon as possible, finished it (keep in mind I did it quite early in the game, so it was hard), and then finished the game without much trouble (Danette's belt helped a lot). Even the Front Gate and the Guarded Docks weren't too hard.

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A large part of it is strategy too. Some players will have difficulty fighting a battle with a level 20-party, while others will be able to make it through with a level 1-party.

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Dikiyoba tends to like games Dikiyoba has a natural aptitude for and Dikiyoba gets good at games Dikiyoba likes.
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Since these games give you time between moves and don't require too much hand to eye coordination, it comes down to thinking. Most of the times that I died were because I wasn't thinking or at least paying attention. This game requires memorizing the best way to fight certain monsters. There are a lot of times where you can make mistakes and still recover from them, but some fights like with Nodicuas or getting Demonslayer are designed to be thought out.

Just playing the game long enough and you will find what works best for you. Also you see flaws in the game's AI where monsters go after the last character that hit them. Delicious Vlish used this to have monsters race back and forth between two widely spaced apart characters. The monsters spent there actions moving and not attacking even though they were next to a PC.
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I have minimal skills at RPGs, but am good at the Avernum series because I have spent so long playing them. For some reason I am brilliant at any racing game on any console and manage to beat pretty much all of my friends at racing games they've been playing for weeks. This is frigging wierd as I don't even really like racing games and never play them except against my friends.
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I actually killed him before he even finished summoning the demon. Although that was mostly the result of waiting until the end of the game to do it...

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I am the Champion-Xbox-Player in my town. Listen me: the secrets of the way of gaming are: Pratice, Perseverance and "to identify os with".
The most important is the three. Be yourself, enter in the game, and you will beat it.

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Originally written by Guardian of Eternity:

... What do you all think accounts for skill at games like Spiderweb's?
In addition to what people said about amount of time spent, there are also basic skills that are required to be good at various kinds of games.

Strategy games are essentially optimization problems. You have to allocate limited resources in a way that gets you closest to your goal. So to do well in them you need to develop your logical thinking.

In RPGs, there is also some optimization involved, but there is a lot more puzzle-solving. (What creative combination of spells should I use to defeat this group of enemies?)

In FPS and other real-time games there might be some optimisation or puzzle-soving, depending on the game, but the main element is how fast your reflexes are.

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I have occasional flashes of inspiration that make me feel clever, but often get stumped by various games. At my age, my geek-tosterone levels have fallen to the point where I have no shame about consulting walkthroughs. And often I find that the answers there are things that no reasonable person could discover without investing way more time than I can spare. So then I feel clever in a higher, better way, almost like real life.

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