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AuthorTopic: FPS RPG
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Looks interesting.

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Looks like the graphics are way too good for me.

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Originally written by Dikiyoba:

Looks like the graphics are way too good for me.
How exactly are graphics "too good"?

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I think what he means is that he does not prefer the 3D environment. But seriously, graphics can be "too good" in that they take up too much storage space for the added benefit of more pixels.

Looking at it, it appears to be a First Person Shooter in Medieval times. I read it has experience points, but it still seems more like a FPS to me.

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I've seen several things like this in production recently.
The biggest medieval RPG/FPS that the PC gaming community is preparing for (this is according to input from one of my more devoted PC gaming friends) is Elder Scrolls: Oblivion . So the RPG/FPS isn't exactly an original concept.
Also according to my friend, very similar is the anticipated Project Offset, which is only an FPS, but has elements of RPG.
My comp can't support the graphics for either one of them (I barely got Half-Life 2 to run), so I don't really care right now...

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Yea. Oblivion will be destructive. It will be the oblivion of my social life and will result in many sick days so I can stay home, away from school.
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That looks pretty awesome.

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Does no one remember Deus Ex?

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Interestingly enough, the FPS genre actually grew directly out of the RPG genre. Wolfenstein 3D, the big bang of FPSs, was apparently based largely on Ultima Underworld.

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Remember Deus Ex? Hell, I still play it occasionally; it had the perfect balance to its skill and weapon upgrade method. I ended up playing it with just a knife and a crowbar, creating fun tactics for hard situations.

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