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AuthorTopic: Name everything
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In my wallet, there are:

Some spare change.
Four different bus cards (A free time activity card, a school activity card, a regular bus card and a local bus card (Cheaper but can only be used in one limited "zone").)
A photo of Christina in B&W.
Some useful phone numbers.
Some dust, sand and other unidentified dirt.

Pretty much the usual.

EDIT: Corrected a minor gramar error.

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About 30 dollars savings and nothing much else.

EDIT: And a shop voucher for a pack of Magnums.

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Residing in my wallet at the moment is:

-£80 in tens and twenties. One £10 belongs to a good friend of mine.
-About £8 in change (1 £1 coin, a few 50p's...)
-My Debit Card
-Cashpoint Card
-Mobile Phone Top-Up Card
-Reciept for my school locker
-Cashpoint Reciept
-Library card
-National Insurance Number
-Fortune Cookie Paper
-Random 'phone numbers

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• Chicago Public Library Card
• Student & Regular fare CTA cards
• Red Cross blood donor card
• Bank 1 Debit card
• keys to my house and bike lock
• my school locker combination card
• more goddamn change than I know what to do with (in excess of 3 dollars)
• 53 U.S. dollars in bills.

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Library Card
Brains Norms Design Company business card
Picture of one of my friends
Couple of sticky notes with random info
4 movie ticket stubs
Quicksilver Studios business card
My own personal business card (yearbook ad sales)
My Washington Instruction Permit
School ID card from my junior year
Jr/Sr Banquet Ticket
Tommy Hilfiger card that came with my wallet.

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All right, here goes...

Trade Union membership cardEmployee Assistance card (phone no)Student Support card (phone no)English Heritage membership cardNational Trust membership cardRAC membership card (motoring)Youth Hostels membership cardLibrary membership cardSocial Security numbercardWHSmith loyalty card (stationers)Tesco loyalty card (supermarket)MVC membership card (music & video)Blockbuster Video membership cardTelephone chargecardInternet banking customer ID cardBook of 2nd class postage stamps (usually also have 1st class stamps but I recently ran out)Driving licence (photocard + paper counterpart)3 credit cards2 debit cardsCash (currently GBP 40)Post-it note with computer password written onRailway ticket from last Sunday (return from London to Oxford)8 retail receipts2 ATM receiptsHotel room pass from this week, since I stayed in Coventry for work purposesIt's quite difficult to force my wallet shut, by the way...

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* Driver's License
* Medicare Card
* Bank Card
* A receipt for something I don't recognise. What was it, why did I spend $30 on it, and where is it now? :(
* Spare car key
* $450.20 cash
* ...good grief. I have a MONTH'S worth of unbanked cheques.

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i only use the stuff with an *, maybe it's time to thin out the old leather...

bank machine statement from sept. 29
unfilled prescription for ear and eye polysporin drops
*ATM card
shopper's optimum card
HBC rewards card
Bell phone card
used 4pence stamp found outside grocery store months ago
dr., nurse and ndian chief business cards
*7 bus tickets
*health card
old hospital card
second cup card
vegetarian restaurant card (used once)
kernels popcorn card
*library card
*driver's licence (learning permit)
coloured scraps of paper i write stuff on (never used, forgot they were even there)
*no money

pretty boring, eh?
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Hey Eris. Welcome to the asylum. Please leave your sanity at the door, and come on in. And if you don't understand any of that, don't worry. 'Tis a time-honoured tradition of ours to welcome people with that slogan.

Oh - and beware the fluffy turtles/has-been moderators.

And finally, enjoy your time here!

EDIT: Yay! I got here first! Eat THAT!

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Hi eris

Welcome to spiderweb, please deposit your sanity at the door in the slot labeled "turtle chow." Do not deposit your wallet rubbish in there, the turtles have been known to run up credit cards even when provided with only the final four digits. They're pretty crafty...

Edit - I misread the greeter schedule...

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Looks like somebody is bored. Or, rather, a lot of somebodies are bored a lot.

I am also bored, so here is the contents of my vallet:
- driver's license
- student ID (I should have taken it out almost 2 years ago, but never got around to it)
- a couple of [my] business cards
- proof of car insurance; mechanic's business card; AAA card (a service if the car breaks down)
- debit card
- instructions on turning off alarm at work
- medical insurance card; doctor's business card
- 2 credit cards
- 4 dollar bills

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I am also bored at the moment, so I'll look into my wallet and see what I have in it, just for fun:

-3 $20s
-University of Southern California ID Card
-USC Football Season Ticket Pass
-California State Operator's Driving License
-car insurance (AAA)
-car registeration for my 2005 Matrix
-A $1 off coupon for Vitamin D milk for Wal-Mart
-Visa and Mastercard credit cards
-2 $5s
-3 $10s
-8 quarters
-10 dimes
-1 penny
-7 nickels
- 12 $1s
-movie ticket for "Corpse Bride"
- $1 off coupon for America's Choice large dozen eggs
-a stick of gum (how did that get there?)
-movie ticket for "Flightplan"
-Blue Cross Blue Shield medical insurance card

I think that's it.

Edit: Fixed a few typos.

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Washington State ID
Washington State Fake ID
New Hampshire Fake ID
California Fake ID
$300 in small, unmarked, nonconsecutive bills
$1,000 in large bills
500 Euros in large bills
Pen with convenient memory-erasing flashlight
Can of mace
Various Government-charged credit cards
Business card keys
Mint strip
Small Gun
and a picture of me, my wife and the kids on our trip to the Netherlands last year. ;)

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Originally written by Chief Spider watching The Simpsons:

Washington State Fake ID
Christopher, the Mukilteo Police Dept. have been duly notified and are on their way, just as soon as they get done with the K9's sniffing cars in the ferry line for bombs.

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I've got a library card, a bill of 5 ?, 10.75 ? in coins, a black-and-white picture of myself, a bonus card from Instrumentarium, an access card to my home town's swimming hall and... um... few tickets of some sort.

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UPDATE: New things. I now have:

$50 note x 3
$20 note x 2
$5 note x 4
Strawberry flavoured condom I stole off my mate
My school ID card
A couple of coins
A discount card

It was payday today.

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* piece of paper with electoral roll register stuff
* £36
* 16p in coppers
* 5 little photos of people
* council tax card
* Homebase spend&save card
* Matalan card
* Boots card
* Mobile Top Up Card
* London Transport Oyster card
* debit card
* driving license
* european ID card (expired)
* Hertfordshire Library card
* British Library faculty pass
* Business cards of a bakery, a church and a bookseller
* ex-husband's business card with "In emergency please contact this number" written on the back
* pieces of paper with addresses
* ATM receipts
* £15 in scottish pounds

Edit: ...just found a rather crumpled blood/organ donor ID in the back, so I can be evenly distributed over the country in case I get flattened by the 259 bus.

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So, Laurana, evidently you and your ex-hubby are on good terms, eh?

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Maybe it's to make him feel guilty or something? :P

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If he's been rifling through her wallet, he should feel guilty even before finding that card. :P

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Good thinking. And maybe she likes to stick pins in it or dangle it over a candle flame while chanting voodoo curses.

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Originally written by Synergy67:

Good thinking. And maybe she likes to stick pins in it or dangle it over a candle flame while chanting voodoo curses.
Niceee, but I don't think she is the kind of girl who does Voodoo. They probably ended in bad terms and she has in it case of an emergency?
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