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AuthorTopic: goodbye people
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hello everyone i shall nvr post on this board again its no ones fault there are just too many ciao

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Welcome back.

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Not enough tolerance for spam? Try the board in my sig and see what you think. There's not so many restrictions there.

And if, you're really leaving, see ya.


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Goodbye. CSM isn't really strict, ben, but I think I know why.

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You're leaving? How could you leave all these wonderful people behind. I'm quite shocked.

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um, bye

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Welcome to Spiderweb. Leave your sanity... my mistake. I thought you had just arrived. :rolleyes:

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Originally written by Arancaytar:

Welcome to Spiderweb. Leave your sanity... my mistake. I thought you had just arrived. :rolleyes:
Lol, I can't stop laughing. Nice Aran, just Nice.
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Bye! *whispers to everyone else, "Look! More pizza for us! If someone decides to get pizza for all the members on the board that is....."* :D

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Okay, whose alternate account is that?

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Imbans. You should know that, O Lord Wisey. :P

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Okay, a message to all future people who will leave the boards forever: don't. Or at least, don't tell us. Because then we post all these awesome reasons why you should come back, except you don't read them.

I suppose all future boards-leavers could make threads about why they hate us :( and leave if no one can convince them to stay...

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Originally written by Not I:

Okay, a message to all future people who will leave the boards forever: don't. Or at least, don't tell us. Because then we post all these awesome reasons why you should come back, except you don't read them.
They probably do read it just to see if anyone cares, but they do so while logged out. I do kind of recognize the name, but it was only 33 posts in two months.

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With 33 posts I dont think anyone will really miss him. And anyone that claims to is probably just saying so to get another post. Everyone who replies to these is just trying to get another easy post. I'm just trying to get another easy post.
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Wow. I lock one spammy topic and the guy who posted it leaves.

Well, so long then. Have fun wherever you're going.

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And the power trip begins.... :P

The thing that bugged me about the "muscle car" thread was the picture was of some hopped up little japanese thing that is nothing more than a speeding ticket. A true muscle car is something like a 60's cougar, with which you can tow a boat if you had the proper tow package.

Ooops, posted about a locked thread.

I know you aren't losing sleep over it, but I doubt that one locked thread made someone quit the boards. It sounds like it just wasn't his type of thing, and that's fine. There are other places to post about spiderweb games, and there are other "general" forums as well.

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I don't know - the Gerber knife reference was particularly clever. Wit is always appreciated, whether it's disguised in Turing tape and needle/ferrets or no.

I'm just glad people know how to cut their losses when they realize this forum isn't a good fit for them. <cough! Ben! cough!> ;)

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Sorry to see you leaving. take your sanity at the door... wait... The turtles already ate it, or not?

You will visit us from time to time, wouldn't you?

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Quite likely his quick departure was due to not properly depositing his sanity. Those who do it half-heartedly find themselves not appropriately unhinged for the reading of these boards.

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I have absolutely nothing to add here. My gut is telling me the guy's just doing an Aran, although I'm not 100% sure.

Well, erm, there is actually no point in saying bye, since you've already gone. And it's too late to buy you a present or something.

I'm just rather confused on where this leaves me...

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*Standig at the door.*

He will return, they all do. Next time he will remember to leave his sanity at the door.

*Gives one last look at the turtles, throws in some sanity and walks inside, slaming the door behind him.*

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20 replies and nobody mentioned that in half of his posts this guy was asking for cracks. I can guess what forum he went to, but posting a link here would break the code of conduct. :)

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He did talk an awful lot about software piracy. I don't know what he expected.

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I don't reckon that's a very appropriate response. Maybe he was a little whiny for unjustifiable reasons, but he didn't seem very chicken.
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