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AuthorTopic: Dream Job...
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I'd like to be the captain of my own spacefaring battleship with a squad of mobile suits. And my own custom MS of course.

But practically? I dream of being a game designer. With my own company.

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I wouldn't mind being a highway patrolman in the USA. I don't think I can even get not being born in the states but it would still be really good. I mean, zipping around on a bike all day and gettting $80,000 a year, and my friends cousin does it and has never had to pull out a weapon and has done it for 2 years. But, because of not being a US citizen I will have to settle for NZ Army which is far more physical and get only $17,000 a year and have to pay for accomodation and food (although it is subsidised).
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Being a musician is too popular with you guys, so that's out the window...

I want to be a film director/writer. That's always appealed to me. Or, like Alorael rightly mentioned, an animate, literate, and speaking vegetable would be good.

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I'd be a maths teacher. No, I'm not joking.

Edit: Wow, I'm finally past 200 posts.

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I don't know what my dream job would be, but I know that it wouldn't be my current one.

PS Some people said that they want to be professional students, but that's a lifestyle, rather than a job. :) I know a guy who is a 13th!!! year grad student. He has a part time job and spends the rest of his time having fun and [not]working on his dissertation.

Ben, you can easily do all 3 simultaneously, because most astronomers are college professors and they need to know programming for processing data they get from telescopes.

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Originally written by demonslaeyr:

God? Why god! Everyone who believs in you blames you all kinds off terrible things you apparently wanted to happen, like bombings and the like! You also have an enormous pressure at work. controlling all kinds of things: weather, destiny, and more of these things.

No, i'd not want to be god. I'd like to be..... I don't know.

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Originally written by Dolphin.:

Originally written by Drew:

Professional university student.

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If you're God, you have absolutely no incentive to listen to the whiners. Drop some avian flu on them if they're really irking you. One thing's for certain. The perks are top-notch and you can't have better job security.

—Alorael, who still wouldn't want to be God. He doesn't have the patience to create or even maintain anything properly. He'd end up with half-baked laws of physics and then scrap the whole thing and start again.
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Originally written by Semihemidemicanadian:

He doesn't have the patience to create or even maintain anything properly. He'd end up with half-baked laws of physics and then scrap the whole thing and start again.
Sounds to me like you are laying forth the groundwork for candidacy.

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I'm usually reluctant to be any kind of leader.

That and trying to overtake God is a very fruitless endeavour and also a position that you could not improve.


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There is nothing wrong with telling people what to do. It is kind of fun. It is the administrative part of leadership that is a pain in the ass, scheduling, meeting prep, etc. which is why I am not into leadership.

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All outlets for my artistic abilities, and drive.
A singer, for a band, perhaps a lyricists.
An artist, both serial [as in graphic novels], and more esoteric work.
A writer.
The Creative director for a gaming company. [I view games as a more interactive form of storytelling.]

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Originally written by ben XIII:

That and trying to overtake God is a very fruitless endeavour and also a position that you could not improve.
Fruitless so far, but they said man would never fly, never reach the moon, never be free of smallpox...

[Edi"t: qu"otes "are n"o"t my fr"i"e"nds!"]"

—Alorael, who also disagrees about needing to do better to be qualified. Whether or not you think God is on top of things (everything, really), there's no reason why He can't be replaced. It happens all the time in less celestial bureaucracies!

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street pharmaceutics

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Computer game tester.

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