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AuthorTopic: Sexual Orientation
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I can see how some people can use the words to insult others, but if the person is confident enough to accept their sexuality, should it matter? I know a bisexual girl, and when people try to insult her with these words, it just seems to make her think she's even more special. It's tone and context that make insults hurtful.

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I dislike the entire concept of labeling gender-preferences in the first place, but if you must insist on taking my extemely complicated and specific variety of thoughts and feelings toward love as it relates to human beings in general, and compressing them into a single word for the purpose of categorization, I suppose "bisexual" would be good enough.

Actually, I'm more of a "pansexual," but that wasn't an available poll choice, so I went with bi. I usually do anyway. Most people have never even heard of pansexuality, mostly because it has to do with "love," and when talking about gender preferences, everyone gets hung up on the "-sexual" part of the word. There's more to it than that.

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There's indeed, Cav. Wisely put.

I put hetero (thank you for not breaking it up even further into metrosexual, for instance. *Shiver*) and I selected Aye, although my real choice would've been Aye/Nay since it all depends on the insult, context, etc.

It's funny because when I was about. . . 8 or 9 I was almost raped. For a time, years ago, this messed me up a bit because I was thinking about the intangibility of life, how it could've so easily gone the other way, and how at the time I would've had no idea of what I was doing, yet later that would've affected me as I thought back whereas it would've meant absolutely nothing at the time. Anyway, I mentioned this as an example of how, in my case, nothing happened and I made a big deal out of it. I've met a couple of people who were abused as children, a couple of them are great friends, and they have surpassed that and lived a fulfilling life.

As for animal, I have no comment.

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Thank you for that inspirign post Cavanoskus, its very true.

as a technicality, metrosexuals are hetrosexuals who are comfortable with looking good. adn people who do animals... well... i have one word: ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!

then again, someone could say something about me liing men too, but at least their human.

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I find both men and women attractive, i suppose you could call me a Bisexual, though I have no experience in either field.

Slang terms themselves don't offend me, hell, i use them all the time, but not in referance to a person. Like if I stub my toe i might scream out the N word, but im not a racist, or if im seriously pissed off Ill make some comment about how that was gay.

Homophobes themselves though, i loathe. Whats the big deal? Who cares if a man loves another man, or a woman loves another woman?

Trying to force your views on others is the real issue I suppose, thats why i'm against organized religion, but I do happen to believe in God..Or gods, im not too sure myself. Telling someone else who they can or cannot love is just disgusting in my eyes.

Gay marriage is just as "Holy" as marriage, if not moreso. You seen the divorce rates lately? Damn.
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ahh! Typos where added to my last post :P

adn i do agree with your arguement that god(s) wouldn't say who not to love. as for holy, if its done in a church by a minister or preist, its holy. if its done in a court room by a judge, 24 Hour chappel in vegas, or is a commonlaw marrage, its not holy.

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I find it very offensive.. not because of the slang term being used, but by the very nature of using it as an insult, the fact that you are imply it is a bad thing... I'm not straight, not my any means I'm actually "pretty much gay" [bi, with about a 90% tendancy towards males.] you shouldn't use a person's preference.. something that isn't bad in any way shape or form as an insult... it might not be for you, but there are people who are happy as they are, who are far more contented and loved the way they are than the way the mainstream would tell them to be.

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