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AuthorTopic: Your daily routine
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Posting: What do you do every day, each day?

6:00AM Something
6:30AM Something else...

Inconsistently backward.
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3:00 PM Wake up
7:00 AM Go to bed

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Stick needles in me. Other than that, I'm a creature of sloth as much as a creature of habit, so my daily schedule varies and I'll have days off certain activities. Only diabetes doesn't give me that option.

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7:00: Workout/get ready for work
8:30 (Okay, 8:45): Get to work
8:45 - 10ish: Check various web forums
10ish - 5:30: Check them again, but do some work as well
5:30: Go home and cook dinner

The rest varies. I'll either watch a DVD, go out, or fart around on the computer.
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During the summer time:

~8:30 Wake up and start up the computer
9:15 Get some breakfast and return to computer.
12:00 Get some lunch and back to the computer.
~5:00 Get some diner and back to the computer.
~9:00 Get a snack, read my Bible, and go to sleep at around 10:00

Fun life, eh? :D

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11:00 AM - Wake up
12:00 PM - Wake up again
1:00 PM - Wake up, put on clothes, stumble downstairs, Computer
2:00 PM - Lunch, Computer
5:00 PM - Supper
5:30 PM - Computer
10:00 PM - Television
12:00 AM - More television or computer
1:00 AM - Bed

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look at TM's and shift it down one hour.
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7:30: Wake up.
8:00: Drive my mother to work.
9:00: Breakfast, check message boards.
10:00: Drive my brother to work.
10:30: Get home, go play Warcraft 3.
1:00: Lunch.
1:30: Back to Warcraft 3.
3:00: Go play b-ball with a couple friends.
5:30: Pickup my brother and mother.
7:00: Dinner.

etc etc

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Eh, I have vastly different routines for when I'm at home and when I'm at college, but I suppose that, as I'm at home at the moment, I might as well supply my general home routine on weekends. My weekday routine is quite different every day nowadays, as I'm in summer school.

10:30-11:00 Wake up
11:00-12:00 PM Look at newspaper, lounge about
12:00-1:00 Brush teeth, take shower
1:00-1:30 Eat lunch
1:30-5:30 Computer time, generally, but as I'm in school at the moment I've been using most of this time to study.
5:30-2:30 AM Meet up with friends, hang out
3:00 Go to bed


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Am I the only one here with a regular job?

Am I the only one here that is old?
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Yuh. :P

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Septegenarian eskimos or Imban, that is.

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Oh no, you're not the only one.

A good day for me would go something like this

8am- Wake up to my cat going "Meeeeeeow" at my door because no one in my family but me remembers to feed him
8:10- Hop in the shower to a ice cold rush of water because everyone but me has used all the hot water.
8:30- eat breakfast
8:40- (while still eating) use computer (gasp, eating at the computer ?!?)
9am- Put together a working computer for a client
10:30- get a call from a friend going "My computer has a virus, can you help?"
12:00- Go out and move stones and earth around for five to six hours, create raised flowerbeds and tiny ponds, then move the flowers because the client thought they would be better over there and fill in the pond because they changed their mind about it
6pm- Come home, have a shower, eat something
7pm- Use computer for some leisure time
8pm- get a call from one of my friends going "Can you come out and hang ?"
10:30pm to 2am- Stumble home drunk and try not to think about what I might have said to get me slapped.
2/3am- sleep

And thats a good day.

On a related note (well, to the drinking) YAY CANADA DAY!!!

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this is what I do...most of the time...
int bed,computer,toilet.

beginstate WAKE_UP_STATE;

beginstate TOILET_STATE;
if (flush_power < size_of_clap) {


if (tennis_ball_speed > racket_power) {
if (tennis_ball_speed < racket_power) {

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9am:Wake up
9-10:coffee, cigarettes
10:check forum
13:coffee, cigarettes
14pm:go to work (teach)
17:come back home
18:play Avernum, try to make scenario
22:go to bed, read, s*x, and stuff

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The majority of SWers are, like most online gaming forums, either youth under 20 or so or freaky old women. With the exception of Saunders, who is freaky, but not old.

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For the english or americans peoples, it's true, but for the others, it's not: try to give a SW game to a 16 years old french guy, and look at the carnage...
And I'm not a mature woman.

"Il est interdit de se battre sur le Champ du Massacre; dit-il avant de marquer une pause, le temps de reflechir a la logique de ses propos."

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Now for the evening...
int T.V_Power, lemons, oranges, explosive_water;
beginstate SHOW_STATE
watch T.V(30minutes,get_tv_show(get_ran(startrek,sliders,harddaysnight);
if (T.V_Power = lemon) {
---use_juice(get_int(lemon),12ml,short drink or power = oranges);
if (T.V_Power = FALSE) {
---print_str_to_cable_company("Give me back my power!!");

beginstate COOK_STATE;
if (oranges = 2 && lemons = 5) {
---if (food = FALSE) {
------ starve();

if (anger(1,5,6,>) {
And that concludes yesterdays tomorrow. My day.
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I first thought I would post a description of my routines but then I realized the following.

1. I don't have any routines if you don't count brushing your teeth.
2. Nobody gives a damn, anyway.

When this topic gets enormously popular, I will return and pretend I never wrote this.

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I get up when the kids do, surf some, go somewhere fun for them, surf some more, take pictures of all of it, then sleep

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1. Wake up.
2. Get on computer.
3. Skate.
4. Get on computer.
5. Eat Dinner.
6. Get on computer.
7. Go to bed.

Time and whether or not I might even do these activities varies greatly on all of these factors, weather, mood, health and energy.

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Now that I'm finished with school, it varies. Usually it oscillates between these two.


6:45 Wake up
6:45-7:15 Get up, dress, some sort of hasty breakfast.
7:15 Boot up computer, curse because my internet connection has been cut.
7:15-7:30 Wait for opportunity to sneak to my parent's PC and turn it back on.
7:30-12:00 Check mails, message boards, etc.
12:00-13:00 Obligatory time spent outside at behest of parents.
13:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-21:00 Computer, with breaks on occasion
21:00-21:30 some sort of dinner I suppose.
21:30-2:00 Computer
2:00 Sleep

the day after...

10:00 Wake up
11:00 Wake up once more
12:00 Wake up and decide to stumble out of bed while it's day.
12:00-13:30 Stumble helplessly around, get some breakfast (or lunch, if you will), dress (optional, I'm ashamed to say I've spent days in pajamas on occasion)
13:30-23:30 Try to get anything done, work offline because my parents have banned my internet usage, and sulk.
0:00 Sleep

Repeat with preceding. :P

(Yes, I do spend some days entirely without a computer, if you were wondering. It's only 15-20 days a year though, usually.)

Edit: The joke's getting old, and I want a new name. I might even change it regularly from now on... who knows.

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Why, Alorael, you're a trendsetter!

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Originally written by Andrea:

The majority of SWers are, like most online gaming forums, either youth under 20 or so or freaky old women. With the exception of Saunders, who is freaky, but not old.
Did you just call me "freaky"?
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Typical week day:

7:30 alarm
7:50 get out of bed, drive home from my gf's apartment
8:00 The three S's, iron clothes, maybe eat breakfast
8:35 commute to work via Metro
9:00 work
12:00 eat, usually at Potbelly's, which has incredible milkshakes
1:00 more work
5:30 commute home
6:00 change into running clothes, meet up with my gf and go for a run
7:00 figure something out for dinner and do it
9:00 read, maybe watch some TV
10:30 (ideally) bedtime

We don't run everyday, but frequently. Mondays and Thursdays I hash (a drinking club with a running problem) in the evening. Weekends are characterized by a juxtaposition of laziness and industriousness, as my gf and I prefer to sleep forever if possible, but also like to get cleaning and laundry done, maybe cook a huge meal, and do something fun like go hiking, go for a long run, do something in town (DC is pretty hoppin'), etc. When she is out of town, I get to play videogames - it's amazing how video game time dwindles when you have a gf! :)

Edit: and for the record, Detta, I do have a regular job (legal assistant) and am 26. Alorael (who hasn't to my knowledge posted on this topic yet, Saltweed) is in his stately 50s, I believe, though I can't speak to his state of employ.

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