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AuthorTopic: My apologies
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My apologies for HorseHappy's previous idiocy. I am shamed to admit that she is my sister. I will do everything I can to keep her silent here, including deleting every Spiderweb Software game from any PC she has access to. In the future, just ignore anything she says, and lock any topic she starts - she doesn't quite get the point of message boards. Thank you.

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Er. I doubt such drastic measures are necessary, but, ah, how old is your sister? If she's younger than 10 or so, perhaps she shouldn't be posting on message boards... -_-

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Why delete the games? That hardly seems necessary. Rather, simply cut off or carefully regulate her internet usage, and there shouldn't be any further problems.


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What am I missing? Who's HorseHappy? Deleting her games does seem a bit extreme, but if she's really a problem, you should probably do something about her internet usage...

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HorseHappy is the person you responded to when you posted here.

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tell her to login and access her profile, then tell her to look away, and change her account password. IMAGE(tongue00.gif)

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omg!!!! 8yrolds are hott

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There is no point in this topic anymore (Actually, there never was). Why it is STILL alive? :confused:

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I am for freedom of speech - including little sisters on spiderweb - as long as they do not post their names and addresses or exchange personal information.

If you really feel compromised by her, why have you blown her cover?

Stupid elder bully brother!

Yeah for little sisters!

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> Yeah for little sisters!

As long as it is not my sister IMAGE(tongue00.gif)

But I could teach her a lot more stupid things to do IMAGE(biggrin0.gif) (depends on the quantity of candies she gives to me)

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Originally written by Tentacle Monster:

omg!!!! 8yrolds are hott
Hmmm, I seem to remember a time when you were a slightly respectable member of society TM. Or perhaps I'm confusing you...

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Ah, good old literal-minded Majordomo. A credit to the land down under, to be sure.

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No you're not confused, TM really has been becoming quite odd in recent weeks. Whether that remark was facetious or not, weirdness does seem to abound.

PS don't worry. It provides some entertainment. (Not to mention the oppotunity to make peoples' heads hurt. MWAHAHAHA!) I suppose we were all like that at on age, even if I will point-blank never admit it about myself.

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When TM's writing begins to look like it was copied and pasted from an AOL chatroom, you can tell that he's being heavily sarcastic. Don't be taken in!

?Alorael, who hardly thinks that TM is only recently becoming odd. If he was on good behavior, it's only to soften his victims up for some mind-bendingly terrible remark and/or brainwashing and pro-Rakshasi propaganda.
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