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g3: transference robe, multiple enhancment in Geneforge Series
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Four questions this time.

1st, where is the transference robe; or more accurately where is the second?
According to Matt P's walkthrough there are 2.
Once is in Rahul's bedroom but requires going into a restricted area and may also need to be stolen.
The other is on the Overgrown Path in Dhonal's island but I can't find that one or any others on the 3 first island.

2nd, can I have multiple enhanced items equiped?
I tried having bothe the ivory skull cursing my flame sword and the spines thhe charmed armor as well as ehanced vambraces.
I attacked and both happened to a Gull island looter but near the begining of the game it said the enhanced items don't work together.
Which is true?

3rd, why are vambraces for the legs? Other places say they are for the arms.

4th, what levels are you guys at when you go to the fourth island? I am at 24 but I haven't used 64 skill points.
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mined shore, iron bars, and 6 other Q's in Geneforge Series
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First, in the mined shore, I dismissed Camille before she deactivated the mines.
Is there a way of doing that myself without upping my mechanics from 10 to 14?
I might be able to cheat using an "SDF" and if that is the only way does anyone know what it is?

Second, is there any use for iron bars like in the previous games?

Third, is the rubble in the lower school removable or will the blackened areas be forever hidden?

Fourth, I have piles of special items I probably won't use.
In the GF1 and GF2 I could sell them to stores and still be able to buy them back if I needed them for some reason.
Can I do something like that here so I don't have the piles?

Fifth, it is possible to go through the green areas like in the other games but you can't do that here when going from island to island.
Can that be remedied or must I still go through the endpoints to get to the skiff. (I learned a couple new words when playing this game)

Sixth, in the previous games when you picked up a group of items it said, "how many?"
It doesn't say that here so I can't consolidate my tools in one bunch or I'd have to carry around 100 pounds just for tools.
I fix this problem but putting my tools, crystals, and other items in several groups of about 20.
20 pounds is alot light than 100 so I might be able to use my tools without having to not carry any and go back to "home base," that is South End, and pick up all of them and use some.

Seventh, I am following the walkthrough, Matt P's.
He has many places, up to Dhonal's island, in which he says stuff like, kill the golems and deactivate the acid baths.
That one is on the acid plant new the beginning of Dhonal's.
I am not even remotely able to defeat golems and barely other creatures.
Yes I am 'torment' and I can lower the difficulty but they still seem to inflict enough damage and I can't that I don't think that will help.

Lastly, eighth, I kill the ghost attacking General Greiner(sp).
I then go to Lord Rahul and tell him of that.
I get a quest to deliver new orders but can't find the General to give them to.
He isn't in his quarters but I can't think of anywhere else to look.
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Geneforge 2 Character Editor in Geneforge Series
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You can change stats of items?
I though you could only add items and change the PC statistics.
I would rather change the stats of the creations.
For some reason when I play my foyra and artilla have a nice hit rate of 0%.
Since they can't hit I just don't make them.
The XP I don't get because they are there doesn't compinsate(sp) for the cannon fodder aspect.
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+ creation stat items in Geneforge Series
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What about something like the transference robe?
I believe it subtracts 2 from your strength, endurance, and dexterity but it adds them to your creations.
I actually used it during times when my shaper character shouldn't be fighting at all.
A parade of drayks behind me might be a good time when to do that.
Even 2 improved drayks can do much damage and all I have to do is stay out of the way.
It doesn't affect intelligence so you won't have to worry about creating fewer things.
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Favorite Creation? in Geneforge Series
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For using I like Cryodrayks.
I can get 7 and killing every creature or human that get's in my way.
I once get seven of them and just went through Kazg and killed everything.
I could probably remove the Shaper Council from power if I tried.
I also like ornks.
Just having a pig/cow following me is fun.
My own cattle pet.
I also like the way Drayks look.
Almost like a dog at my side.
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better walkthru with prose and what I did in Geneforge Series
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area ;Crumbling Docks

After crawling ashore I got used to my new surroundings.
Three jars were nearby, hopefully containing some useful information
but alas, they were empty.
After a few minutes wandering along the shore a building appears.
Inside a tunic and basket are immediately visible.
I wear the tunic but the basket doesn't seem useful.
The S room has 3 cabinets.
Inside I find bones, javelins, a bowl, and a spoon.
It is interesting to note that soon I will be like the bones.
A scary thought.
I decide that the javelins would be a good weapon.
When hungry the bowl and spoon could be good, but not now.
As I walk past the W door it opens automatically.
I find a shaper canister, my first one.
It is unrecognizable in this form but similar to home ones.
Often Shapers use these to help increase the shaper powers
As I break the jar open and the living goo engulfs my hands nothing
seems to have changed.(firebolt=0->1)
Maybe I am not powerful enough to use them.
The W room has a cloak on the ground.
It wasn't even put away properly; I wear it.
A few(12) coins are on the table.
They could be useful.
A cabinet here has nothing but a brass key.{ruined docks key}
It could be useful.
The building seems to have nothing more a value so I leave an
continue along the shore.
I enter a small passage in the wall and notice that I can create
a small flame from my fingers and even shoot it across the air.
Maybe the canister helped my magic but took a while to take effect.
I get to a clearing with 2 more passages surrounded by large walls.
Two jars are present.
One only has rocks but the other has a pod filled with an odd liquid.
I realize it is a healing pod. I can drink it to heal my if damaged.
I quickly go to the E passage.
There is nothing but bushes and trees except for a few thorns on
the ground.
They are baton thorns.
Good weapons, if I had a baton to launch them with.
The larger area from the clearing has a small room and a closed door.
I can't find a way to open it but sometimes levers are around to
The room does have such a lever!
It look locked but the brass key {ruined docks key} works.
A table has a dagger on it.
Right now though the javelins seem more helpful
I look inside the cabinet.
Another tunic and a wooden shield are there.
I can equip the shield but the tunic goes into my pack.
On the other side or the big door is another room.
Beds and a table are present but I like the 2 cabinets.
More useless tunics and dagger are inside but the 6 javelins are
After I exit the room I meander around the walls of the ruins until a
empty jar is in sight, as well as a fork.
The right(he is backwards so E direction) has several broken jars and
one the isn't containing an h-pod.
More meandering leads me to a larger building and a hidden passage
behind it.
I avoid the small way and enter the big building.
It is an inn.
Why would an inn be on a barred island.
Well I am here so I give a look-see.
The tables have more bowls and spoons while the ground has a cooking
There is nothing here so I go to the bedrooms.
The big one to the NW has a nice cabinet with a wearable robe and
belt inside.
They could help protect me from danger here.
Unfortunately I can't wear both the cloak and robe.
I will therefore take off the cloak since the robe offers
better protection.
The first smaller room has nothing but a lever.
It seems to control a farther back room, perhaps a storeroom.
The storeroom has only 2 jars with 2*h-pods inside, useful.
The rest of the inn has a smaller pantry with nothing good inside.
As I exit the inn I enter a vary large open area
and my first creation here.
Several(10) ornks are around me.
[They are just like a combination of cows and pigs.]
If this island was abandoned along time ago the how could these be
They don't live that long.
I could kill them and get there meat but I try not to kill things if
I don't need to.
I search the are to find any help.
I only see a building to the NE of the area.
The foyer has nothing but the outer room has a cabinet with coins(35)
and a set of 6*1 thorns inside.
I also find a lever which, with my newly trained mechanic ability is
easy to open.
The inner room has 4*i-crystals and 2*6 more thorns on the ground.
Who left them here.
You would expect them to be in the cabinet which has only trash.
Well icy-crystals can be used no matter where they are found.
Plus the tack less time to throw than other weapons like my
javelins or dagger.
After a bit more looking in the large area I find a lone jar to the W.
A gem!
It can be sold for a bit, if there were anyone to buy it.
There seems to be nothing else nearby so I go beyond the ornks
and beyond the walls.
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trading with Rhakkus in Geneforge Series
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How do I trade with Rhakkus?
Or at least after the first meeting?
I bought my way in but now when I talk to him I only get a couple of plot related possibilities.
Is it even possible to get the trade list after a second meeting?
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almost partial gf1 walkthrough in Geneforge Series
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I created a poorly designed walkthough.
Well it is actually a list of all the items and mosters and people for the first 2/3's of the game.
My site
has a copy of the 50k zip file.
It has equal signs, semicolons, and tabs galore.

It isn't quite the same as Matt P's as his gives decriptions in novel like form; mine is just a bunch of information.

If you don't understand it I can answer questions.
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gf1-arth and fyora canister in Thorny Woods in Geneforge Series
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2 questions.
First, is it possible to get the "create Fyora" canister in the Thorny Woods while still being able to do either the "kill rebels" or "free rebels" quests?
I want to get it so I can make my fyora level 3 to allow a cryoa creation.
I did before but I had to kill them then.
If I just sneek in, avoid dying from them and escape will that be enough?
Similar to what I can do at one of the 2 bridges.
Can I come back without the 2 quests be "disrupted," i.e. not allowable for some reasons?

Second, I went to Arth to tell Coale about him but for some reason he just says the the passage is blocked and trading with them would upset the Kazg leader.
It worked last time but not this time.
This game I hadn't completed Tribal Woods, Quite Marshes, Southbridge, and Northbridge, and.
I know that isn't it because, as a test game, I did finish those levels but it still failed.
What did I do differently?
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