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AuthorTopic: Geneforge 2 Character Editor
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I've dowloaded the Geneforge 2 Character Editor and I want to know if anyone elese has dowloaded it. If so what do you use for your starting character. An Agent, Guardian or a Shaper?
Do you max out all your skills, money, experience, join each sect, then get it's benefits, do all it's quests (or most of them anyway), then return to the Entry Valley and say you never joined any of the sects and kill all the sect leaders for the ultimate ending?

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Mmmm...More or less.

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i only use the editors after i finish the game without cheating, i wanna feel the true shaper sensation :D , but even then i only change some stats for my char and the stats of some items.

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You can change stats of items?
I though you could only add items and change the PC statistics.
I would rather change the stats of the creations.
For some reason when I play my foyra and artilla have a nice hit rate of 0%.
Since they can't hit I just don't make them.
The XP I don't get because they are there doesn't compinsate(sp) for the cannon fodder aspect.
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well..., i edited the items myself, and i used the editors to get them in the beginning of the game(as a note, i wasn't capable of editing G2 item file cause the game crashed if i tried to), also you shouldn't modify creations because if you modify the health of a fiora in the scripts all fioras, both friendly and rogue, will gain more(or less) health.
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Since I play the games for the story, not the strategy, I only ever give myself full stats to make myself virtually invincible. I don't give myself spells or creations, as that is the only way to judge how strong I have become at any given point in the game. I never edit sect loyalties, rather I always play the game through multiple times to see every facet the story has to offer.

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Dikiyoba plays through the first time without cheating and then go back with cheats to get all possible endings and then much later if Dikiyoba needs to get to a certain zone to answer a question or check something.

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I use trainers for lulz..

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