g3: transference robe, multiple enhancment

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AuthorTopic: g3: transference robe, multiple enhancment
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Four questions this time.

1st, where is the transference robe; or more accurately where is the second?
According to Matt P's walkthrough there are 2.
Once is in Rahul's bedroom but requires going into a restricted area and may also need to be stolen.
The other is on the Overgrown Path in Dhonal's island but I can't find that one or any others on the 3 first island.

2nd, can I have multiple enhanced items equiped?
I tried having bothe the ivory skull cursing my flame sword and the spines thhe charmed armor as well as ehanced vambraces.
I attacked and both happened to a Gull island looter but near the begining of the game it said the enhanced items don't work together.
Which is true?

3rd, why are vambraces for the legs? Other places say they are for the arms.

4th, what levels are you guys at when you go to the fourth island? I am at 24 but I haven't used 64 skill points.
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1: The transference robe in Rhaul's bedroom requires timing it just right. Also, if your a Shaper its best to block off the dining room area with fyoras. I'm not real sure about the overgrown path one unless its in the puresteel plant by the Creator's Lair on Dhonal's Isle.

2:It means that you can't enhance two simutaneously, like the spikes and ivory skull both on your flaming sword. What you're doing is acceptable.

3: You're right, most sources point to vambraces as arm armor. Take it up with Jeff.

4: I haven't played lately, so I can't remember. I always use all of my skill points, though.

Hope that helps!!

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This is a link to an awesome game: http://s2.gladiatus.us/game/c.php?uid=28565
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to 4: that sounds about right. G3 was by far the easiest Geneforge game to get through for me.

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