better walkthru with prose and what I did

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AuthorTopic: better walkthru with prose and what I did
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area ;Crumbling Docks

After crawling ashore I got used to my new surroundings.
Three jars were nearby, hopefully containing some useful information
but alas, they were empty.
After a few minutes wandering along the shore a building appears.
Inside a tunic and basket are immediately visible.
I wear the tunic but the basket doesn't seem useful.
The S room has 3 cabinets.
Inside I find bones, javelins, a bowl, and a spoon.
It is interesting to note that soon I will be like the bones.
A scary thought.
I decide that the javelins would be a good weapon.
When hungry the bowl and spoon could be good, but not now.
As I walk past the W door it opens automatically.
I find a shaper canister, my first one.
It is unrecognizable in this form but similar to home ones.
Often Shapers use these to help increase the shaper powers
As I break the jar open and the living goo engulfs my hands nothing
seems to have changed.(firebolt=0->1)
Maybe I am not powerful enough to use them.
The W room has a cloak on the ground.
It wasn't even put away properly; I wear it.
A few(12) coins are on the table.
They could be useful.
A cabinet here has nothing but a brass key.{ruined docks key}
It could be useful.
The building seems to have nothing more a value so I leave an
continue along the shore.
I enter a small passage in the wall and notice that I can create
a small flame from my fingers and even shoot it across the air.
Maybe the canister helped my magic but took a while to take effect.
I get to a clearing with 2 more passages surrounded by large walls.
Two jars are present.
One only has rocks but the other has a pod filled with an odd liquid.
I realize it is a healing pod. I can drink it to heal my if damaged.
I quickly go to the E passage.
There is nothing but bushes and trees except for a few thorns on
the ground.
They are baton thorns.
Good weapons, if I had a baton to launch them with.
The larger area from the clearing has a small room and a closed door.
I can't find a way to open it but sometimes levers are around to
The room does have such a lever!
It look locked but the brass key {ruined docks key} works.
A table has a dagger on it.
Right now though the javelins seem more helpful
I look inside the cabinet.
Another tunic and a wooden shield are there.
I can equip the shield but the tunic goes into my pack.
On the other side or the big door is another room.
Beds and a table are present but I like the 2 cabinets.
More useless tunics and dagger are inside but the 6 javelins are
After I exit the room I meander around the walls of the ruins until a
empty jar is in sight, as well as a fork.
The right(he is backwards so E direction) has several broken jars and
one the isn't containing an h-pod.
More meandering leads me to a larger building and a hidden passage
behind it.
I avoid the small way and enter the big building.
It is an inn.
Why would an inn be on a barred island.
Well I am here so I give a look-see.
The tables have more bowls and spoons while the ground has a cooking
There is nothing here so I go to the bedrooms.
The big one to the NW has a nice cabinet with a wearable robe and
belt inside.
They could help protect me from danger here.
Unfortunately I can't wear both the cloak and robe.
I will therefore take off the cloak since the robe offers
better protection.
The first smaller room has nothing but a lever.
It seems to control a farther back room, perhaps a storeroom.
The storeroom has only 2 jars with 2*h-pods inside, useful.
The rest of the inn has a smaller pantry with nothing good inside.
As I exit the inn I enter a vary large open area
and my first creation here.
Several(10) ornks are around me.
[They are just like a combination of cows and pigs.]
If this island was abandoned along time ago the how could these be
They don't live that long.
I could kill them and get there meat but I try not to kill things if
I don't need to.
I search the are to find any help.
I only see a building to the NE of the area.
The foyer has nothing but the outer room has a cabinet with coins(35)
and a set of 6*1 thorns inside.
I also find a lever which, with my newly trained mechanic ability is
easy to open.
The inner room has 4*i-crystals and 2*6 more thorns on the ground.
Who left them here.
You would expect them to be in the cabinet which has only trash.
Well icy-crystals can be used no matter where they are found.
Plus the tack less time to throw than other weapons like my
javelins or dagger.
After a bit more looking in the large area I find a lone jar to the W.
A gem!
It can be sold for a bit, if there were anyone to buy it.
There seems to be nothing else nearby so I go beyond the ornks
and beyond the walls.
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Well..that was a bit odd for a walkthrough..

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Seems. . . spammy.

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I mistook this for a poem when I first saw this.

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I think Episode 5 just got more potential.

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