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AuthorTopic: Forging
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This poll is about forging.

I personally liked the G3, G4 way of forging better than the G1, G2 way. I like the anvil, it was a good idea to add it as it adds a whole new dimension to the game.

I liked the items of G3 the best, specifically the artifacts. In G4 I miss the Emerald Chestguard a lot.

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Isn't the Emerald Chestguard an A4 artifact?

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The emerald chestguard started in GF3 and was copied with several other Geneforge items to A4 to save Jeff time.
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Didn't it start in G2?
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I never knew that the emerald chestguard was in G3.
I only knew my favorite armor from A4 from A4.

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Yes, the emerald chestguard was an artifact in G2.

I don't favor one crafting system over the other. G2's system meant that I didn't have to worry about remembering the recipes. G4 lets me enchant equipment, but not many of the effects seem worthwhile (and I didn't even bother with crystals and wands).

Did G1 even have any forging besides the crystals/wands in the mines?

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Originally written by Muffin transformed into flamingo:

I never knew that the emerald chestguard was in G3.
I only knew my favorite armor from A4 from A4.

In G2 and G3, it is hugely more powerful: the emerald chestguard in A4 pluses another 2 action points bonus.
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I believe that in G5 all the more powerful artefacts should be crafted and a few maybe found and awarded - but very few.
I think it'd go well with the story where there's an all out war and a huge destruction (even weapons and armour shattered).

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