A Tribute to Geneforge 4 and Jeff's Great Game Creating Skills

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AuthorTopic: A Tribute to Geneforge 4 and Jeff's Great Game Creating Skills
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I just finished G4 last night at 10:30. I have to say that this is the best game I have ever played. The Drakonian politics were very well done and as SoT pointed out, so was Ghaldring. I loved the incorporation of the Alwan-Greta rivalry, and I liked how the main characters actually did something. The whole Geneforge before your first level was very well done and very interesting to the plot line. The Shaper game ending with the final charge was very well done. I just love G4.
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Those of us who feel even somewhat this way should try to spread the word as much as possible, so Jeff sells lots of copies and is encouraged to make more games like this.

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Yes, anymore games like his are definitely a good thing.
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This is the first Geneforge game I've really, really, enjoyed. Good job.
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I will concur, this game was much enjoyed. I know Jeff put in a lot of effort, but it was well worth it.

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I liked the others, but this one blew them away.
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Why must you taunt us Windows PC users so? Grr, I don't know how long it will be before I get enough time on my hands to play this new game.

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It's worth the wait.
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Jeff is working on the Windows version and there have been less problems with the final Mac version so it should be out sooner. I guess Jeff will be calling for Windows beta testers after New Year's Day.

It's a lot better written than the earlier Geneforge games. I do think he should have left some of the challenges of the early betas in for northern Illya and made the end harder,

In the mean time we Mac users can taunt the Windows users to go away or we'll be forced to taunt you some more. Now go and chop down the tallest tree in the forest with ----- a herringbone.

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I definitely agree that this is the best game by spiderweb yet! I was a bit ticked about the new idea of chapters at first, but it turns out they make the plot flow much nicer and generally make quests a bit less confusing.

Great job!

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Geneforge 4 is so good now, I can only imagine how good it will be when it becomes a classic.

That reminds me, revisiting the Geneforge world reminded me how much I loved Geneforge 2. I'm officially changing my favorite Spiderweb game from Exile III to Geneforge 2. And I might as well say it right now: when Avernum 6 comes out, Geneforge 4 will become my favorite.

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I am new to the boards; but, a Jeff Vogel and GeneForge fan since the days of Goettsch and the Sholai.
I've only recently acquired my copy of GF4 and, as expected, it is quite the game. It's not too often that one is presented with a great storyline. As some earlier comments (and other threads) have indicated, politics, moral issues, ethics; real world issues, etc.
Pick your characters, issues, and poison; the GeneForge series is far from over. Great job to all involved.

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I'd have to say that this is definitely the best Spiderweb game that I've ever played. Kind of an incorporation of both Avernum and Geneforge in the ultimate combination. A truly awesome game. I enjoy playing it more than I enjoy playing Oblivion on my 360.
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Actually... That brings up an interesting point.

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Ah. . . An honest board member that likes Jeff's games. . . That almost makes -X- want to lift his ban on non-hatred/sadness emotions. . . Ah well.

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I'm impressed that Relaek registered four years ago and that was his/her first post!

Edit: pesky spelling mistake.

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As geneforge made me discover new ways of understanding i think that the series are the most fun difficult and wonderfull game i have experianced, keep the exlent work up and going!!!!!!

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I also think this is one of the best games that Jeff has created. He definitely listened to our comments and concerns about the earlier Geneforge series and he made changes to address them. I hope he will scan the boards and maybe consider some revisions to Geneforge 4 also. While the game is really good there are a few things that could be changed to make it just more satisfying to play.
Having said that though, I just want to thank Jeff for compelling me to buy his game and leaving me feeling guilty for not paying much more. Thanks Jeff.
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I doubt Jeff will revise the current Geneforge 4 since he has enough to do with other planned games. However he seems to want to keep this format for Geneforge 5 and may use information to make changes for it.
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I don't know how to create a game like this but would it be that difficult to lower the costs of leadership and mechanics since one needs such high levels to make the game less frustrating. Or to make the warrior more effective vis a vis the infiltrator.
The usual scramble for experience points is particulary frustrating in GF4. There are simply not enough. I kept waiting for that feeling of mastery I had achieved in the earlier GF series and it just never happened. So while GF4 is a really great game overall, it feels like a real uphill battle to get your character where you want him to be. And in the end you never do. At least that's my experience.
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A lot of it is based on playing style. I never had trouble balancing the demands of "nerdy" skills and still being able to steamroll over a few areas. The hard parts are deliberately hard no matter what you do, and that's a good thing.

—Alorael, who has to admit that "mastery" is different now that it doesn't include stunning an enemy into perpetual immobility. Paralyzing Moseh, picking off his goons, and then sitting around with cryoas capable of spewing ice indefinitely was fun.
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I didn't play GF 1-3, so I can't compare that experience, but I think you, Klax, might be wrestling with the timing of when to boost Mechanics and Leadership and also where you stop because gear or canisters will add free levels.

I just started a new game and decided to pump these two geek techs right off the bat. Leaving Southforge, I had 6 Mech and 5 Leadership. It's so easy to be effective with melee right out the door with no improvements (just boost Strength a level or two early on) and add a little useful magic like Protection and Cure Affliction and you're able to rock 'n' roll through much of Chapter One, which requires a rapid escalation of the geek techs in comparison to anything thereafter.

I find it quite affordable to leave Chapter One with 8 Mech and 7 or so Leadership. After that, you can focus most skill points on other things, as Mech really only needs to go up two more to ten by late Chapter Two and Leadership can feasibly stop at 9-10 also if you collect the right gear in time. It seems like a lot because you accrue most of these levels in the first two chapters out of five practically.

So, why would one want to use up so many initial skill points at the very beginning of game on the geeky stuff like I just did? Because:

1) I can do anything virtually anywhere I go and not have to come back.
2) I get all dialogue options and more choices which lead to more experience points.
3) Opening anything and everything and disarming all mines also gives me so many more skill points over time that it pays for itself, but meanwhile you also collect more loot which means more money for more spells and training sooner as well.
4) I feel powerful and capable.
5) It's pretty easy to whoop everything in Chapter One with minimal investment in other things, really. If you're a solo fighter sort, add a little strength and endurance and the necessary magic to back it up. If you tote creations, add some intelligence and let the boys do it all for your Geeky Highness lurking omnipotently in the background.
6) With higher Mech right out the gate, you come out ahead all the more on Living Tools use. You use less of them, have more on hand throughout the game and can buy less or even none of them potentially as well. You're going to want a certain level of Mech eventually anyway. Why not invest in it up front if you can find it survivable?

Playing the game more than once does give one a better feel how to maximize what you need to be at each stage of the game.


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Has anyone noticed that loads of newbs are joining or posting in this topic after a long period of dormancy just because of how great this game is?

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Synergy is right since I've played most of my games and found that mechanics of 8 at the start and leadership raised to 6 in chapter 1 gives you all but 2 trapped chests. Raising mechanics to 10 is the most that you will need for the rest of the game since you can use items for the rest. Leadership of 7 to 8 with items will give you most of the remainder of the game.

The extra experience from disarming traps and mines, and opening doors will raise you quickly so you can put points into the other skills. The game is designed so you don't need more combats or magic skills until the middle of chapter 2. Even then you can find areas that will give you lots of experience with the geek skills of leadership and mechanics.
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it was a great game it made more sence than the otherones and i undersand the plot the joining sides was cool it was hard i just to just take advantage one thing i didnt like no shaped ornks or serviles :confused:

mosty 999/1000

great game ;)

i got a ps3 collecting dust cause this game

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