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AuthorTopic: Unlimited Exp Bug
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In the Northshore Bridge, a guard named Stringer asked you to get his shield and clear the rogues east. Return his shield gives 50 exp and tell him it is safe to go get you 100 exp. Then you can go over the same dialogue again and each time gives you 100 exp. He will go towards the exit grid since the first time you get the 100 exp so use you creation block his way before talking to him.
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Someone should have told me of this earlier.

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Who needs a spawner to boost xp when you can do something as easy as this. Wish I would have thought of it while I was still playing...
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A minor mistake.
Exp points gained are dependent on level. It is 100 exp when I was lv22, when I reached 30 it reduced to 40 points. Still it levels me up very fast, just repeat "right click, 3, 2, 1". Each cycle takes less than one second.
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You used this glitch to gain 8+ levels?!!
Outta curiosity, please let us know what level you finish the game at. Unless you used this bug to go even farther than you mentioned, I'd bet you'd still finish somewhere around lvl 42 -- all those critters you kill later in the game which would normally give you 40 exp will prolly now give you 1 or 2. I'm thinking that soon enough you'll "catch up" to where you should've been.

It's sort of the same argument ppl make when they say they dont like losing exp to their creations. But at the end of the game my shaper was about the same lvl as my agents and guardians.
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Good point, mok. The higher the level, the less experience. I'm always disappointed when I fulfill a quest from a different island (like killing striped clawbug) and because I'm at too high a level by the time it's done, I get 1 exp. whoopee.

Still, there is something to be said for exploiting bug -- early strength makes for an easier time when you need it. ;)
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I love bugs like this. In the first Geneforge, one of the earlier versions of the game had a nice glitch in The Sentinels zone. Heustess would ask you to kill Goettsch, and give you a nice reward when you do and tell him—something like increased Endurance. I would just tell him over and over that I killed Goettsch, and would get stronger and stronger.

Still, Heustess was there for quite a long time, and I guess his ghostly memory was really unreliable. I feel a little guilty for takng advantage of a senile senior citizen like that—even if he was already dead—but it didn't do him any harm to help me.
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If you use this bug to go up several levels, you might as well save yourself some time and use a character editor. (Or at least modify the script to give you 5000 experience each time, rather than just 100. :) )

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Hey, gaining a few level that way is the reward for me to find the bug.
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Meh. There is an EXP bug on the 4th island as well. Just keep asking that human guard (Corrie) if she's the daughter of Phasia.

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Although... I only got 13 xp from Corrie when I talked to her.

However, the shaper spy in the house at the NW corner same town (stonespire, right?) is another unlimited xp bug. At least she was for me... I'm not sure if you have to be pro-shaper to get her quest of "Talk to Kyryk", but complete it (don't go kill him right away, besides he gives training and a quest you can do even if pro-rebel) and go back to her house. Close the door and tell her about meeting Kyryk. Repeat until happy with your level. I got 40 xp which dropped to 28 around level 35/36 (can't remember which). She leaves after you leave her house (although you can try to keep her trapped with creations or closing the door really fast). Even so you can still do the find shaper spy quest given to you by creek blade.

Sorry if I got any names wrong... I haven't been playing for very long. ^_^
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