Gazer VS. Eyebeast

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AuthorTopic: Gazer VS. Eyebeast
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Just want to talk about a different comparison. I personally prefer the Eyebeast as it can cause damage to multiple rogues whereas the Gazer only causes damage to a single rogue. But the Eyebeast does eat up a lot of extra essence.
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Personally, I prefer the gazer. The eyebeast I tried didn't do that much damage. True, it did hit everything in the room, which was nice. It seemed to do about 60 damage to everything, where my gazer hits one thing only, but hits it hard -- 50 for the things (mostly other gazers) with resistance, up to 220 for things that are weak against it, with about 110 as an average.

If you take 2 gazers, I think they have more killing power than 1 eyebeast -- especially in a prolonged battle.
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Eyebeasts are better but hit for much less than gazers do.
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An eyebeast is better if YOU have it, but lousy if you play lone as Guardian or Agent and face it.

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Remember you will get a false sense of eyebeasts hitting for much less if you are attacking fire resistant enemies. They will do much less damage to certain foes (most noteably drakons) than others, but to many foes the damage is similar. Unfortunately they do run out of energy faster though. One thing I did notice though is that the description says gazers cause terror with thier mellee attack, but that never happened for me, but it always mentions terror or terror being resisted when my eyebeast did a mellee attack (which may be advisable when fighting fire resistant enemies as it is magic damage).

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Eyebeasts' melee attack is Daze.
I would personaly prefer Gazers, because Eyebeasts wake up all opponents that I could otherwise pick on one after one ...

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