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I looked through the previous threads on this, but you all seem to say the same things over and over which arn't terribly helpful right now (no points in shaping, pump up battle/mental).

In any case I'm sure you've figuered my problem. I'm playing agent, and finding its not quite what you guys have made it out to be.

I'm finding that in normal outdoor areas, I'm usually OK. Sure there are a number of areas where I find I'm loading and stalking to take out one/two creatures at a time (because any more and I get slaughtered), but I'm more or less OK with that because I'm making progress.

However I find if the difficulty increases (facing bosses/hard areas) my agent is simply... well.... crap.

EG, on the second island in the underground cave with the book and the ghosts.
I struggeled immensely the first time I went there. I ended up leaving and coming back when I was level 19 and even then I was loading incessantly. I ended up reading hte book twice, and used 4 of those red crystal things (I forget what they're called. They cast some multi target spell) on a single shade on the second read because I was low on AP. And that was lucky too - ohterwise I wouldn't have passed the 2nd read. I didn't bother with the 3rd read.

Same thing goes with the testing hall on the first island (the second test - the one involving the bracelet). I was running around like mad hoping that the golem wouldnt reduce my AP to below 10 with its hits (because that would spell doom for me).

And as for the creator, yes I had significant problems with the creator as well although again I pulled through with the help of various items (venom batons if I remember correctly - it was some time ago).

Anyways, I'm wondering if this is normal (because from what you guys are saying, my impression of "normal" is the agent slaughters everything in her path more or less), or I'm somehow playing the agent wrong.

A char stats:

L19 Agent
Str 4
Dex 6
Int 7
End 4

Battle 9
Mental 4
Blessing 3
SC 2

Leadership 7
Mechanics 10
Luck 2

Melee/Missile: 4
Quick Action/Parry: 2

shaping: Didn't invest anything

Above stats are without item enhancements.
Currently I'm on the 3rd Island although I've only explored the east side (and not completely at that - some areas I've left alone since I died too many times to bother reloading any more).

I think part of the problem is that in any battle where the fighting is forced to be sustained, I run out of energy far too quickly, or if I find the enemies can't be dazed/they file towards you slowly so that you cast daze, and 2 more monsters appear I find I waste energy that way.
Or, if I get hit by a anything that slows/takes AP I'm generally doomed.

I'm not really sure what exactly is wrong with my style of play right now but I'm finding that overall playing the agent has been abnormally difficult (on normal).

Advice please?
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Have you trained with Gretchen at Dhonal's Keep? The training she offers is great for all characters, especially for the Agents. Your Spellcraft seems to be rather low. Investing in Spellcraft will increase the strength of your spells. Some of the points you invested in Dexterity and the combat skills could have been used for some other skills.

Also, are you playing a true solo Agent, no creations, no help from the NPCs? If you are, the going will be difficult. When I first played Geneforge 3, I played as a solo Agent in the true sense, and had seen the "game over" screen enough times so that it has been permanently seared into my memory.

Some suggestions:
1) Find the stat-boosting items and equip them (Carnelian gloves, Skein of Wisdom).
2) Increase your Intelligence so that you will have more essence and spell energy to cast your spells.
3) Buy as many pods (essence, speed) and gems (icy, spray, etc.) as possible and keep them available.
3) Do not rush through an area, take your time to avoid any nasty surprises.
4) There is no shame in leaving an area, going to a town for a recharge, then returning to the same area and finishing it.

I am sure that other people will give you advice on how to play an Agent. Due to the way I play, I have always found an Agent to be the most challenging...and the most rewarding. I hope this helps out a bit.
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You want a honest oppinion? You are doing it all wrong.
By level 19, your BB should be at 12-12 and your SC should be at atleast 7. Don't buy up Leadership to 10, completly unnecesserary. All yo need is 8. Get two points from Infiltrator vest/cloak and carry them in your pack untill needed.

You have no need for endurance whatsoever, if you are getting hit you are not playing it right.

Both the Shade Pitand the second test are extremley hard areas, so no surrpise there that you are gettick kicked, even though you should have been able to handle the pit at level 17, had you the right ammount of BM, SC and blessed yourself in the right way.

I assume you are playing on Normal?

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Daze and strong daze are your friends, I would up my mental magic.

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Yes, I'm currently playing on Normal.

I put down my stats without the benefit of stat boosters to give you an idea of how I distributed points, but I do use stat boosters (generally I prioritise those which boost areas you guys have recommended).

Furthermore, I already leave areas constantly to recharge essense (actually, for the first time I find I'm leaving areas to escape as opposed to merely recharge, but thats another story).

My main problem is situations where it is simply impossible to leave the area and I'm forced to slog through the fight. Essense pods don't help because generally I'm short of energy as opposed to essense.

Anyways, I know I'm doing something wrong (otherwise I wouldn't be having trouble!) so its sorta redundant for you to tell me that Contra, but your advice is appreciated all the same. I'll see what I can do to correct the stats over the next few levels.

Oh yeah, and I've been to Gretchen. The only thing I could train in was 1 point in Mental. It seemed like I already invested too many points in the other areas to train in.

Anyways, the next time I level, I'll be sure to throw the points into either Battle Magic, or SC (whichever is cheaper).
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How I play the agent:

I like to go with a more physical agent, so I generally spread my points evenly among the four main stats. I like to put points into Melee and Parry, eventually going into Quick Action. I generally raise the three magic groups at a similar rate, but battle and blessing first. I don't generally use spells much until I get to harder creations where I need to use Searer or Ice Bolt to do real damage.

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I'm running the game with only Alwan now (I had Greta up until I left for Gull). I've put up my Magics, Spellcraft, some magic shaping (for mortar creations like artillas, and perhaps a vlish), Leadership, and Mechanics.

I also put up a bit of Strength, Intelligence and Endurance.

My main spells are "Mass Energize" and Augmentation. Then I just smash anything aside with Searer, Ice Bolt, or Spray. I also use that spell which zapps all enemies within range with powerful acid. Sometimes he acid stuns them (or appears to).

I get killed sometimes, but I find that Alwan, though physically frail, can take quite a pounding with Augmentation. He also deals tons of dmage out ot the bad guys (the rebels).

If you're playing as a rebel (I suppose Greta stays with you), upgrade her skills to Searer. It is VERY useful to have anotehr agent pumping battle spells into the enemies alongside you.

Anyway, thats my personal opinion. I'm in one of those random towns in the beginning of Gull now. About to walk through a doorway, and let the serviles all go hostile and attack me! Fun, eh?

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Well judging by those posts there are a lot of different ways to successfully play agent, however the way you distributed your stats seems a little... unfocused. Thus you lack any really strong way of dealing damage quickly which I think is important for agents.

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You definitely need to pump up SC and QA. Also, I heard that quick action works twice as much as dexterity in determining initiative, but I'm not sure. If thats true, your points in dexterity were pretty much wasted.

The ghost cave is pretty much a pain for agents, as things come around corners and attack even if you do take the initiative. So for this, you definitely want to pre-buff with augmentation, essence shield etc.
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Well once you go to dhonal's island and get that necklace from the inn that gives +1 battle and magic shaping, I suppose you could prepare for battles like that by using some of your essence (since you run out of energy first anyway) to make some thahds that the shades will waste turns killing, though probably each one will only absorb 1 attack each. Also, avoiding putting any skill points in any skill that is trainable until you reach the trainers would probably be too difficult, you should try to do so for as many skills as you can (after all you won't be spending all the gold on learning creations shapers and possibly guardians will), but also if you are having difficulty in a place DO NOT be afraid to use some items to get it done. Try holding on to armor potions, healing (and greater healing and restoration) and curing pods, essence pods, battle, speed, and shielding pods, and the more powerful types of crystals and wands, and buy more from shops if you are always using up a particular type (and make more of those on the anvil if you don't have enough of some type you find particularly useful).

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