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Agent Help in Geneforge Series
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Have you trained with Gretchen at Dhonal's Keep? The training she offers is great for all characters, especially for the Agents. Your Spellcraft seems to be rather low. Investing in Spellcraft will increase the strength of your spells. Some of the points you invested in Dexterity and the combat skills could have been used for some other skills.

Also, are you playing a true solo Agent, no creations, no help from the NPCs? If you are, the going will be difficult. When I first played Geneforge 3, I played as a solo Agent in the true sense, and had seen the "game over" screen enough times so that it has been permanently seared into my memory.

Some suggestions:
1) Find the stat-boosting items and equip them (Carnelian gloves, Skein of Wisdom).
2) Increase your Intelligence so that you will have more essence and spell energy to cast your spells.
3) Buy as many pods (essence, speed) and gems (icy, spray, etc.) as possible and keep them available.
3) Do not rush through an area, take your time to avoid any nasty surprises.
4) There is no shame in leaving an area, going to a town for a recharge, then returning to the same area and finishing it.

I am sure that other people will give you advice on how to play an Agent. Due to the way I play, I have always found an Agent to be the most challenging...and the most rewarding. I hope this helps out a bit.
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Wrong Maps in GF3 in Tech Support
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I have experienced the same map problem. I went to Dhonal's Isle from Gull Island, then returned to Gull Island. The on-screen map shown was for Dhonal's Island. I could only go to the places on Gull Island that corresponded with the same locations on the Dhonal's Isle map, e.g., if there is a place (X-20) on Dhonal's Isle, I could go to X-20 on the Gull Island map. However, if I wanted to go X-24 on Dhonal's Isle and the location does not exist on Gull Island, I cannot go there.

The only thing that has solved the problem is quitting the game, returning back to my original screen on the computer, and starting the game again.

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Cannister inventory (potential spoilers) in Geneforge Series
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One more item to add to the list: the infamous Ornk canister located in Khor's Deeps. BBQ ribs, anyone?
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Optimal Agent in Geneforge Series
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Whooopsie...a typo on my part. My Blessing Magic is 9, not 11. Why is it so high? To keep Speed active as long as possible. I do not have the patience to do the usual, "cast Speed then enter combat mode" for almost every section. High Blessing Magic means I can cast Speed, walk around an area, with little worry that it will wear off. When I do encounter a combat situation, my Agent will have enough AP to perform two actions.

As I stated in my previous post, I do not invest a single point in magic until after I visit a trainer. I buy two levels of each skill with my never-empty pouch of gold coins, and then use my skill points. Without the help of my friendly neighborhood trainer, my Blessing Magic would be 7.
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Optimal Agent in Geneforge Series
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Guardian of Eternity wrote:

"Related question: Is it possible to play the best agent possible with a well-rounded approach, putting points into leadership, mechanics, luck, et cetera? (not shaping--I know there are fanatics out there who would really pitch a fit if they thought I was shaping as an agent)"

The answer to that question is yes. Here are the stats for my Loyalist Agent, Level 41, being accompanied with her date, Alwan, the ladies man.

Magic Skills:
Battle Magic: 11
Mental Magic: 11
Blessing Magic: 11
Spellcraft: 15

General Skills:
Leadership: 11
Mechanics: 13
Luck: 4

One can make a well-rounded Agent. Until I reached Dhonal's Isle, I spent all of my skill points on Leadership and Mechanics. Skill level ten seems to be an optimal choice for the two. I trained in the four magic skills afterwards. This approach will leave your Agent weaker than your opponents initially; for this reason alone, I recruited Alwan and Greta.

Why this approach? My Agent is a greedy, little experience hog. Being able to unlock doors and use Leadership for some situations gave me more experience. It makes a difference when you are desperately searching for experience points at the higher levels.

As far as Shaping is concerned, you will encounter items and equipment that will boost your skill(s). There are some Shaping tomes scattered throughout the islands. Equip the Shaping boosting items/equipment before reading and see what you might learn.

My experience with some of the Mental Magic spells has made me wonder how many skill points must I invest. The upper-tier creations have proven to be resistant to Daze, Strong Daze, Terror and Dominate. I am quite happy with Battle Magic being strong.
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