Wrong Maps in GF3

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AuthorTopic: Wrong Maps in GF3
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I am on Dhonal's ISland but between screens/levels/areas the map is for two earlier island (Harmony and the one it is paired with?). Doesnt matter how many times I go from one to the other, if I leave normally or if I try exitzone, if it was an area I've cleared or a new one. The map between areas is wrong. Any ideas?
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Kibbles. lol

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Might be something wrong with the map files. You could try to reinstall.
if it was an area I've cleared or a new one.
I don't really see what you mean here.

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Meaning if I had been to the west gate, and went back, it was a bad map. If I went and wandered to the west docks for the first time, still a bad map.

I made it to gull island, and that map is ok, havent tried going back to dhonal's to see if that fixes it.
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I have experienced the same map problem. I went to Dhonal's Isle from Gull Island, then returned to Gull Island. The on-screen map shown was for Dhonal's Island. I could only go to the places on Gull Island that corresponded with the same locations on the Dhonal's Isle map, e.g., if there is a place (X-20) on Dhonal's Isle, I could go to X-20 on the Gull Island map. However, if I wanted to go X-24 on Dhonal's Isle and the location does not exist on Gull Island, I cannot go there.

The only thing that has solved the problem is quitting the game, returning back to my original screen on the computer, and starting the game again.

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Someone else posted this a while ago in the GF3 forum too. I haven't played the game yet, but I'm guessing it's an actual bug that needs to be addressed, rather than just a glitch on one person's computer. Just send an email to Jeff and tell him about it.

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